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Tenacious Defense

The receiver catches the pass despite Travis’ efforts.

The receiver catches the pass despite (the faceless) Travis’ defensive efforts.

One thing I love about high school football is how dedicated the players are. Especially the undersized guys.

This series of photos highlights an epic battle between the taller receiver and the smaller defensive back. I snapped them during the boys’ former high school’s homecoming game last Saturday, a fine 39-41 victory over our rival.

As you can see in the top pic, our scrappy defender, Travis K., can’t quite stop the receiver from catching the ball despite his perfect position.

Don’t let go!

Don’t let go!

As the receiver turned and tried to head up field, Travis was bound and determined to stop him.

Juggling act

Juggling act

Travis’ hands on the football caused it to pop out of the receiver’s arms.


What goes up, must come down.

The result? An incomplete pass! And that helps win football games!!

An Update on Our Football Season

The boys break through the banner before the game starts.

It’s said that all good things must come to an end. Truer words were never spoken about our high school’s history-making football season.

Brandon (black jersey) battles for the pass reception.

Our mighty, mighty Bulldogs thrilled their fans with a great fall campaign. It was made all the more sweeter after we endured years of struggling (including that morale-busting stretch of 19 straight losses).

Kelly and Jenny lead our fans with their cheers

Not only did our plucky players enjoy a winning season, but they finished 6-1 in the district, earning the distinction as co-champs. For the first time ever. Plus they won seven games (7-3 overall in the regular season). For the first time ever. And they qualified for the state playoffs. For the first time since 1999.

When my high school senior was four years old.

Quarterback Seun hands off to Bryson.

We had high hopes going into the first round of the playoffs this past Saturday. But with football being Texas’ state religion, we knew we couldn’t take anyone for granted, even our opponent with its 5-5 record.

Nick and Brandon jump to celebrate the latter’s touchdown.

Despite a good-sized, spirited crowd energized on a gorgeous 70-degree afternoon, our team’s goal to win its first playoff game ever was denied. We lost 28-24. And so our wonderful season has ended.

Nick corrals an over-the-shoulder pass for a touchdown.

In football as in life, you have to take the bitter with the sweet. Once the disappointment finished washing over me, I felt happy for our school that our team finally found success on the field. It was so well-deserved.

Plus there’s always next year!

A Fun Homecoming Game

Josh K. is about to catch what will become a touchdown pass.

I’ll cut right to the chase: My sons’ high school won its homecoming football game last Friday night 31-14 in front of a huge crowd!

The end result—floating into the end zone!

It was sooooo exciting to finally win the big game! And get this . . . we vanquished the Houston area’s No. 7 team (in Class 5A), Bush High School, which had been 5-0 before meeting our mighty, mighty Bulldogs.

Vic hopes Nick will give him a key block.

Now our high school is 3-0 in our district for the first time since 1999 (4-2 overall).

Reggie (left) and Josh R. show down the quarterback.

Of course, we don’t dare rest on our hard-won laurels. We play our biggest rival (half the kids in our master-planned community attend it) Saturday night.

The cheerleaders do a mini wave.

Still, it’s fun to dream about a possible playoff berth that could be achieved after four more regular-season games. Our team has a great offense that features three talented halfbacks, a mobile quarterback, and sure-handed receivers, to go along with a fierce defense.

The band shows its support by raising its instruments on kickoffs.

No matter what happens, though, it’s always fun to be rooting for the boys of fall under the Friday or Saturday night lights!

Touchdown Time

Reggie secures the kickoff.

What’s the first sign of fall? Football season! Even when the temperatures are in the 90s, as they are here in the Houston area.

My younger son’s high school played its second football game last week, and I was there snapping photos. Among them was an interesting series of shots documenting one of our kickoff returns.

It all started when Reggie fielded the ball at about the six-yard line.

It’s nice having strong teammates to help clear the way.

Along the way, Reggie benefitted from a super block from our tight end Sam.

“See ya . . . wouldn’t want to be ya!”

He then tiptoed down the sideline and burst ahead of the chasing opponents.


See ya later. Touchdown for the good guys!

