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Beauty Next Door

One of many colors

The purple really stands out.

Those of us who lack a green thumb really only need one thing:

Yellow still filling out

Yellow is still filling in.

To live next door to someone who does!

Fortunately for me, my neighbor Tami loves nurturing her flowers. She planted a bunch of lantanas in many colors close to our house.

Red definitely is a power color.

Love these shades of red.

Of course, Tami didn’t plant them for me—she just likes her front yard to be colorful and blooming.

A lovely mix

A gorgeous mix

And I’m lucky she does!


Winter’s Last Gasp . . . But Not Really

My younger son hopes his jump putt hits the chains.

My younger son hopes his jump putt hits the chains.

Yesterday was the first day of spring. Here in the Houston area, all that means is that March 20th’s weather was virtually the same as on March 19th—beautiful.

And not cold at all, thank goodness!

Hiral shows his serious putting side.

Hiral shows his serious putting side.

The last day of what passes for winter here found me at Imperial Park at our weekly Southwest Handicap Mini series. This is the best time to play disc golf there, because the foliage is beaten down and thinned out. Discs don’t get lost as often as they do during the summer when the park regains its lushness and is more challenging.

Purple power!

Purple power!

Of course, I’m drawn to Imperial as much for the nature as watching the kid play. As I approached hole seven, my eye immediately was drawn to bright batches of phlox. I’ve seen that wildflower here before but never in such abundance.

Maybe this is foxglove?

Another purple park inhabitant

My Nikon 105mm macro lens captured the few flora that were ready for prime time this early. We should see plenty more, though, in a month or so when the series returns to the ever-blooming park.

A wee spider peeks out from his lantana perch.

A wee spider peeks out from his lantana perch.

Wonder if this guy will stick around?

Neighborly Floral Activity

What a colorful sight in my neighbor’s front yard!

This is how I know that my next-door neighbor Tami likes me: She recently planted pretty lantanas in her front yard.

Reddish-orange lantanas

Tami is blessed with a green thumb, and her yard looks great.

A pale pink and yellow variety

Some might think that she plants what she believes will look best in her front bed, but I know the truth—she wants me to have something beautiful to photograph!

It amazes me how the different colors come together.

Thanks, neighbor! Much appreciated!!