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A Wild Fish Tale

My Nikon S6200 captures the startling scene.

My Nikon S6200 captures the startling scene.

It started with a loud splash. Followed by a bright orange flash.

Immediately, my attention was drawn from the wildflowers along my walk last Saturday to the lake. Were those gigantic goldfish grappling with one another close to the shore in my neighboring master-planned community? Perhaps they were Magikarp, the fish Pokémon . . . which could mean that Ash Ketchum and Misty were close by.

I jogged to the edge of the lake and quickly pulled out my Nikon S6200. About half a dozen huge fish were struggling so near me that I could look them in the eyes!

This reminds me of unruly preschoolers.

This reminds me of unruly preschoolers.

In fact, I could almost hear them calling out. I had never seen anything like this before. It was amazing!

Are you looking at me?

Are you looking at me?

I cut my four-miler short and jogged home to grab my Nikon D700 and Nikon 105mm macro lens. Then I drove back and looked for bursts of electric orange. There were several places along the long lake’s shore where I saw activity.

Always travel with buddies.

Always travel with buddies.

As I snapped away . . . and as the fish got close enough to actually splash me . . . a guy walking along the shore told me that they were koi. What were the big critters doing? Spawning.

A koi sandwich

A koi sandwich

In early spring, the male koi sandwich the female and start bumping her. This forces out the thousands of eggs in her body, which then allows the guys to fertilize them. From what I saw, it’s a brutal process involving a lot of thrashing, crashing, and mashing.

This looks uncomfortable.

This looks uncomfortable for the gal in the middle.

The overgrown goldfish attracted attention from just about everyone on the walking path. Privacy was not an issue for them!

Not-so-coy koi

The gang’s all here.

Yep, when it comes to spawning, these koi aren’t so coy!

One-Word Wednesday

My younger son poses with his new albino catfish. (Nikon Coolpix S6200)


The kid checks out PetSmart’s tanks looking for a fish for his Aquatic Science class.

Winner winner, albino catfish dinner!

Father’s Day Fishing

My three guys try their luck at fishing.

My older son gave his dad an unusual homemade card for Father’s Day. On the front, he drew a pair of fishing poles. Inside he wrote: “How about some fishing?”

Fishing with the #1 son?!? That’s almost as rare as an audience with the Queen of England! The Mister is a lucky man, because we all know that the last thing our collegian wants to do is be outside with a fishing pole in his hand. He’d almost rather do chores. Almost.

The brothers fish side by side.

So off we went in the early-evening hours last Sunday to one of the lakes in our master-planned community where the Mister and our younger son like to cast a lure or two occasionally.


At first, all that was caught was a filthy bag by the Mister. It seemed no one would have any luck.

The #2 son got one!

But then our younger son reeled in the first fish of the evening.

Concentrating on removing the hook from the fish’s mouth

And as quickly as he caught it, #2 took the hook out and threw the fish back in the lake. Catch and release is the rule, and we’re all too glad to abide by it (none of us wants to actually clean a fish . . . ick!).

The fisherman and his catch

The Mister was the next to snag scaly success.

The Mister works to get the hook out.

It isn’t long between the catching and releasing (and the photo-taking), but it probably seems like an eternity to the wide-eyed fish.

About to remove the hook from his second caught fish

Before we knew it, the Mister had caught and released another fish.

It’s little, but it counts.

And another (although it was pretty tiny). Seemed fitting that he would catch the most fish, seeing as how it was Father’s Day.

Dad tries to help son.

The Mister, our #2 son, and I were rooting mightily that the older bubba also would catch a fish.

Our older son is a good sport.

Alas and alack, #1, unfortunately, pitched a fishy shutout. But that didn’t matter at all to him really. He wanted to give his dad a special Father’s Day gift of time spent together doing something his dad loves to do; the act of fishing was totally secondary.

I’d say he hooked a whole mess of great memories.