Are You Ready for Spring Football?

Jackson hands off to Hakeem.

There’s always time for football in Texas. Even during the spring when it should be baseball season.

Vic stiff-arms Kosi.

It’s very much this state’s favorite sport, with kids starting to play when they’re in first grade (flag football).

William and intended-receiver Josh miss the potential pick-catch.

I grew up in Illinois where both my high school and college football teams basically stunk. Basketball was the “real sport” up north.

The cheerleaders make their presence known.

But when in Texas you do what the natives do . . . and that meant watching my son’s high school’s spring scrimmage last week.

Max throws on the run.

Of course, most of my “watching” is through the lens of my Nikon D300 and Nikon 70-200mm lens. This was my first spring game, and it was fun to see the athletes already playing well. They seemed anxious for the season to start.

Charlie’s PAT is successful, thanks to Ian’s hold.

One thing’s for sure: Before we know it, we’ll be ready for some fall football!

One-Word Wednesday

The ball is out of reach for the receiver during a high school junior varsity football game.


Anatomy of a Touchdown, Take Two

Taylor nears the end zone.

Nothing’s more exciting in football than a touchdown. A week ago, I shared a pictorial of a scoring play by our high school’s team. Now here’s one from last Saturday’s game. Taylor, our senior quarterback, started running towards the end zone.

What goes up . . .

Before Taylor reached paydirt, the defensive back came over and flipped him up in the air. Where would our quarterback land?

Must come down! Sam lets everyone knows that six points are on the scoreboard.

In the end zone! Touchdown!!

Preston and Taylor celebrate.


One-Word Wednesday

Jordan tries to out-jump the defender, but the pass is too high for him to haul in.


Anatomy of a Touchdown

Taylor’s pass is in the air; the blocking looks great.

Even though our hard-luck high school football team has only won one game so far, our boys have found the end zone more often than in past seasons. Here’s a series of photos (snapped with my Nikon D300 and Nikon 70-200mm lens) of one of those scoring plays from last Saturday’s game:

First, Taylor, our senior quarterback, launches the football towards the invisible receiver, Josh K.

Josh K. catches the football in front of the defender.

The ball settles into Josh’s arms at the three-yard line. Can he score?

Time to s-t-r-e-t-c-h!

With the defender hanging on to his legs, Josh tries to break the goal-line plane with the ball . . . before his knee hits the ground and he falls forward.

Is there any doubt that Josh has scored?

Sam unofficially signals the touchdown.

None at all.

Now it’s official!

Sean adds on the extra point.

Make that seven points for the good guys!

High School Football Is Hot!

Taylor, our quarterback, is ready to rifle a pass.

When I think of high school football, I almost can feel the cool, crisp evenings.

Then I open my eyes and face reality.

Josh K. is about to catch Taylor’s pass in front of the slower defender.

Clearly, I’m totally dreaming about what the weather should be like. After all, here in the Houston area, we’re still enduring temperatures around 100 degrees. Will our heat and drought ever end?

See ya later, gator!

Even though it might not seem like football weather, very little stops our state’s favorite sport from being played. So last Thursday night against a non-district opponent, my sons’ high school team took the field and put on quite an entertaining show. It included a touchdown on our first offensive possession (the sequence shown above).

Dylan sacks the opposing quarterback.

While our offense scored three touchdowns, it was our defense that really sparkled.

Josh R. celebrates with Dylan.

The guys were pumped up!

Trevor flips the ballcarrier.

There was plenty of hard hitting. I think after awhile our opponent got a little gun-shy.

As the runner falls, Dylan (top right) is ready to make sure he stays down.

Can you blame them? Our guys were ready to rock ’n roll!

Of course, our team had something to prove, both to our opponent and itself. Last season our Bulldogs finally won a game after 19 straight losses spread over three years. It came in the penultimate contest, and it propelled our team and fans into believing that this season would be something special.

Unfortunately, we lost our first two non-district games. But then last Thursday with me snapping away in the stands?

We scored 21 points and a shutout!

Celebrate good times! Here’s hoping for more wins than losses this season. Goooooo, Bulldogs!