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Float Flip

He ain’t heavy; he’s my brother.

He ain’t heavy; he’s my brother.

Yesterday my sons found a new way to have fun in our backyard swimming pool, as well as make me laugh.

It involved my strong baby boy lifting his lighter, older brother on the Sting Ray float and turning him around in circles.

What goes up . . . .

What goes up . . . .

But that wasn’t what amused me.

Oh oh!

Oh oh!

This did! After little bro tired, he would flip the float, as I snapped away chuckling.

Man overboard . . . or is that under float?

Man overboard . . . or is that under float?

It seemed to happen in slow motion, which made it look even funnier.

Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?

The best part? The reaction by my “concerned” younger son.


Flippin’ Fun

My older son prepares to climb on his brother’s shoulders.

In case you’ve wondered whether or not my sons have stopped trying to give me a heart attack this summer, check out these latest photos of their pool escapades.

#1 starts his front flip.

The good news? The boys decided to stop flipping off the spa. The bad news? Now they’re doing flips off each other.

In mid-air

Actually, only my #1 son is doing the acrobatics, because he’s lighter.

Crash landing in the water

It took a lot of coordination and timing to accomplish the flips. So many of the attempts were flops!

Ready for the backflip?

Starting the backflip

Preparing to flip over

Upside down!

The #1 son has landed!

What in the world will they think up next?!?

Medical update

My ENT finally called with the results of my needle biopsy. All is well! Here’s hoping that pesky lymph node behaves.