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Creature Feature

Turtle soup

Turtle soup

While I was communing with nature recently, my Nikon 105mm macro lens strayed from the wildflowers. What distracted it? Critters.

First, there were turtles.

Hi, guys!

Hi, guys!

And then a duck joined the party.

A whistling duck

A whistling duck

This feathered friend was fine hanging out by himself on a different part of the lake.

Of course, there’s one critter that always wants to spoil my placid photo party and make me want to shoot and quickly flee.

We both love the bottlebrush bushes.

We both love the beautiful bottlebrush bushes.

Bees! Why does it always have to be bees?

Just Ducky

A cute trio looks like they’re conversing.

When I saw these three whistling ducks standing together, I couldn’t help but wonder what they might be thinking and saying to one another. Could be that I’m the real birdbrain!

Wintry Reeds

Brown reeds cluster along a neighborhood lake.

As I searched for a breath of brilliant late-fall color in our neighboring community, I came upon some brown reeds guarding a lake.


The flora actually looks fuzzy close up, with bits of white interspersed among the darker hue. But it’s still pretty drab and uninspiring.

A duck doesn’t care about the reeds as it swims by.

Where oh where was that spark of color that would bring a smile to my face amid hopes of a mild winter?

A tiny, purplish-white daisy breaks up the brown monotony of the grass.

There it is!

One-Word Wednesday

Is this a tur-duck?


It looks like it’s part turkey, mostly duck.

One-Word Wednesday

Whistling ducks guard their cute ducklings.



A pair of black-bellied whistling ducks pose . . . for awhile.

When I walk around my master-planned community, I take my iPhone 4 along. Mainly for the camera.

“See ya later!”

It’s really not much of a substitute for my better Canon point and shoot and especially not for my Nikon dSLRs. But, as they say, the best camera is the one that’s with you.

One of the ducks soars over our little bayou.

Glad I had it with me this day!

Dunking the Duck!

The car wash duck is ready to be washed.

Let’s check out our latest It Doesn’t Take Much to Amuse Me story, shall we?

Yesterday the Mister called me in the morning. He had brought his car in to be washed, and somehow his keys had gotten locked in his Honda Odyssey. How? No one’s sayin’. Just that it happened. Sounds like something my sons would pull. If they hadn’t been at school, they would’ve been the #1 suspects.

So I brought him his valet key (we only live about 10 minutes away) and was rewarded with a free car wash for my Pilot. That’s my favorite kind!

While we were waiting for our cars to go through the wash, I saw the above duck that was on the other side of the windows near the car washing machines (why did I just imagine gigantic Maytags?). Inside the building was a device that let you spray the duck with water.

My lame-duck attempt to spray the waterfowl

I just happened to have my handy-dandy Nikon D700 and Nikon 35-70mm lens just in case a photo op popped up. Boinggg! Here it was! I held the camera and tried my darndest to focus and shoot with my right hand while using the sprayer with my left. Missed the duck by that much!

The Annie Oakley Mister hits the target.

Fortunately, the Mister came to my rescue! He manned the duck-shooting controls, while I took care of the Nikon. Know what we discovered?

The swiveling duck

The duck swivels on the base! It was like a carnival game . . . without being goaded by a carny into paying $10 and without winning the giant stuffed bear (which we so don’t need in our cluttered house even though the #2 son would love it).

The duck comes around to the front again.

The Mister proved to be an excellent shot . . . perhaps the Annie Oakley of the car wash duck world. And I didn’t do too bad myself with the Nikon despite having to shoot through glass.

Here comes my Pilot behind the duck!

Before we knew it, there was the Pilot squeaking its way to clean behind the duck. The decoy waterfowl really had helped us pass the time in a fun way.

Big chamois strips dry off my car.

Now the Pilot was getting dry.

Drip dry duck

As the duck soon would be . . . until the next car wash patron decided to have some fun.

Next time we get the cars washed, I think we’ll bring the boys. They would love the chance to dunk the duck!

We just have to make sure that car keys do not “accidentally” get locked inside the Odyssey or Pilot!!