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One-Word Wednesday

Note the red, white, and blue trees.

It’s a great message.


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

Lighting Up

Yesterday’s third night of Chanukah burns brightly.

From the candles flickering in the Chanukah menorah . . .

The bokeh’d lights shine on our block.

to the outside Christmas bulbs a-glow in the dark,

I’m partial to multicolored lights.

may your holidays be filled with bright lights, fun, and love!

Lots of colors shining here

That’s my holiday wish to you, my readers, with all my heart.

Enjoy your celebration!

A Retrospective: The Chanukah Lights

A simple photo of a simple menorah setting on the first night of Chanukah

What do eight nights of Chanukah mean? Family time, presents, Skype . . . and the potential for too many boring photos of burning candles.

My #2 son lights the candles on the second night.

This Chanukah I pushed myself to change up my photo angles to see things in a different light (ha ha!).

My younger son puts the shamash back on night three as his Skyped brother watches.

Plus I tried my best to include my older son, who was Skyping with us from college, into pix with my younger son as he lit the menorah. That mostly was a lesson in proper-exposure futility.

The wax melts away on the fourth night.

On the fourth night, I snapped photos from below the menorah.

Fifth night candles stand side by side.

The next night I focused on shooting the candles lined up like waxy soldiers.

More lighting action by #2 on the sixth night

My favorite angle became one from the side as I took photos of my #2 son lighting the candles.

This candle soon met its waxy end on the seventh night.

But I also was intrigued by solo candles that dripped and drizzled until they finally ran out of wax to burn.

The glow from the eighth-night candles makes everything feel brighter.

Did I snap a bunch of boring photos this Chanukah? I was mostly satisfied with how I documented the menorah’s burning candles. Of course, for me, as long as nothing gets set on fire, I’d say our holiday was a blazing success!