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A Fun Homecoming Game

Josh K. is about to catch what will become a touchdown pass.

I’ll cut right to the chase: My sons’ high school won its homecoming football game last Friday night 31-14 in front of a huge crowd!

The end result—floating into the end zone!

It was sooooo exciting to finally win the big game! And get this . . . we vanquished the Houston area’s No. 7 team (in Class 5A), Bush High School, which had been 5-0 before meeting our mighty, mighty Bulldogs.

Vic hopes Nick will give him a key block.

Now our high school is 3-0 in our district for the first time since 1999 (4-2 overall).

Reggie (left) and Josh R. show down the quarterback.

Of course, we don’t dare rest on our hard-won laurels. We play our biggest rival (half the kids in our master-planned community attend it) Saturday night.

The cheerleaders do a mini wave.

Still, it’s fun to dream about a possible playoff berth that could be achieved after four more regular-season games. Our team has a great offense that features three talented halfbacks, a mobile quarterback, and sure-handed receivers, to go along with a fierce defense.

The band shows its support by raising its instruments on kickoffs.

No matter what happens, though, it’s always fun to be rooting for the boys of fall under the Friday or Saturday night lights!