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Beauty and Beastly

A monarch searches for the perfect horsemint to land on.

Remember how gorgeous these horsemint appeared back in April?


Now those purple beauties look downright beastly.

The color is gone.

As do a bunch of other wildflowers in the Houston area. The summer’s heat definitely is taking its toll on our flora.

Gotta love the sun if you’re named after it!

Fortunately, some plants thrive this time of year. Like sunflowers.

The petals are reaching towards the sky.

And black-eyed Susans (no relation).

No summertime blues in this group

Is it any coinky-dink that the wildflowers now flourishing are yellow . . . like the sun that beats down on us and heats the temperatures into the 90s every day?

I think not!

Insect Photo Preferences

A butterfly enjoys the horsemint.

Butterflies warm my heart when I’m shooting wildflowers. I love seeing them.

A bee is on the go.

As for bees?

Zeroing in on a blossom.

They definitely speed up my heart rate!

Still Pretty as a Picture Despite the Heat

Love the colorful accents!

Here’s the bad news: It’s already too hot in Houston.

A yellow lily reaches out.

Followed up by worse news: Summer hasn’t officially begun.

Wonder what the seed balls contain.

Of course, anyone who has lived in Houston for awhile knows that scorching days await us. It’s the hell that we pay for our mild, heavenly winters.

Horsemint blend with black-eyed Susans.

Temperatures in the high 80s have wreaked havoc with so many of the wildflowers I love. Bluebonnets, we hardly knew ye! But some plants still are going strong, keeping the landscape lush and pretty.

A trio of Indian blankets hang on.

I’m not sure how much longer these beautiful blooms will last. So I plan to enjoy them as much as I can!

Wildflower Perspective

Mexican hats in the foreground, Indian blankets and sunflowerishes in the background

As I was shooting photos of a small group of Mexican hats the other day, my eye was drawn behind those wildflowers. The bokeh’d (blurred) background was as interesting as the foreground. I loved how the different colors livened up the picture.

Purple and golden yellow go together (my high school’s colors!)

Horsemint was growing near the Mexican hats. Look how the purple pops out from the bokeh’d coreopsis near it.

Now the coreopsis are front and center.

Want to see those same wildflowers differently? Change your focal point!

Sunflowerishes in focus and out

I’ll admit that I’m a bokeh fan, other colored wildflowers in the background or not.

Penstemons are pretty in pink

That lovely blurring gives depth and, dare I say it?, pizzazz to these kinds of photos. All it takes is opening up your aperture (putting it on the smallest f-stop number, like 2.8 or 4), keeping the foreground in focus, and making sure there’s something that will soften nicely in the background.

Sometimes it’s fun to change your wildflower perspective!