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The More Things Change . . . .

I call this photo “shadow selfie.”

I call this photo “shadow selfie” (snapped during my 12-mile run last Saturday).

The start of a new year means yet another blogiversary for me. I now have a whopping five years of random snippets and apertures under my too-large belt. I’ve written 1,307 posts and have never missed answering the blogging bell on Monday through Friday.

But that’s about to change.

As much as I really enjoy writing and oversharing photos, the time has come to move in a slightly different direction. Of course, it doesn’t help that my two main characters, aka my sons, Jake and C.J., are in college and aren’t giving me lots of new blogging material. And there are only so many sleep pics that I can snap of them when they are at home (they are so lazy!).

But I’ve also found that I need more time to work on projects (such as slurping this blog into books and finally catching up on the boys’ scrapbooks, where “catching up” means “actually starting them”; gotta love being 22 years behind!) and decluttering.

So I’ve decided to cut down my posting schedule to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I might occasionally chime in on a Tuesday and/or Thursday, but that will be the exception instead of my five-year rule. It’ll be interesting to assess after six months or so whether I’ve accomplished a lot or merely spent time watching lots of Jimmy Fallon on YouTube (C.J.’s current obsession).

One thing’s for sure . . . .

Still love those reflections!

Always love those reflections!

There still will be plenty of photos, especially of nature during my morning walks and jogs, posted here. That will stay the same.

Thanks for continuing to be part of my journey!

Farewell to Another Year

I snapped this in my backyard after a jet zoomed by. Note the prism!

I snapped this in my backyard after a jet zoomed by. Note the prism effect!

Happy trails to 2013! Stay safe!!

Musical Musings

An egret sits quietly on a railing as I approached during yesterday’s run.

An egret sits quietly on a railing as I approached during yesterday’s chilly run.

Bye bye . . .

Guess I got too close for comfort.

Guess I got too close for comfort.

. . . birdie!

One-Word Wednesday

This unique bench made out of bats and bases was at Lou Malnati’s pizza place (yum!).

This unique bench made out of bats and bases is at Lou Malnati’s pizza place (yum!).



Bats with the names of former Cubs players (the restaurant is a Chicago favorite)Ernie Banks: Let’s eat two pizzas!Ernie Banks: Let’s eat two pizzas!

The Wizard of Ahhhhs!

Nature’s stunning show during my walk this morning

Nature’s stunning show during my walk this morning back in my Houston surroundings

There’s no place like home. No tapping of the Nikes needed!

Continuing Education

Comb needed STAT for two of us!

Comb needed STAT for two of us!

This is what I learned during a loooooong day-into-night trip to and from San Antonio yesterday to visit our older son:

1) A lot about Tommy James (and a little about the Shondells) on the way there (he hosted his own show) and back (Cousin Brucie talked to him) on Sirius XM’s Sixties on 6. It was fascinating! Children behave!!

2) We always always always love seeing our sons! It was such a boost to my heart to spend time with my sweet, blue-eyed boy for the first time in seven weeks. Skyping simply isn’t enough for this mama bear.

3) We’re looking forward to our UTSA collegian graduating in May and moving back to the Houston area, so we don’t have to endure those long car rides, though.

4) Despite all the fun the Mister and I had harmonizing (well, to our tin ears) to all that fab and groovy 1960s music, I did contemplate divorcing him when he ordered the St. Louis-style ribs at Tony Roma’s after I told him not to. He knows how this lifelong Cubs fan feels about the Cardinals!

5) Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger make a good team (it’s hard to understand both of them) in “Escape Plan,” the movie we saw with our son. Yes, there was plenty of bad language and a ridiculous amount of violence. But the story was good, and we loved the ending.

6) Finally, it’s very tough to take a selfie plus two on my iPhone 5S and properly center it (as the evidence above proves). As my clever son quipped, “That’s why they call it a ‘selfie’ and not a ‘triofie!'”

Miss you already, kiddo!

Lying Weather App

Looks like clear sailing ahead!

Looks like clear sailing ahead!

One of the first things I do when I wake up is check my iPhone 5S’ weather app, especially on long run days like yesterday. I need to know the temperature and the rain chances, so I can dress appropriately (or, occasionally, convince me to go back to bed).

As you can see from the above screenshot, it looked like gorgeous conditions for my scheduled 10-miler. Finally! It’s been so hot and humid that we’ve wondered if fall would ever arrive. I was stoked!

Oh oh!!

Oh oh!!

As I jogged through my first mile, I could see bright skies to my right. However, to my left, coming from the north, were those distinctive dark clouds that signified one thing: Rain.

Could the weather app have been misinformed?

Yep . . . and so was I.

Who’ll stop the rain?

Who’ll stop the rain?

Drizzle began during mile two. The Mister texted me, asking if I wanted him to pick me up. Easy answer: No, thanks. I needed to finish what I started.

Note the demarcation line.

Note the demarcation line.

I continued to hope the precipitation would stay light, because the conditions were awesome. Crisp temps with occasional wind gusts and a cool rain—what’s not to like?

Well, a cold downpour isn’t on my list of favorites. But that’s what greeted me starting at mile three and continuing until I returned to our house soaked and drippy, thankfully with 10 miles under my fuel belt.

It’s always a good feeling when you set a goal and attain it no matter what the conditions. In fact, persevering makes you stronger, helps you believe that you will be ready on January 19, the date of Houston’s marathon/half marathon event.

And you never know when that experience can come in handy, as it did for this year’s wet and cold Aramco Houston Half Marathon. It’s all a great learning experience.

Want to know the knowledge I gained yesterday? Not to trust the iPhone’s weather app!