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Discin’ Off a Cliff

The bucolic valley down below

The Mister loves a challenge, especially when it involves our sons. As we were driving from Houston to San Antonio last Sunday, he casually said to the kid, “Do you have any discs in the car that you don’t mind losing?”

When the kid said he did, the Mister smiled and pointed the Honda Odyssey in the direction of Palmetto State Park, which is between Gonzales and Luling. We’ve driven through the park before, and something had caught the old man’s eye: A cliff-like overhang. He figured it would be the perfect spot to see how far our younger son can launch a disc.

My #2 son rears back and is about to send his disc on a long journey.

The kid couldn’t wait to start letting ’em fly, even though he knew that there was no way to get his discs back.

Thar it goes!

With a calm wind, the plastic orb flew and flew and flew.

Where it’ll stop, nobody knows.

What a pretty sight it was, as it sailed across the green valley below. We were just hoping it wouldn’t hit a cow. That would not be moo-velous.

Take two!

Of course, few disc golfers can ever stop at one scenic throw. The kid even found an old putter to toss.

Nice follow-through!

It didn’t travel quite as far, but it still was fun to watch it floating against the clear, blue sky.

So how far did these discs go? That, I’m afraid, we’ll never know.

Talk about your cliffhangers!

Gonzales’ Wildflowers Wow Me, Too!

Indian paintbrush surround a disc golf basket.

I haven’t traveled all over the great state of Texas.

Indian blankets

In fact, I don’t like to leave my 10-mile radius in our town outside of Houston.


Still, I can’t imagine any Texas towns that are prettier than Gonzales during the spring when the wildflowers are blooming.

More Indian paintbrush

It just so happens that driving the back way home from San Antonio takes you smack-dab through this historic, little village. I detoured a bit to see how the flora looked along the disc golf course.

Indian paintbrush amid the bluebonnets

And I was richly rewarded! I’ve never seen so many clusters of Indian paintbrush. They look so wonderful mixed in with the bluebonnets . . . probably because the University of Illinois’ colors just happen to be orange and blue. Hail, alma mater, ever so true (so true).

A butterfly enjoys a false garlic.

The skippers and butterflies, though, seemed partial to the maroon winecups and white false garlic.

I wonder if they’re Aggies!

One-Word Wednesday

A skipper rests on a bluebonnet in Gonzales.


A damselfly visits the Mission Concepción in San Antonio.

A bluebonnet draws interest from a bee in Gonzales county.

This magenta wildflower is a fine stopping place for a skipper in Gonzales.

Red is this butterfly’s favorite color; the flowers are in a field in Gonzales county.

A bee is barely visible among purple flowers outside of the Mission Concepción.

A skipper watches disc golf at Imperial Park.

Brotherly Bond Among the Wildflowers

My younger son tees off.

Remember that San Antonio mission trip we took at the beginning of spring break before we headed home to Houston?

Driving through a couple trees.

Of course, we had to make a slight detour along the way. Once again, we stopped in the little, historic town of Gonzales so my guys could score a nine-hole disc golf fix.

The brothers confer.

At first, my shaggy-haired collegian just wanted to stay in the car while his dad and younger brother played. Then, suddenly, he decided it was too beautiful a day not to have fun (or could it have been that he was out of reading material?). Hey, the more the merrier!

The older putts “to” the younger.

What was special to me, besides how well my older son played despite his rustiness, was witnessing their wonderful brotherly bond. Not only was my younger son eager to help his big bubba, bubbling over with helpful advice, but my #1 son really listened and showed so much respect for his kid brother that the tears in my eyes almost made it hard to snap photos.

#2 shows how to sink a short putt.

Years ago when my sons were little, I fervently hoped that they would get along. Oh, I knew they would fight and bicker like all siblings do. But I so wanted them to be close. When you’ve got brothers who are best friends and are able to have fun during a round of disc golf when one is vastly better than the other, then you know you’ve hit the jackpot as a parent.

A gorgeous magenta wildflower

I am so grateful that our short side trip to Gonzales reminded me how beautiful the bond between brothers can be.

Love those bluebonnets!

That it happened amid a bunch of wonderful wildflowers? Icing on the cake!