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Colorful Change

Note the differing colors

Two-toned hues

As you can see from these trees, fall has arrived.

Each day these trees look a little different.

Each day these trees look a little different.

The predominant green of summer ebbs away, as golden tones show off their glory.

So brilliant!

So brilliant!

There’s only one, minor problem. These photos are from Chicago, where the season’s change is dramatic and gorgeous.

Our street looks very ordinary.

Our street’s trees look very ordinary today.

Here in the Houston area? Not so much.

One-Word Wednesday

Yesterday morning I fell during my run. Just tripped over nothing and landed hard on my right knee and arm.

Yesterday morning I fell during my run. Just tripped over nothing and landed hard on my right knee and arm.


Fortunately, a guy was nearby to help me up . After I recovered on a park bench, I walked the mile back home.

Fortunately, a guy was nearby to help me up. After I recovered on a park bench, I walked the mile back home. Painful and embarrassing!

One-Word Wednesday

Seeing this autumn leaf made me hope that cooler temps are right around the corner.

Seeing this colorful leaf on the ground last Sunday made me hope that cooler temps are right around the corner.


Proper Priorities

Just a small reminder on my left knee of my clumsiness (iPhone 5)

Just a small reminder of my clumsiness on my left knee (iPhone 5)

The other day as I was trying to negotiate a curb outside Bullritos, I tripped and fell on my left side. I’m sure I looked like the picture of grace, as I thudded to the pavement (yeah, right).

For those of you in Houston who wondered why the earth shook at 12:15 p.m. Tuesday, yep, that was me.

Naturally, the first thing I did after getting up was to do a quick inventory . . . of what was in the purse I landed on. iPhone 5? Okay. Nikon 1 V1 kit? Fine. Kindle? Not a scratch.

What a relief!

• • •

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

One-Word Wednesday

My iPhone 5 captured the dark bald cypress tree, which contrasts nicely with the green on the bridge.

My iPhone 5 captured the dark colors of a bald cypress tree, which contrasted nicely with the green on the bridge and the blue sky and water.


Where, Oh Where, Is Fall?

Fluffy weeds add bits of pink to the green and brown landscape.

When you grow up in Chicago, fewer things are surer in life than crisp October temperatures, and the leaves changing colors. Like most former northerners in southeast Texas, I dearly miss fall. And having four distinct seasons . . . instead of monstrously hot and I wish it was like this forever (but it never is, and it’s never for long enough).

A few leaves get into the fall spirit.

So while I waited for Mother Nature to finally give the Houston area a break and bring on cooler temperatures (looks like it could happen Friday!), I set out for nearby Imperial Park to see if the predominant green colors were starting to change.

I wish all the leaves looked this pretty.

I discovered that, sadly, not much was different. The park still was mostly green with very few spots of that glorious shade of red signifying that fall is just around the corner.

Want to know something else that was eerily similar?

Our friend Eric makes an easy putt while in the middle of a call to his agent.

That you always can find disc golfers tossing plastic circles into metal baskets . . .

The kid tries to nail his par putt.

. . . no matter what the season!

Simple Equation

Frosty grass this morning in my backyard

Frost + 30 degrees

Frosty leaf

multiplied by living in Houston

More frosty grass

= 1 unhappy camper!

Even more frosty grass!

Where oh where is our mild late fall? Please return as soon as possible!

Looking for Autumn

My younger son practices putting.

While my guys played disc golf last Saturday, I searched for signs of fall.

The Mister watches his tee shot sail away.

After the hottest summer on record in Houston resulted in a dominant landscape hue of ugly brown, I’ve been anxious to finally find some color wherever I go. With their disc golf tournament at a large park, I figured it was a great place to search for autumn.

Red leaves brighten the park.

Looks like I found it!

Love the diversity of color!

Although the park wasn’t awash in colors like places in the northeast, it was comforting to see that welcome change is on the horizon.

Here’s to rooting for a gorgeous fall on 11/11/11!

Colorful Chicago

No leaves? Then it must be fall in Chicago!

Even though my Thanksgiving weekend trip to Chicago was really to help celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday, I also wanted to be reminded of one thing: What fall really looks like.

Here in south Texas, most of the trees are still green and lush with leaves. We really only have two seasons here: Hot and cold every now and then. I haven’t spent a changing season in Chicago since 1983, so I was anxious to be treated to the beauty of fall turning into winter up north. I knew there would be plenty of bare trees, like the one shown above, but I was hoping that most of them would be showing their colors.

The leaves have turned yellow.

And many of them did! My little brother, the big-shot Chicago lawyer, lives in the city, where my mom and I visited him and his family a couple times. He obliged us with walks around the area both days, and, of course, I was toting my Nikon D700 and Nikon 35-70mm lens.

That's more like it!

I especially like the trees that seem to burst with color. Some of our local south Texas trees have turned dark red, but none can boast of yellow, orange, and red hues like these.

Dark red leaves make their own colorful statement.

Almost everywhere we walked, trees and bushes sported their colors.

A glorious scarlet maple

All of that glowing red almost made me miss Chicago in late fall . . . well, until I remembered how blooming cold it gets as winter arrives!

I definitely was getting an eyeful of color from the foliage until the hour grew late, and darkness started to descend while we were walking in a park. How could the view get any better?

Sunset in Chicago

Of course . . . sunset! I’ve always said that south Texas sunsets are the prettiest in the world.

The sunset continues in the park.

But these? Looks like Chicago has the second prettiest!

Fall Arrives in South Texas—in the Next Community

The view down my street in the front

See all that green? That’s what our neighborhood in the Houston area looks like right now.

Our Bradford pear tree remains green and lush in our backyard.

A check of the backyard? Green as spring. Makes it hard to get into the holiday spirit. I thought the family might have to drive to Lost Maples State Park, which is almost 300 miles west of Houston and known for its leaves changing color, to experience fall.

It's fall nearby!

But, thankfully, all I had to do was run in the community that borders mine. Where I was pleased to discover that fall is a mere half-mile away!

It's beginning to look a lot like fall!

What a difference in the way the trees look! It was great to see the orangey color among the everpresent green.

Fall is reflected in the lake.

Not only do the trees look great, but their reflections in one of the community’s lakes also is fall-like.

Reflecting on fall

So now when I need a reminder of what season we’re in, I just jog over to the next community. Wonder if it’ll snow there, too!