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Hello, iPhone 4S!

Which twin is the new iPhone?

There was no waiting in line for me this time when it came to the new iPhone 4S. I easily preordered on Apple.com a week ago, and then I patiently waited for the UPS driver to knock on my door (got to fix that darned doorbell one of these days!).

The biggest surprise? That the knock came before 10 a.m.! The driver said all the iPhones had to be delivered by 10:30 a.m. Glad I didn’t have to wait, like I did for my iPad!

The 4S has an extra antenna line at the top.

So far I’ve enjoyed having Siri, my new personal assistant, type my text messages for me. I can’t wait to try out the new camera, too. Look for a full report on the 4S next week.

Welcome to our iPhone family, new 4S!

E-Bookin’ It in Cheap Style

This was the original Kindle.

About four years ago, a new tech toy winked at me, beckoning me to buy it. I almost gave in to the temptation of that clunky-looking e-reader, the Amazon Kindle. But I held off because the price tag was a whopping $399. And you still had to buy e-books!

As Amazon refined the Kindle and kept lowering the price, I continued to resist its siren song, because it still cost too much. Plus I figured that Apple was going to bring out a product I’d probably prefer.

Sure enough, Apple debuted its iPad in the spring of 2010, featuring its own e-book app, iBooks, and the iBookstore. UPS delivered mine that April, and I’ve used it virtually every day since for everything from browsing the web to checking and replying to e-mail to, of course, reading books. I’ve been a very happy camper.

Meet my new tech baby!

And then last week Amazon decided to get serious with the Kindle. They introduced new models and lower price points. One of those newbies instantly caught my eye. Dubbed the “Kindle” (how clever!), it’s a mere six inches wide and weighs less than six ounces.

But the best part? The cost: Only $79! This version does include ads, but they don’t show up while you’re reading. Plus they can be worthwhile. I took advantage of the first one I saw, which was for $5 off almost anything priced $10 or more. Now my cute Kindle’s new cover is even cheaper!

An impetus to buy a Kindle was my experience with the Mister’s keyboard model, which his buddy Eddie Wayne bought for him. It’s so easy to use . . . even for the tech-challenged Mister.

So far, I really like reading on my Kindle. I will admit that when I turned it on, my first impulse was to increase the brightness control . . . which it doesn’t have. It looks nothing like an iBook on my backlit iPad. The E-ink technology and having to use side buttons to turn pages takes getting used to (I’m a swiper).

Then again, e-books are so different from the real thing, which I miss sometimes. You can’t easily figure out how close you are to end of the chapter, for one. And I always like when the left side of the book becomes bigger than the right, as you close in on the end.

But e-books don’t collect dust and clutter up bookshelves. Plus you can have them at your fingertips on any e-reader, whether it’s a Kindle, iPhone, or iPad. They’re definitely part of my future.

Chapter one is ready for me!

Especially the book that I’m eager to start once I finish the autobiography I’m currently reading—Harlan Coben’s new young-adult novel, “Shelter.” I can’t wait for Harlan to grab me by the neck and pull me through yet another well-written thriller.

This time on my new, little Kindle.

In the Pink

Yet another amazing Texas sunrise makes me smile.

As I walked around a lake in my master-planned community this morning, I stopped in my tracks: The sunrise was so outrageously pink that I had to whip out my iPhone 4 and snap a couple photos.

Love those pink lake reflections!

Tomorrow is the Race for the Cure in Houston, and today is Wear Pink to Work Day. Good to see our sunrise getting into the spirit of the event!

One-Word Wednesday

I snapped this iPhone 4 photo as a kayaker was disappearing underneath a bridge.


Gettin’ Beachy

The Glencoe bike trail is beautiful.

One reason I always enjoy staying with my mom in Glencoe is because she lives in a very active area. On any given day, the streets in her suburb north of Chicago are filled with cyclists (all wearing helmets, by the way), while the walkers and runners rule the sidewalks.

Purple prairie grasses add color to the landscape.

And one particular bike path, which runs behind the train tracks across the street from her condo. Last Sunday morning I decided to walk on this trail to a street that would take me to the local beach (and then back again, of course).

My first glimpse of the beach.

With my trusty iPhone 4 along, I was ready to document the experience.

Sailboats rest after a weary summer.

