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Harlan Coben Puts Me Through the Wringer Again

Harlan Coben’s latest and greatest mystery

My baby brother, the hot-shot Chicago lawyer, recommends savoring great books. He doesn’t believe that we should rush through novels just because we can’t wait to see what comes next. He leveled this particular guilty verdict on yours truly just because I read the last Harry Potter tome in about 18 hours (thank you, catheter and smoothie IV).

I would love to see the kid manage to savor a Harlan Coben mystery. It’s impossible! As I’ve written before here and here, Harlan has that uncanny ability to grab you by the neck within the first page . . . sometimes even the opening paragraph, for goodness sakes . . . and drag you through his magnificent tightly worded, often humorous prose. He says, “I want you to pick up the book at 9:30 at night and still be reading it at 4 a.m.” If you’re not careful, that’s exactly what happens.

If you like the mystery/thriller genre, you need to read one of his novels. But don’t be surprised if you get instantly hooked.


I’ve avidly read all 19 of Coben’s novels, 10 of which star sports agent and freelance detective Myron Bolitar; I’m totally an unabashed fan. I just finished reading “Live Wire,” his newest Bolitar thriller, on my iPad. Harlan made me audibly gasp twice (my younger son asked, “Mom, what’s wrong?”) and, of course, made me cry. Somewhere I could see him chuckling with a self-satisfied grin on his handsome face.

Great book, Harlan! I can’t wait to read the next one (he’s starting a young adult novel series that I know I’ll love, too). Baby brother, don’t expect me to savor that one, either.