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A Fun Homecoming Game

Josh K. is about to catch what will become a touchdown pass.

I’ll cut right to the chase: My sons’ high school won its homecoming football game last Friday night 31-14 in front of a huge crowd!

The end result—floating into the end zone!

It was sooooo exciting to finally win the big game! And get this . . . we vanquished the Houston area’s No. 7 team (in Class 5A), Bush High School, which had been 5-0 before meeting our mighty, mighty Bulldogs.

Vic hopes Nick will give him a key block.

Now our high school is 3-0 in our district for the first time since 1999 (4-2 overall).

Reggie (left) and Josh R. show down the quarterback.

Of course, we don’t dare rest on our hard-won laurels. We play our biggest rival (half the kids in our master-planned community attend it) Saturday night.

The cheerleaders do a mini wave.

Still, it’s fun to dream about a possible playoff berth that could be achieved after four more regular-season games. Our team has a great offense that features three talented halfbacks, a mobile quarterback, and sure-handed receivers, to go along with a fierce defense.

The band shows its support by raising its instruments on kickoffs.

No matter what happens, though, it’s always fun to be rooting for the boys of fall under the Friday or Saturday night lights!

Rallying the Troops With Fireworks

So lovely!

The best part of this week’s high school pep rally in anticipation of tonight’s big homecoming football game?

So sparkly!

Great fireworks! Almost as good as after Friday night Sugar Land Skeeters‘ games.

So colorful!

It definitely excited the crowd. We’re ready to root on our boys as they try to add their third district victory against an undefeated foe.

So intriguing (thanks to a sloooow shutter speed)!

Go, Bulldogs, go!

High School Homecoming

Our football players will be smashing through this sign when they run on the field.

High school football. The big homecoming game. A crisp, cool fall evening. Oops, scratch that last one . . . this is the Houston area, after all.

Tyler tries to run past the defender.

Last Friday night was the homecoming contest for my younger son’s high school. Even though our poor football team hasn’t won a game since the 2008 homecoming, we had a great crowd on hand to support our boys.

Taylor fires a pass downfield.

Our Bulldogs have a lot of talent; however, our school district is very tough. Still, it’s hard on morale to go winless for an entire year, as we did in 2009.

James leaps to tip the pass to himself.

Fortunately, our quarterback and our receivers put on a great aerial show sure to please.

About to corral the pass, James keeps the ball away from the defender.

Remember that touchdown pass I highlighted last week? Leapin’ lizards, James was catching the football all over the field again.

Brelynn breaks the plane for a touchdown.

Our running game had its exciting moments, too.

Erica cheers for our team.

Of course, there’s so much more to a homecoming game than just football.

Savannah and Brelynn reign as homecoming queen and king.

You can feel the excitement when the queen and king are announced.

Will the band’s "Scare Tactics” help our football team?

Our school’s fabulous band provides musical interludes from the stands to try to stir up the crowd.

The Angels wave their bright pom poms.

The Angels, our dance team, provide color and enthusiasm next to the band.

Yep, even though we lost yet again (but only by nine points), it was fun being at the big game supporting our team.

Great minds think alike!

It sure helps to keep a sense of humor!

The Many Facets of a High School Homecoming Football Game


Our football players stream out of the mouth of a huge, inflatable bulldog (our school mascot).

When I think back to my high school’s Homecoming football games, I must admit I kind of draw a blank. Oh, I remember the pregame parade down Waukegan’s main street, and I seem to recall the downtown businesses’ windows being decorated. But as for the games? I got nothing. Could be because we had a bad football team!

Homecoming for my sons’ high school was last Saturday. Because we don’t live in a small town with only one high school, there aren’t any pregame parades. But we do have our share of traditions, which, like a diamond, has many facets.


Homecoming queen and king: Audrey and Alex

Our pregame activity featured the crowning of the Homecoming queen and king who would reign at that evening’s dance. They were Audrey, who is currently ranked #3 in my #1 son’s class and the band’s drum major, and Alex, who is an orchestra kid. Both seem like great role models.


Some of the seniors stand together.

The seniors had to be contemplating this penultimate football contest. There would only be two chances left to win a game this season.


Instruments up at kickoff!

The band was ready to cheer on the football team musically.


The Angels' pom poms are waving.

Our dance team, the Angels, had their pom poms in the air.


Flipping for our team!


Still flipping!

The cheerleaders were head over heels about leading cheers.


Michael, Reid, Cody, and Hunter

The freshman fans (who did not include the #2 son, who was disc golfing) were all smiles. Well, except for tough guy Hunter. Could that be because he knew I was cutting off part of his head?


Kevin makes a flying tackle.

And then there was the action on the field. Even though we were playing an opponent that already had qualified for our district and the state playoffs, our team kept the game close.


Victor hauls in a pass for a big gain.

At one point we even were ahead, thanks to great catches like this one by Victor.


Taylor W. gets the pass off before getting clobbered.

Our sophomore quarterback, Taylor W., had the offense on the move.


Coach L high-fives Zak after a fumble recovery.

The defense also was playing mighty tough.


Both bands combine for an electric halftime show.

Some of the highlights photographically for me included, first, the halftime show when I was able to capture my “third son,” Chase, playing his bass clarinet. Our band joined with our opponents’ to put on an electric performance that featured a tribute to Michael Jackson.


Taylor J. puts the hurt on the opposing ballcarrier.

Second, I had set my goal to take lots of photos of a couple seniors whose moms are my friends. Taylor J. had an outstanding game! I was able to capture a series of shots of him tackling a ballcarrier.


Eric is ready to block.

I especially wanted to get some great shots of Eric, because he helped the #1 son get a 97 on his catapult in Physics. Photographic payback time!


Victor tries to outjump the defender for a potential winning touchdown pass.

Like that diamond, our high school Homecoming football game had a mixture of glimmering and flawed features. There were thrills and chills galore. But late in the game with our team behind 17-13 and less than a minute left, we discovered the final facet of that gem.


The ball tumbles away out of bounds.

There has to be one winner and one loser. But even though our team had the smaller number on the scoreboard, we still walked away with our heads held high. Our last chance to win a game? Saturday night! Go, Dawgs!