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Monster Mash

Looks harmless, right?

Looks harmless, right?

When I walked into my home office on Halloween morning, the above is what I saw on the top window. At first, I figured it was a leaf or some dirt kicked up by the heavy rains pelting Houston at that time.

But then I stared at the distinctive, pointy, bottom part. Oh oh . . . definitely looks like an unfortunately familiar tail.

Total ugh!

But it’s not! (That’s its slime around it, by the way.)

So I put my Nikon 105mm macro lens on my Nikon D700 and closed in on the blob (I had to use flash to overcome the strong backlighting).

Those spines are poisonous.

Those spines are poisonous (snapped outside the house on the window).

Yep, just as I suspected, it was an awful asp, one of the most-toxic caterpillars in North America. As you may recall, we had about a half-dozen of the deceptively warm, furry, micro mustaches crawling on our light-colored house a year ago.

This time I’ve only seen Angus (yes, I named him for some reason), and he’s far from our front door, thank goodness. But still, even just one asp definitely is a trick, not a treat!

Happy Internet Halloween

Looks like Aragog’s relative (Harry Potter alert!)

Looks like Aragog’s relative (Harry Potter alert!)

Photoshop helped me get into the Halloween spirit with this pic, which I recently snapped in Chicago. When I downsized it for easy blog posting, I selected “save for web.”

How ironic! Hope all the spiders you really encounter are much smaller today on Halloween . . . and every day!

One-Word Wednesday



The Many Faces of the Kid

To infinity . . . and beyond!

This is what happens when you let my younger son wander around a Halloween superstore.

My viking son (NOT the Minnesota variety)

It made me wish I had brought my Nikon dSLR.

A cute jester

But I didn’t, so I had to snap away with my trusty iPhone 5.

Please bring back that handsome face!

Which did the trick.

As for spending time with my beloved baby boy while he’s having fun being silly?


That definitely was a treat!


Here’s looking (not quite) at you!

Eye want to wish you all a . . . .

A ghost and a pumpkin all a-glow

Happy Halloween!


Not just rising from the grave but glowing with backwards hands!


A ghost emerges from a pumpkin . . . what a novel, inflatable idea!

Halloween, y’all!

A Devil of a Time Playing Halloween Disc Golf


The #2 son (dressed as his pal Randy) putts.

Wanting to photograph disc golf usually is a no-brainer for me. I enjoy trying to capture the athleticism of the disc golfers, particularly the #2 son, the Mister, and, occasionally, the #1 son.

ERic putts.

Eric putts.

But take that athleticism and couple it with Halloween costumes? There’s no need to ask me twice!

Last Saturday’s special Halloween mini disc golf tournament was on a private course in and around the homes of two avid players, Marcus and Steve. The participants were told to dress in costume or they wouldn’t earn their payouts.


Matt, the Grim Reaper photographer

That didn’t mean they had to play dressed up, fortunately. As you can see from the top part of Matt’s costume, he’d probably still be on the course if he had worn his bobble-headed Grim Reaper apparel while he was throwing.


Sam and his clown act

The same might have been true of Sam and his rather disturbing clown and partner outfit. Is it just me or does this look wrong on so many levels?


The devil made Billy dress up like this!

Billy, though, did play in costume, and his get-up was the hit of the tournament! Given his love of oldies music, it wasn’t surprising that Billy would come dressed as the devil with the blue dress on. Mitch Ryder, eat your heart out!


Jessica jumps for a thrown disc.

I shot with my new/used, discontinued Nikon f/2.8 35-70mm lens, because I wanted to concentrate more on taking people pix vs. action shots. The lens doesn’t really focus fast enough for great action photos, but I was able to snap a few that I liked.


The costumed and non-costumed gang

The 35-70 did a much-better job capturing the costumed throng.


Billy blows a kiss.

As well as yet another photo of that devil wearing his blue dress, black socks, and velcro shoes!

Halloween Neighborhood Fun


“Michael Jackson” reaches for candy.