Despite an on-and-off drizzle, it was a delightful day for a long walk. Temperatures in the mid-50s kept me cool as I explored.

The waves wash up on the beach.

Looking at Lake Michigan brought me back to a time when we used to live in Chicago near Evanston.

A pier takes me out onto the lake.

Almost every day during the summer, until we moved to Waukegan when I started sixth grade, the four of us kids plus my mom would spend time at the beach. It was close, it was cheap, and it was so much fun!

I used to wonder who was on the other side of Lake Michigan.

As a kid, nothing was better for me than spending time with my two older sisters and my baby bubba. I carry such fond memories of us at the beach.

The cold water tasted so good!

I didn’t stay and reminisce for too long at Glencoe’s beach, though, because I wanted to continue to walk a couple more miles. Later that day I would be flying back to Houston, the heat and humidity, and my own family with my responsibilities as a mom.

But it was sure was nice to travel back in time and revel in the past . . . if only for a short, cool while.

Camera+ Clouds

The Camera+ caption says it all.

I always get a window seat when I fly, because I love taking photos of clouds. Last Thursday when I traveled to Chicago to visit my family and attend my high school reunion, I decided to change up my photographic cloud game: This time I used my iPhone 4 and the wonderful photo app, Camera+.

Yep, the wing WAS in the way!

What’s handy about Camera+ is that if you put a border around your photo (and who wouldn’t want to do that?), you can add a caption. That definitely helps you remember details about the picture, which is especially handy for those of us who are getting, shall we say, a tad forgetful as we near age 60.

They're so fluffy (name that movie!)!

I’d say both the iPhone 4 and Camera+ did a great job up in the air. They almost made me forget that I don’t like flying. Unfortunately, I’m not quite that forgetful!

An iPhone Sunrise

The dawn of a new day

While jogging through our neighboring master-planned community last Sunday, a beautiful sunrise made me stop and pull out my iPhone 4 so I could snap a pic.

In just a few minutes, the sky brightens.

Oh, how I love Texas sunrises! They are awe-inspiring.

Dynamic Reflections

Our local park offers wonderful reflections.

After I finished my walk around my community last Saturday morning, I checked out a few pics I had clicked with my trusty trekking companion, my iPhone 4.

The park’s trees look great in and out of the water.

As I fancied them up a bit using the Camera+ app, I liked how they accurately showed what I had seen that morning. The reflections were simply beautiful.

But then I got curious about using a different Camera+ setting—HDR. High dynamic range imaging ramps up the contrast such that the colors and texture you see in real life aren’t accurately represented in your photo.

The HDR version of my favorite bridge and gazebo in our park.

Usually I don’t like how HDR pics look more like paintings than photos. They often seem too fake.

The HDRed trees really stand out!

But these I really like! Maybe reflections are just meant to be more dynamic.

Lazy Flower Power

This beautiful flower was enhanced by the Camera+ app.

Could be that after a lazy weekend followed by what already is a busy Monday morning, this is the best I’ve got for a blog post. Or it could be that I wanted to show off how nicely my iPhone 4 takes a macro photo.

Whichever one you think it is, happy Monday! I sure hope my older son won’t be too grumpy with the start of summer school and having to get up earlier than usual (his two-hour class begins at 10 a.m.). Think this pretty flower photo will make the scraggly-bearded boy smile?

Not a chance!

Is It Really Friday?

The Camera+ app turns an ordinary iPhone 4 photo into something special.

Here’s my goal for today: Remember that it’s actually Friday.

Starting a week with Memorial Day (as in “no school”) always throws off my schedule. But add to it that yesterday was the last day of high school for my younger son (goodbye, sophomore year!), and I’m completely lost. I kept thinking that yesterday was Friday, so, of course, I woke up believing that today is Saturday.

I don’t write a blog post on Saturdays (or Sundays). Glad I actually looked at a calendar to see what day it really is!

My older son starts summer school Monday at our local junior college (two classes the first five-week term and one class the second), so I hope I have my internal calendar back in sync by then!

By the way, the accompanying photo has absolutely nothing to do with this blog post. I just liked how the Camera+ app changed what was a basic, blah photo into something that looked cool. Cool—something we could use right now with the heat blasting the Houston area. Oh, and rain, too.

No matter what day it is!