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Kleenex Alert!

I think the book’s title is appropriate for the kid.

I think the project’s title is appropriate for the kid.

Today is a red-letter day for my younger son: His senior legacy project, an English IV major grade, is done and ready to be handed in during fourth period. Whew!

The project required 12 essays, which is tough when you’re not a natural writer (easy for big brother, not so much for little bro). These, along with a collage page (helps to have a photo mom) and a to-be-finished graduation page, are the minimum requirements. Photos and/or drawings are necessary to enhance the writings. Topics could include your friends, songs, favorite TV shows, and more. The core of the project, which resembles a scrapbook, is a metaphor that each student identifies with over his/her four years in high school (such as a seed that eventually blooms into a flower).


He’s a native Texan, too!

The kid picked the Houston Texans and their slogan “I’m a Texan” for his metaphor. He did a great job with it, relating to the team’s freshman struggles, sophomore and junior improvement, and senior success. He nailed it!

My younger son also wrote well about his favorite superhero (the Green Lantern, which also is mine), the late, great Swagwagon, and, of course, disc golf. He really put a lot of thought into the subjects, and it showed. Let’s hope his teacher agrees!

Another requirement for the seniors is that they write a letter to their parents. Reading his to us made me cry. It really shows his sensitivity and caring. Here’s part of that letter:

Mom, you have brought so much joy into my life. You help me be optimistic about anything that comes my way, even if it’s bad. Also, you always know how to cheer me up. Anytime I am sad, you start to sing, and most the times I will join in. Even though we are always out of tune, and we forget almost all the lyrics, it always brightens up my day. Another big thing is that you help me stay on task and get my schoolwork done. Without your motivation I know that I would not be doing nearly as well in school. You have loved me every day for nearly 18 years, and I can never thank you enough for it. I know that sometimes I make your life difficult, but you have to know that I love you more than anything.

Dad, you have taught me so much about being a great man. You have taught me that if you work hard, you will accomplish a lot of great things in life. You have been in the work force since the early 1970s. You always went above and beyond the job you were given, and that is why you are still successful today. Even though you now own your own company, you still don’t slack off even though you could. I admire everything you do for our family and me, and some day I will make it up to you. I know that if I am even half the man you are, then I will make it far in life. Thank you for all that you’ve done. 

Where’s that box of Kleenex?!? Love you, kiddo! We’re so proud of you!

Tripleheader of Movie Favorites

Tom Hanks plays yet another great guy in “Larry Crowne”

We helped the movie industry this weekend, as we saw three flicks that all featured a favorite of mine. Our AMC Stubs card really got a workout!

First up was “Larry Crowne,” which the Mister and I saw on a rare double date with our friends Daphne and Eddie Wayne. First-fave Tom Hanks stars as a Navy veteran who gets canned for not having a college education. He downsizes his possessions but gains insight into himself thanks to some younger college students, most notably Talia (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Dell Gordo (Wilmer Valderrama).

An unhappy Julia Roberts is an unattractive Julia Roberts.

Oh, and for some reason he falls for one of his teachers, played by former-fave Julia Roberts. Julia, Julia, Julia! Please stop appearing in movies that I want to like! Just as with “Eat, Pray, Love,” Julia seems to phone in her lackluster part. Once again, she’s grumpy through most of it, which is such an unattractive look for her.

Talia and Dell Gordo are worth the price of admission.

If you do see “Larry Crowne,” go for the performances of Mbatha-Raw and Valderrama. They add a needed boost to the movie.

Rating: Two stars (out of five)

Shine your light my way, Ryan Reynolds!

Next up for my family was the “Green Lantern.” This was a no-brainer for me, because I love the Justice League (Flash is my animated husband), and Ryan Reynolds is great eye candy. In fact, I can hardly remember who else was in the movie!

“Green Lantern” isn’t great, but it’s a nice summer diversion. As with most Marvel films, be sure to stay through the credits for a bonus scene.

Rating: Two and a half stars

Bumblebee needed more air time in “Transformers 3.”

Closing out our keep-AMC Theaters-in-business holiday weekend was “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” the third installment of the Transformers saga. I’m not a fan of all the violence that has been the hallmark of the series; quite honestly, I go just to see Bumblebee, my favorite autobot. Sadly, the yellow fellow didn’t have a big-enough role in this latest summer blockbuster, which is waaaay too long at two and a half hours.

Guys like Sam don’t get girls like Carly!

I could tell from Shia LaBeouf’s performance that he’s tiring of playing Sam Witwicky; his heart didn’t seem to be in it. Maybe it’s because Megan Fox (NOT a favorite of mine, by the way) was replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a gorgeous gal who, like Fox, also can’t act. But she can run through missles and fiery debris wearing high heels! I can’t even walk in heels!!

“Transformers 3” is best seen on the big screen due to its special effects . . . and that’s about it. The kids, of course, will love it, as my sons did.

Rating: Two stars