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One-Word Wednesday

Dandelions shot at Imperial Park.

These dandelions were snapped at Imperial Park.


They look alike yet different.

Weeds can be purty, too!



One-Word Wednesday

Even weeds can look pretty.


One-Word Wednesday

Weeds can be pretty . . . if they’re not in your yard!


A view from above

Dandy Dandelions

Red berries brighten the nearby landscape.

As regular readers know, when my younger son plays disc golf, I often will tag along only to get thoroughly distracted by nature.

My #2 son putts.

This isn’t merely happenstance, of course—it’s why I use a Nikon 105mm macro lens to shoot action. That way I don’t have to change lenses when nature gets in the way.

Delicate purple flowers dot the ground.

And nature always does tend to get in the way, thankfully!

These leaves can’t make up their mind!

Late last month, my #2 son and two of his buddies played disc golf at an old ball golf course that’s being renovated into a park. So there wasn’t as much to photograph as when it had gotten severely overgrown several months ago.

Lots of berries hang from the trees.

Oh, there still are plenty of dark purple berries hanging from the trees that border part of the course.

A dandelion has gone to seed.

Otherwise, the green landscape was pretty much devoid of nature . . . except for dandelions.

A seedy look from up above

So I got down on my knees and decided to shoot what was growing in several different ways.

Shooting the puff ball straight on

And hope I could get up once again!

It was so interesting to see these feathery seed heads from new angles that I almost forgot to look for other natives to shoot.

Hi, little guy!