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Firefighter Mom

Our “new” router modem

I’ll admit that with my stay-at-home-mom ADD, I don’t get a lot of things done during the day. Oh, I might unload the dishwasher, get through a load of laundry, write my blog post, and Photoshop some photos. That’s a pretty productive day for me.

But lately I’ve had a lot more on my plate, which always seems to happen near the end of the school year. Specifically, my #1 son has a senior legacy project for English IV that’s due Tuesday. It’s a series of essays and photos put into a scrapbook that’s supposed to be a reflection on his high school years. Definitely a worthwhile assignment except that most boys don’t like to write about their feelings, and they really don’t want to decorate a scrapbook.

As my friend Audrey Facebooked, the physics projects were for the boys, the senior legacy for the girls.

While #1 has been writing his 12 essays (he only has one left), I’ve been in charge of finding photos. Most are on my external hard drives. I was going to hit this hard when I got home from grocery shopping Monday afternoon . . . until I walked in the front door.

The old router and modem vs. the newer model

“Mom, I reset the internet, and there are no lights showing on the bottom box,” were the words that greeted me from my #1 son.

That “bottom box” is the router. I checked it out, and it looked like it had met its electronic maker. No internet. Total bummer!

Fortunately, I had an ace up my sleeve: A “new” Windstream (our DSL) 2Wire router-modem. I put “new” in quote marks, because we’ve had it for, oh, almost two years. Still in the box. Untouched by my fingers. Why? Windstream had sent it to me to replace our separate modem and router, but because our internet connection was working well, I didn’t want to upset the apple cart. So I never set it up.

But now was the time to find it and see if it worked. Which meant this was a fire to be put out. Just like the blaze I extinguished Sunday when I was working on our taxes (we had filed an extension). The Mister, who was at a disc golf tournament with our #2 son, called to say I needed to gather a bunch of financial paperwork to help with a banking issue and meet our friends to hand it over. That took priority over the taxes, so those still are waiting to be done.

Good to go!

Now I had the internet fire to battle. The 2Wire was easy to connect, but an omission in the instructions caused me to call Windstream for help. After an hour or so, we were back up and running. And I like how we only have one piece of equipment to deal with now.

Of course, by this time, the #2 son was strolling through the door, and I left my office to chat with him about his day, homework, and snacks. The rest of the day really is a blur.

Another fire flared last night when my buddy Scott, who is putting together our high school band’s brochure for their final concert, called to see if I would whip up an ad for myself in, oh, an hour or so. You can’t tell from looking at my house, but when it comes to my creative projects, I’m a meticulous, picky (read “sloooow”) worker. Can you whip a mule? Of course, I still was working on the #1 son’s photos (so many to look through!), but I put the brakes on and finished an ad in record time (for me).

This mom firefighting isn’t new, by the way. It seems like at least once a week the extinguisher emerges from my mom arsenal. Needs must be met asap: Poster board, colored pencils, tracing paper, three eggs (this was for #1’s physics project), a book for English. I’ve learned to keep a ready supply of the basics (especially poster board!). It’s when the big bonfires blaze that I really fall behind . . . like with the financial paperwork, router, and ad.

But the clock is ticking on #1’s senior legacy project. Looks like I’d better don that flame-retardant clothing for the weekend!