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No Fear of Flying for Long Jumpers

My #2 son flies through the air during the long jump.

What would a track meet be without the field events?


Nick, who also hurdles, looks for a nice place to land in the sand.

I’m partial, of course, to the high flyers plying their trade far from the bleachers. That’s where my younger son spends part of a meet, long jumping or triple jumping.

Justin calmly sails toward the sand.

Last week my son competed in the long jump with his junior varsity teammates, as well as the freshmen boys. Every jumper brings his own unique technique to the event, making it much more interesting to watch.

Michael has his game face on.

But even though they have different facial expressions, mannerisms, and ways of getting from the running start on the asphalt to the sandy landing in the pit, they all share one simple trait:

Alex was the freshmen winner!

They fly through the air with the greatest of ease . . . before suddenly landing with a THUD! And that’s never boring to watch!!

Radar Alert: High Flyers in the Area

My #2 son sails through the air during the long jump.

The true acrobats of the track and field circus are the long jumpers. They fly through the air often with the greatest of ease. Because of that, they’re great to photograph. You’ve just got to make sure no sand gets kicked up into your lens!

My #2 son has added the long jump to his field event roster. Since he’s there at the pits, might as well leap towards one end for the triple jump and the other for the long.

Jacob focuses on the sandy landing.

For this week’s subvarsity track meet, #2 was joined by a couple other freshmen long jumpers: Jacob . . .

Otis looks forward to the sand.

. . . and Otis. The trio had their own distinct styles of launching themselves towards the sand, with Jacob being the most successful. He won the event, while #2 finished second.

Marcus displays great hang time.

Meanwhile, the junior varsity jumpers also contributed to this airborne act. Marcus looked unflappable as he sailed toward the sand.

Christian skies during his long jump.

But as good as these long jumpers were, they were just a prelude to the JV’s top competitor, Christian. This big cat could really sky!

Prepare for landing!

Christian looked impressive while in the air and about to land in the sand. Talk about high flyers—he was like a jet to his teammates’ radio-controlled airplanes.

He was so high in the sky that he might have shown up on an airport’s radar system!

Got Air?

Cody (left) sails through the air during the 3200 meters.

Need air? It’s everywhere at your local high school track meet.

Jordan speeds along during the 3200.

Running? Yep, there’s air. Photographers love to capture runners when both feet are off the track.

Reid goes airborne in the 1600 meters.

Makes it look like they’re floating on air!

While Tim runs in the air, one of his competitors comes down to earth during the 100 meters.

Air is apparent whether it’s a longer event, like the 1600 and 3200 meters, or the 100-meter dash.

Josh and his competitors fly through the 100 meters.

It does seem like the sprinters are up in the air more than they are on the track!

Derrick glides along during the first leg of the 4 x 100-meter relay.

There’s no shortage of air during the relays. Either while running . . .

Owen soars as he prepares to hand off to an airborne Justin in the 4 x 200-meter relay.

. . . or about to hand off. If only style points could be awarded!

Kenton flies over land and sand!

Some of our competitors fly above a couple of surfaces. Kenton’s personal air show was in the 4 x 400-meter relay and the long jump.

Kmal sends the shot flying.

Sometimes an athlete stays on the ground only to hurtle an object into space. Like the shot put. Lots of air there!

Of course, for me as a mom photographer, the best feat of the feet . . .

The #2 son airs it out during the 800 meters.

. . . are centered around the 10 toes of my #2 son. Especially when they’re flying through the air with the greatest of ease!