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Typos and Errors Up Close

Too many mistakes! (Excuse the bad word.)

I love reading e-books on my Kindle; it’s so darned handy! The device itself is small enough to carry in my purse. I always use it when I have a solo lunch gig (it has the Chipotle guacamole stains as proof).

But for some reason I seem to notice typos and grammatical errors so much more with my electronic book version (not that I haven’t taken a red pencil a time or two to an actual print book, of course). Maybe it’s because the type is bigger.

The three mistakes on this page of the e-book I just finished (“Skywalker: Highs and Lows on the Pacific Crest Trail” by Bill Walker, which isn’t as good as his “Skywalker: Close Encounters on the Appalachian Trail”) pretty much put me over the top. I just had to snap a photo of it with my iPhone and use the Photoshop red brush to correct it.

First, the singular verb doesn’t agree with the plural noun in the caption. Then there’s the ridiculously common “it’s” error: “Its” is the possessive; “it’s” is the contraction for “it is.” How hard is that to remember? And, finally, at least one word was left out of the penultimate sentence, which really is poorly written (I would’ve opted for “. . . we had 650 miles to go to reach Canada.”)

Am I the only one who notices these kinds of blunders? Or perhaps I’m the only one who takes a photo and then edits them in Photoshop. Maybe I need to suggest that the next Kindle version comes complete with electronic red pencil for correcting those typos and grammar and punctuation slip-ups.

“Dear Amazon.com: I have a great idea for an improved Kindle!”

E-Bookin’ It in Cheap Style

This was the original Kindle.

About four years ago, a new tech toy winked at me, beckoning me to buy it. I almost gave in to the temptation of that clunky-looking e-reader, the Amazon Kindle. But I held off because the price tag was a whopping $399. And you still had to buy e-books!

As Amazon refined the Kindle and kept lowering the price, I continued to resist its siren song, because it still cost too much. Plus I figured that Apple was going to bring out a product I’d probably prefer.

Sure enough, Apple debuted its iPad in the spring of 2010, featuring its own e-book app, iBooks, and the iBookstore. UPS delivered mine that April, and I’ve used it virtually every day since for everything from browsing the web to checking and replying to e-mail to, of course, reading books. I’ve been a very happy camper.

Meet my new tech baby!

And then last week Amazon decided to get serious with the Kindle. They introduced new models and lower price points. One of those newbies instantly caught my eye. Dubbed the “Kindle” (how clever!), it’s a mere six inches wide and weighs less than six ounces.

But the best part? The cost: Only $79! This version does include ads, but they don’t show up while you’re reading. Plus they can be worthwhile. I took advantage of the first one I saw, which was for $5 off almost anything priced $10 or more. Now my cute Kindle’s new cover is even cheaper!

An impetus to buy a Kindle was my experience with the Mister’s keyboard model, which his buddy Eddie Wayne bought for him. It’s so easy to use . . . even for the tech-challenged Mister.

So far, I really like reading on my Kindle. I will admit that when I turned it on, my first impulse was to increase the brightness control . . . which it doesn’t have. It looks nothing like an iBook on my backlit iPad. The E-ink technology and having to use side buttons to turn pages takes getting used to (I’m a swiper).

Then again, e-books are so different from the real thing, which I miss sometimes. You can’t easily figure out how close you are to end of the chapter, for one. And I always like when the left side of the book becomes bigger than the right, as you close in on the end.

But e-books don’t collect dust and clutter up bookshelves. Plus you can have them at your fingertips on any e-reader, whether it’s a Kindle, iPhone, or iPad. They’re definitely part of my future.

Chapter one is ready for me!

Especially the book that I’m eager to start once I finish the autobiography I’m currently reading—Harlan Coben’s new young-adult novel, “Shelter.” I can’t wait for Harlan to grab me by the neck and pull me through yet another well-written thriller.

This time on my new, little Kindle.