A Fish Story

Mr. Tough Guy

At my #2 son’s favorite Chinese restaurant, there’s a big fish tank that contains only one resident.

”I’ve got my eye on you!”

We’ve been eating at this place for a decade, and the ornery-looking fish always has been there. Getting bigger and bigger, it seems.

It’s a whopper!

The waitress says that the fish eats celery. Hmmm, seems awfully large for a vegetarian.

But that’s not all. When they’ve added others of the fins and gills set to the tank, apparently they don’t last long in their watery world.

Mr. Tough Guy feasts on them. Apparently, he’s a pescetarian! Wonder if his astrological sign is Pisces.

Fishing Leftovers

Lures rest in the Mister's tackle box.

Should I lure you in with yet another fishing post? Gotta love that fishy humor!

The Mister expertly puts a lure on a fishing line.

I had a few leftover photos from yesterday’s blog post that I didn’t want to throw back in. So here we are in my blog’s version of the World Cup’s stoppage time.

My #2 son is ready to reel in a fish.

Wondering where our #1 son was during this fishing excursion? Home composing songs in GarageBand on the iMac. #1 does fish with dear, old dad on rare occasions—but it’s awfully hard to hold a book in one hand and a fishing pole in the other while trying to text and listen to music on one’s iPod Touch!

Like father, like son . . . and like grandfather, too.

My #2 son loves going fishing with the Mister. I can see that the tight bond that connects them also is linked to the Mister’s dad, my sons’ beloved Papaw who died a decade ago. The Mister said that he also fished with his dad when he was a lad.

The circle remains unbroken.

Fishing for Blog Ideas

My #2 son loves to go fishing with the Mister.

Just when I think I might run out of blog material, my sons and the Mister always come to my rescue.

Will the frog lure fool the fish into biting?

Recently I was pondering what might be on my upcoming blogging menu and lamenting the slow, sleepy, steamy summer days that produce so little photo action. As I considered my dwindling options during that late afternoon, my #2 son said, “Dad and I are going fishing. Want to come?”

Does your mom love chocolate? You betcha! I grabbed my Nikon D700 and Nikon 105mm lens and accompanied them to one of our community’s nearby lakes. The policy there is catch and release, which is fine with us—none of us wants to actually clean a fish. Ugh!

Normally I consider fishing to be . . . how can I put this nicely? . . . so darned boring! I’ve never embraced the concept of sitting or standing for hours in the heat, surrounded by bugs, and possibly stepping on a fire ant mound (which, of course, I did . . . ouch!) with the high odds that all you’ll catch are mosquito bites. No, thank you!

A fish is temporarily on the Mister’s line.

But then the Mister actually hooked a fish! I was able to snap a photo before it set itself free and swam away. Now I was hooked!

#2 tries to reel in a fish!

Soon it was #2’s turn to hit paydirt!

It’s #2 vs. the fish.

Normally, #2 would’ve been thrilled to have caught a fish. But not this one.

#2 wins the battle! Looks like the frog lure worked!!

That’s because #2 snared a catfish, which are hard to get off the hook so they can be thrown back in. Plus they have spines on their bodies that can cut flesh. Neither of my guys was anxious to deal with this whiskered foe.

The catfish is anxious to get back into the lake.

Once the fish was on land, someone had to get the hook out of the catfish’s mouth. I’ve never been happier that I was the one documenting the action instead of being a part of it!

The Mister tries to free the hook.

Fortunately, the Mister saved the day for the catfish. Note the Michael Jackson glove, which comes in handy (pun intended!) if those spines get in the way.

After that escapade, the fish stopped biting at this spot. Perhaps the catfish, like a watery Paul Revere, sent out the alarm (one if by land).

The Mister displays his tiny fish.

So we drove to another local lake, where the guys tried their luck. The best they could do, though, was snag this little sunfish.

They might have been disappointed with their paltry results, but I, of course, was thrilled. It was great that my #2 son and the Mister proved to be my bait for a trophy-sized blog post!