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Welcoming a New Disc Golf Baby

One of the most-adorable toddlers ever!

One of the most-adorable toddlers ever!

Look who’s a big brother! Yep, Glen V (aka Glive)!

Absolute perfection

Absolute perfection

Exactly a month ago, our disc golf pals Kelly and Glen added Jonas to their über-cute family.

Looks like Jonas is smiling.

Looks like Jonas is trying to smile in Kelly’s arms.

Here’s hoping that little Glen (who is two and a half) and Jonas eventually become close friends, just like my two sons. But for now, all little G needs to remember is one key rule:



Don’t wake the baby when he’s sleeping!

Glive Gravity

Big Glen tosses little Glen high into the air in our pool yesterday.

Glen IV tosses Glen V high into the air in our pool yesterday.

What goes up . . .

Glive hopes his dad is sure-handed.

Glive hopes his dad is sure-handed.

. . . must come . . .



. . . down!

Little G Then and Now

Big Glen holds baby Glen in our pool two years ago.

Big Glen holds baby Glen in our pool two years ago.

The first time that Glen V visited our backyard pool, he was a mere three months old.

Kelly makes sure baby G is secure.

Kelly makes sure baby G is secure.

His parents, the ever-lovely Kelly and Glen IV, had to do everything for the tiny tyke.

Now let’s fast-forward two years.

Little G jumps into Glen’s arms from the waterfall.

Little G jumps into Glen’s arms from the waterfall.

Glive (as we like to call him) is fun in the sun! He and his parents visited my younger son and I last week, and we had a swell time.

Kelly guides Glive.

Kelly guides Glive.

Fortunately, little Glen was wearing his Puddle Jumpers, so we didn’t have to worry about him sinking. It was cool watching him and marveling at how far he’s come since his first time in our pool.

The Stingray looks like the same one, but it’s not.

The Sting Ray looks like the same one, but it’s not.

This was a more-confident Glivester kicking his legs trying to swim, jumping into his dad’s arms, and squirting his mom with a water gun.

Time out for a snack

Break time

Of course, he did have his terrible twos moments, which resulted in him going into time out (at least he got to enjoy his snack, though; food always soothes the cranky Frankies, as we liked to call them way back when).

Double Glen love!

Double Glen love!

Other than that, it seemed like he’s learning to enjoy all the freedom that growing up brings.

Slam dunk time for my baby boy.

Slam dunk time for my baby boy.

Before we know it, little Glen will be just like this guy in the pool!

Disc Golf and Little G

My younger son keeps his eyes on the prize.

My younger son keeps his eyes on the putting prize.

Our annual Southwest Handicap Mini disc golf series began once again Tuesday evening under wonderful mild conditions.

Our fearless leader, Eric

Our fearless leader, Eric

Almost 30 players descended on Community Park in Missouri City to throw plastic at metal baskets.

Marcus’ putt sails towards the basket.

Marcus’ putt begins its journey.

It was nice seeing familiar faces after the several-month layoff. All seemed right with the world once again.

The kid is joined by Glen IV and Glen V.

The kid is joined by Glen IV and Glen V.

But the highlight for me? A little Glen appearance!

Glive now is two years old!

Glive now is two years old!

Can I ever get enough of this cute toddler? No way! His little smile captures my heart.

The golden sunset

Golden gloaming

Just like a gorgeous, glowing sunset!

Double-Glen Bowling

Glive smiles at his mom.

Glive smiles at his mom.

While it was wonderful that my older son’s friends joined him for bowling last Saturday, another special guest really made the Mister and I smile: Little Glen.

The Glens bowl . . . and ended up with a spare!

The Glens bowl . . . and end up with a spare!

My younger son’s best high school buds all were busy, so he invited his adult bestie, Glen, to join us. I was thrilled, because his wife Kelly and Glen V (aka Glive) tagged along. We always enjoy our times together (we just can’t help but love that tiny cutie!).

This was no exception.

High five!

High five!

Little Glen, who turns two next week, preferred checking out the lane action with his dad rather than chatting with us. So big Glen helped him roll the ball down the lane a time or two.

That's my boy!

That’s my boy!

It was so exciting when that slow-roller finally knocked down a pin, resulting in a spare!

Bowling for two

Bowling for two

Other times, IV balanced V as he played. It didn’t seem to affect his game at all. In fact, it added to a precious memory that made my son’s 21st birthday even more special.

It figures that little Glen would continue to bowl us over!

Gee Times Three

That’s one cute Kan!

G to the third power descended upon our backyard this week.

