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Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Who owns this book?

See this Janet Evanovich novel? Guess where it is . . . or, rather, where it was.

Lovin’ my little Kindle!

On my $79 Kindle . . . but only for two weeks.

I’ve read the entire Stephanie Plum series over the years. Some books I borrowed (thanks, Diane!), while others I bought. But even though I’ve enjoyed the novels, I’ve felt like Evanovich has been spinning her wheels for the last five or six books. (When will Stephanie finally choose Joe or Ranger?) So while I still want to read the series (I’m hooked for the duration), I want to keep it a cheap vice.

Enter the public library! Ours allows patrons to download certain books (not a great selection yet) to all kinds of electronic devices . . . including Kindles. The loan is only for two weeks (the book disappears after that), but, fortunately, the Plum novels are quick reads.

I recently finished up “Smokin’ Seventeen” (with a few days to spare). I loved that I have less clutter, and, of course best of all, that my cost was zero dollars.

Now I can’t wait for the library to get in “Explosive Eighteen” (which came out on November 22) for me to borrow!

eBookin’ It—An Update

The first eBook I finished—finally!

The first eBook I finished—finally!

Memory search time . . . I’ll wait while you get yours turned on (mine, sad to say, has been on “off” too much this summer). Remember this blog post? Way back in March (on the 10th, to be exact) I wrote about eBook week.

Sidebar: For those of you not hip with tech lingo, “eBooks” are electronic books read on your smartphone, Kindle, or computer.

I claimed in that post that I was going to finish “Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead,” the Saralee Rosenberg book I bought from Amazon using the free Kindle app for the iPhone, that week. Yes, friends, it was I, your friendly, neighborhood, procrastinator, who blithely said I’d read 352 pages on a small, handheld device that doubles as a phone in a mere seven days.

Sidebar: I’ve polished off the 700-plus-pages Harry Potter books in a couple days, but those are totally different—mesmerizing and addicting, impossible to put down. And they’re physically big novels! I’m not sure how fast I would’ve read them on my iPhone’s small screen.

Needless to say, it took me a tiny bit longer than a week to read my eBook, where “tiny bit” = three months. I read the novel when I was out and about, usually in line and waiting for service. I loved having a book always at the ready so I didn’t get bored. And I relished “Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead!” Rosenberg did tie all the loose ends up in a neat, tidy bow, but I truly enjoyed the plot and the characters. I would definitely read another book by her . . . on my iPhone!

"Fade Away," my second eBook

"Fade Away," my second eBook

But right now I’m reading my second eBook, “Fade Away,” Harlan Coben‘s third Myron Bolitar mystery, thanks to my friend Diane, my neighborhood crack book dealer. First, she got me hooked on the laugh-out-loud Janet Evanovich series (which, by the way, needs to come to a satisfactory end in next year’s 16th book; this series has gone about three books too long). Then, about a year ago, she lent me Coben’s first two Bolitar novels. I put off reading them until a couple months ago.

Why in the world did I wait so long? Coben is a master at the tightly-written, edge-of-your-seat mystery. He’s the type of writer who casually throws out the bait, patiently sets up the intriguing plot and characters, and finally hooks you so hard that you can’t put the book down until you’ve finished. Now the Mister is reading Coben’s first book, “Deal Breaker.”

Once I finished Rosenberg’s book, I quickly went to amazon.com and bought “Fade Away” for the Kindle. I’m a couple chapters into it, and already I’m hooked. The biggest negative to the eBook is that I can’t just hand it to the Mister or anyone else. We would need to buy a Kindle in order to share the book, which might not be such a bad idea (I always love an excuse for an expensive, electronic purchase!).

Hey, Mister! Guess what I’d like for my upcoming birthday!!

Speaking of expensive, electronic purchases

The new Apple iPhone 3GS

The new Apple iPhone 3GS

Guess who has a new iPhone?!? I’ve loved the original iPhone since the Mister surprised me with it for my birthday two Augusts ago. I managed to ignore last year’s iPhone 3G, but this year’s 3GS was too much for my weakness for new electronics to overcome. I simply wanted more speed in my smartphone; the Edge network and the original iPhone processor are too pokey for me.

I’ve had the 3GS for almost a week now, and I love it! What a difference in speed!! Kind of like comparing my Honda Pilot to a Porsche, I’d imagine. And I especially love reading my Harlan Coben eBook on it! I’m eBookin’ as I’m iPhonein’!