There were lots of treats . . . but no tricks . . . Saturday night, as we sat out in our cul-de-sac and celebrated Halloween. The weather was spectacular—cool but not cold—and the adults had a blast visiting. We didn’t have as many trick or treaters as usual, plus my neighbor Marcel didn’t make his traditional chili, because the Mister had gotten a couple briskets that he donated to the cause. Marcel, who is a master chef (his wife Grace is so lucky!), sliced the briskets, heated them, and had them ready to go for our potluck dinner.


Courtney, Laurel, Alexandra, Ashlyn, Eli, and Bryce—some of our cul-de-sac kids

The kids always have a good time eating, greeting, and trick or treating around the rest of our subdivision. Kids and adults having fun, costumes, and chocolate    . . . could there be a better holiday?

Personally, I always like the youngest of the young when they stop in our cul-de-sac. So cute in their little costumes, they won’t remember a thing about Halloween. And it’s likely that their parents will be eating their candy!

A baby bee and baby Walker

A baby bee and baby Walker

Here are a couple of cuties!


Brothers Chewbacca and Han Solo

And here are a couple more!


Sister Courtney and brother Joker Ryan

If only cellphones were around for Little Red Riding Hood way back when!


Bony Toby

Even the dogs were showing up in costume! Not that they got any of our candy, of course.


Bryce inspects the candy.

I snapped these photos with a new/old lens. I bought a Nikon f/2.8 (of course!) 35-70mm lens from KEH.com and wanted to put it through its paces to see if I liked it. It’s a discontinued lens that was best known for being great people glass. It’s not a fast focuser, and it’s the old push-pull telephoto. But it seems to work great with the Nikon D700, which is a full-frame camera and doesn’t work well with my beloved Nikon 17-55mm DX lens.

I’ll take a moment to allow your eyes to deglaze.


The #2 son rears back to throw.

My sons don’t go trick or treating anymore. They came out of the house to eat the potluck dinner and then went back inside to play video games. But after awhile, the #2 son just had to come out and play with a gaggle of sugar-infused fifth-and sixth-grade boys (several of whom were on the flag football team he coaches). If there’s a ball involved, you know #2 will be there. It made for an even livelier cul-de-sac scene.

Thanks to all my neighbors for once again showing that we live in the best subdivision in our master-planned community.


Tami toasts the evening.


Halloween Lights


Double-glowing pumpkin

Happy Halloween, y’all!

We’re looking forward to a full day tomorrow. We start with a Halloween mini disc golf tournament (I’ll be disguised as a great photographer), followed by our high school’s last (very slim) chance to win a football game this season during our afternoon Homecoming game. All of that will be, of course, topped off by Halloween.


Neighbor Tish's skeleton (no, not her own!)

Our cul-de-sac’s tradition, started by JJ the organizational whiz, is to sit in front of her house with a table filled with candy and potluck food. Amid the glow of the streetlight and the odor of bug spray and our neighbor Marcel’s chili, we sit and kibbitz while the kids traipse past, whipped into a sugar-high frenzy. We have so much fun!

And this year it’s even supposed to feel like a real Halloween, with a low of 49 degrees! Usually, we’re sweating while we’re sitting.


The lit pumpkin and a little skeleton

I thought I’d get into the Halloween spirit by snapping a few photos. I only found a few decorations that were worth shooting before it started pouring last night, so I had to resort to some in-house photography on my kitchen table. For the above and top photos, I used a flashlight to side light the items and add to the pumpkin’s natural light (a votive candle).


"I'll get you, my pretty. And your little dog, too!"

Those proved a little easier to photograph with mostly natural light than the witch with her light-up globe, a Halloween favorite in our house.


The globe barely lights up the witch.

As you can see, when the globe is lit, it barely provides enough light to see the witch. Even with making the witch lighter in Photoshop.



But focusing on just the globe itself (which looks like there’s a ghost inside it!)? De-LIGHT-ful!

Just like Halloween!