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One-Word Wednesday

I found this little, orange critter crawling on our recycling bin yesterday.

I found this little, orange critter crawling on our recycling bin yesterday.


Colorful Leftovers

The gorgeous fall color extends to the leaves on the ground.

While I was snapping photos of that fabulous fall foliage last weekend, a few other colorful characters managed to make a lasting impression on me. Like the solo leaf above.

Feeling blue

And these blue petals.

I wonder what kind of plant this is.

Plus these purply things (sorry to be so technical; I pride myself on my plant knowledge).

But the day wasn’t just ruled by the flora’s sensational shades. Halloween hues also were on display.

Luck be a ladybug!

Who could resist the orange and black of a ladybug?

A bee gets his fill of pollen.

And, naturally, where there are flowers, there are sure to be bees. Especially when I’m behind my Nikon dSLR. That orange and black combined with the yellow of the petals?

Bee-yoo-tiful, of course!

Bees, Ladybugs, and Bluebonnets

The wildflowers show off their beauty.

As much as I love bluebonnets, something likes them even more.

A bee’s wings whirr near a bluebonnet.

Bees! So I have to be very wary when I’m getting up close and personal with Texas’ state flower.

Notice something orange on the right side of the photo?

Earlier this month when I was snapping happily away at wildflowers in our neighboring master-planned community, I noticed another insect also loving the pretty blue flowers along with the bees.

A ladybug and bee coexist among the bluebonnets.


A ladybug feels right at home.

Three different times when I saw a bee, a ladybug was in close proximity. Which, of course, made it a little difficult for me to get a good photo . . . especially one time when a bee chased me away. I didn’t stick around to ask why it was being so protective of its orange friend.

But sometimes I was able to isolate a ladybug and feel grateful that it was harmless and wouldn’t mind the photographic attention. It was nice not having to worry about being stung.

Oh oh!

Ouch! Guess I was wrong. That’s not much of a “lady”bug at all!