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Plenty More to See On My Photo Walk

Is it a double bridge or a reflection?

I don’t just have water on the brain—there was much more than just sprinklers to snap during last Sunday’s photo walk with my Olympus Stylus Tough 6000.

Seeing double . . . and quadruple!

Like reflections.

Love these lake reflections!

And more reflections.

An egret rests at the top of a tree.

And wildlife.

Ferns frame the lake.

And flora.

Purple daisies cheer up the landscape.

And more flora (using the Olympus’ macro mode).

A butterfly hangs out.

An occasional butterfly.

A big bee enjoys the purple flowers near the lake.

And, of course, bees.

A bee captures pollen.

The Olympus seemed to be as drawn to the big buzzers as they were to the purple flowers.

A bee carrying pollen hovers over a yellow flower.

The tough point-and-shoot even was up to the task of capturing a bee in the air as it honed in on a flower! That was totally unexpected.

In the future I might do more photo snapping than speed walking in our neighboring community. Fewer calories are expended but getting surprising pix more than makes up for that!

Random Snippets & Apertures

This would make a nice painting . . . if I could paint!

As we near the end of 2009, I find myself getting more reflective. I suppose that happens to everyone as we’re about to turn the calendar page to a new month, year, and—hard to believe!—decade.

It looks like wheat, but it isn't. But what is it?

For us, 2010 will usher in an 18th birthday, high school graduation, and the start of college for our #1 son. Meanwhile, as #1 graduates, his younger brother will turn 15 and get his learner’s permit and probably will drive us crazy wanting to be behind the wheel. We also hope that there’s a wonderful, uplifting track season for #2 in the spring.

Here's more of it . . . whatever it is!

The Mister and I face our 20th wedding anniversary at the end of April with a specific goal in mind . . . and, no, it has nothing to do with trying to get along better. Although, maybe we should strive for that, too!

Intriguing fluffy, purply stuff!

Every new year seems to hold so much promise! Goals, hopes, and dreams are written down on January 1. By December 31, will they be firmware or vaporware?

More of the purply stuff

At the end of every year, I ask myself questions. Did I achieve any of my goals? Was I a good mom? Am I more organized?

Did I write blog posts for the sole purpose of showcasing my photos that had absolutely, positively nothing to do with my subject matter?

Can't get enough of this purply stuff!

We don’t need the Magic 8-Ball to figure out the answer to that final query, apparently!

A Chookooloonks Blog Day


Recently photographed flora

There’s a blog I like to read called Chookooloonks. It’s authored by another photographer mom who also lives here in the Houston area (we’ve never met).


Karen, the author, likes to feature only one or maybe two photos in her blog along with mostly self-introspective text. In admiration of her style, I was going to try to match up these flora photos (taken with my new/used Nikon 35-70mm lens, which has a macro mode) with some great introspective verbiage for today’s post. Hey, I’m not just a bunch of photos and short sentences all the time, you know! I’ve got some great thoughts rattling around in my brain, too.

But then I got distracted by a fax machine issue, and, well, now all I can think about is eating lunch in an hour or so.

So go check out Chookooloonks when you have a chance. Then come back here tomorrow to look at lots of photos and read lots of short sentences. It seems to be a style that works for me . . . most of the time.

Kansas City Flora and Fauna

The lake at Lake Shore Disc Golf Course

The lake at Lake Shore Disc Golf Course

As regular reader(s) know, when I take disc golf photos, I find it hard to ignore the beauty of the park where the action is taking place. The main reason I use the Nikon 105mm lens on my Nikon D300 when I shoot is that I can use it to capture great close-ups of nature’s best . . . as well as discs flying through the air and into baskets.

Yellow flower number one

Yellow flower number one

The Lake Shore Disc Golf Course in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, was one of the venues for the junior disc golfers at the recent PDGA Disc Golf World Championships. It was a favorite for the #2 son, because he played really well there. Fortunately, the lake never came into play; otherwise, #2 might have had a very different opinion of the course as he bemoaned a lost disc or two!

Yellow flower number 2

Yellow flower number two

While I enjoyed documenting #2’s play, I had even more fun with the macro abilities of the 105. Both with the flora and the fauna.

Purple flowers

Purple flowers

As usual, I have no earthly idea what the names are of any of the flowers. But that never stops this clueless yet intrepid photographer!

Blue flowers

Blue flowers

I’m sure there’s an iPhone app for identifying flowers. But that would take all the fun out of being clueless!

The butterfly was free.

The butterfly was free.

This butterfly tortured me for several minutes, as it flitted in the bushes near me. I kept trying . . . and failing . . . to track it with my lens and keep it in focus long enough to take its picture. Then it finally took pity on me and landed nearby. Thanks, dude!

White flowers

White flowers

When I noisily snapped this photo of some delicate-looking, white flowers, I failed to notice that the flora had some fauna company.


What seemed like a nice, peaceful photo to me was anything but to the poor ant resting on the flowers. Sorry, man!