The first “G” was Glen Vaka Glive. We see the toddler sporadically, so it’s always a treat when he visits with the second “G.”

Little G gives Big G advice on his throw.

Who, of course, is his dad, Glen IV. Who looks more like a mountain man with that bushy beard of his.

The Gs make a play.

Big and Little G had fun playing KanJam with . . . surprise! . . . the third “G”:

Uncle Greg throws despite his unhappy nephew.

Glen’s look-alike brother Greg, who is visiting while on a break from teaching kindergarten in China.

Did I like having three cute guys KanJamming in the backyard? Gosh, oh gee, yes!

Baby G Turns One!

Baby antlers!

Remember this baby?

There’s a new sheriff in town . . . and he’s awfully cute!

Guess who’s a year old (as of February 15)?

Glive tastes his cake.

Glen V, the adorable son of our friends Kelly and Glen (IV)! Glive celebrated his birthday at a western-style home party last Saturday filled with lots of toddlers and a trio of nonwestern-wearing schlubs who, as usual, stood out like hicks at the ball. In fairness to the Mister, our younger son, and I, we didn’t get the memo about what to wear, not that that would’ve helped, of course.

Mighty good!

Yes, I’ve lived in the Houston area since 1983 and own nothing I’d be proud to wear to our annual rodeo, and the same goes for the rest of my family. That is, if we ever got to go to the rodeo (it’s outside our 10-mile travel radius, after all). We’re yahoos who rarely get to say “yeehaw.”

Sweetest little boots ever!

Meanwhile, Glive was dressed head to toe (well, when he would wear a cowboy hat) in his western best. Impossible as it seems, he looked even cuter.

Hamming it up for the Nikon

There’s one thing that’s for certain about little Glen’s future:

Love that milky, drooly grin!

He’s destined to be a heartbreaker!

A Note to Baby G

Glive loves the camera.

Dear Glive (aka Glen V, the almost six-month-old baby of our friends Kelly and Glen):

His butterfly toy is tasty.

You have stolen my heart!

The droolmeister is fascinated by TV.

No need to return it, though.

Such a happy baby!

It’s yours forever!

KanJammin’ It

The utterly irresistible Glen V (aka Glive)

I dare you.

Glen IV smiles at his namesake.

I double dare you.

Glive gets up close and personal with a disc golf basket in our backyard.

I triple dare you to not fall in love with this baby boy! Kelly and Glen’s sweetie gets cuter and more lovable every time I see him. Fortunately, Glen V’s dad and my baby boy are best buds, so when Glen comes over to visit, I get to have serious one-on-one time with baby Glive.

My younger son starts the big KanJam disc on its journey.

Recently, the Glens stopped by so that big Glen could play KanJam with my #2 son. Not surprisingly, Glen gave my boy this fun game for his 16th birthday, and now they look like they want to turn pro.

The Glens are ready to deflect the disc thrown by my #2 son (Glive looks skeptical, tho).

When Glive started missing his Pops while chilling with me indoors, Glen strapped him into his BabyBjorn, and he got to have fun, too.

Glen powers the disc towards my son.

KanJam seems simple enough to play. Open-topped plastic goals, which include a slot, are set up 50 feet apart. Players stand at each goal. Points are scored when the oversized disc hits the goal or is deflected at or into the goal by the partner. The ultimate? Getting the disc into the slot on the fly, which is an instant win.

#2 deflects Glen’s disc.

Sounds easy enough, but in reality it takes coordination to deflect discs towards the goal.

The disc is about to go into the Kan.

Fortunately, Glen and my younger son are mostly accurate throwers and limber athletes.


But that’s not to say that they missed out on a lot of points. The drizzle might have made the disc and grass too slippery.

Looks like a good deflection for the Glens.

Big Glen couldn’t be quite as flexible because of little Glen.

In the hole for three points!

But it looked like Glive was his cute good luck charm!

Glive Time

Glen IV feeds Glen V while watching my baby compute.

Last Monday I received a real treat.

Love Glive’s big blue eyes!

I got to spend some quality one-on-one time with Glen V, the adorable baby boy of our disc-golf friends Kelly and Glen.

Does that bib taste good?

The Glens stopped by, because the elder Glen was delivering a birthday present to my baby boy (aka the #2 son); the gift was KanJam (of course, it’s played with a disc). While Glen IV and my younger son played the new game in our backyard, Glive (as we like to call Glen Five) and I became better acquainted.

Know what I discovered about the cute four-month-old sweetie (he really is a wonderful baby)?

Great Michael Jordan onesie!

I can’t wait to spend more time with him!