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My new MacBook!


I’m typing this at the Apple Store, as I await my new 13-inch MacBook (the 2.0 model). We have an old Powerbook (2005 vintage) that the boys have taken over (their iPods are docked to it). It also needs a new battery. I’m looking forward to some good mobile computing, especially with my writing (a 2009 goal).

I’ll post a review of the MacBook soon.

Will the clutter ever end?!?

Someone take my master bedroom . . . please! I started the excavation yesterday and, unfortunately, was not surprised to find papers from 2000 and 2003. Vintage stuff almost all to be shredded. The good news was that I was able to work while watching Oprah and Dr. Oz and “The Andy Griffith Show” after that (one of my black-and-white favorites with Mayberry’s choir discovering that Gomer has a wonderful singing voice . . . and Barney does not) on our new 40-inch Samsung HDTV.

But I’m getting ahead of myself . . . did I get ’er done yesterday?

• I redid the header in Photoshop, which wasn’t too hard.

• I suggested that my cousin Andi look into Nikon’s 12-24mm lens (wouldn’t mind having one of those myself!).

• I paid the bills online (groaning a bit as I did).

• I kept up with a live blog on technologizer.com of Phil Schiller’s Apple keynote speech at Macworld. I know a lot of Apple fans are disappointed that more wasn’t unveiled, but I think Apple would be better off with a big news conference in September or October, in time for holiday shopping. I’m interested in the 13-inch MacBook, not the new 17-inch MacBook Pro; my main concern now is whether or not iLife ’09 will be on the new MacBook I plan to buy.

• I called Walmart, was put on hold for at least 10 minutes, and then the line was disconnected. Sigh! Guess I’ll have to stop by customer service the next time I shop there. The best part of being on hold? Listening to one of my favorite songs, “Young Girl” by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. I’m just glad that I use the Apple bluetooth headset with my iPhone when I make these kinds of calls; that way my neck doesn’t hurt, and our landline isn’t tied up.

• As noted, I did start working on the bedroom clutter. I fear it might be a never-ending job!

Here’s the get ’er done menu for today:

• Fill the soap dispenser in the half bath with Sam Club’s generic antibacterial soap. The dispenser was running very low, so, of course, my ingenious spouse decided to fill it with water! That did make me laugh.

• Go to Sam’s Club to buy peppers for my mostly-daily salads. They package two yellow, two orange, and two red peppers together for a relatively low price. Got to add color to my salads! While I’m in the neighborhood, I might as well go to Walmart (it’s right next door to Sam’s) and check on the return policy as well as buy bread. The boys like Sara Lee’s Soft and Smooth Honey Wheat bread (it’s not enriched, unlike the Sara Lee Honey Wheat bread . . . that’s so weird!), and the Soft and Smooth variety isn’t sold everywhere. Plus it’s 50 cents cheaper at Sam’s vs. Kroger’s.

• Continue working on the master bedroom. Try not to sneeze from all the dust!

Moving forward!

First things first: Did I get ’er done yesterday? Sure did!
• Got those four photos uploaded to the neighborhood newsletter. Not my best work because the lights in the school’s gyms cycle frequently causing odd color shifts. Over the two-week winter break I also met my goal of processing all the girls’ and boys’ basketball photos I had taken (includes A and B teams for both seventh and eighth grade) and posting them to my photo website (susansternberg.smugmug.com). A BIG accomplishment for me given my sloooow Photoshop workflow.
• Did one load of laundry and even matched up all the socks (but what about all the unmatched socks still languishing sadly on the dryer? Definitely a get ’er done in the future!).
• Shopped at Kroger’s and snagged the cornflakes (although they were the generic Kroger’s brand; the Mister said they tasted good, thankfully) as well as a few other items, most of them healthy.
• Watched “Oprah.” I liked what she had to say about having a balanced life. I also see my weight go in the wrong direction when my life gets out of whack.
• I planned the week’s meals to the best of my woeful cooking ability. The Mister and son #2 liked the barbecued pork that I baked for them; picky son #1 didn’t and mostly ate only his white rice and barbecue sauce (oy!) and biscuit with grape jelly.

Now on to today! Here’s what’s on the get ’er done menu:
• Redo the custom header in Photoshop because I don’t like how small the type is on the header that comes with this theme.
• Research wide-angle zoom lenses for my cousin Andi, who is a novice Nikon D300 user (she bought one, took it to Africa on a safari, and it looks like she took fabulous photos with it despite her inexperience using it).
• Pay the Discover and VISA bills online.
• Follow the Macworld expo keynote speech at 11 a.m. to see what Apple has in store for us Apple fans in 2009. I’m mostly interested in any changes (especially in price) to the MacBook, which will be my next purchase.
• Call Walmart to find out about their no-receipt exchange policy (son #1 desperately wants to know this information, not that he’s about to call and find out himself, of course; that’s what moms are for!).
• Work on getting rid of the clutter in the master bedroom. We’ve lived in our house for 12 years and haven’t painted or replaced the carpet in this bedroom. That builder’s-grade beige paint looks pretty faded. We can’t paint or replace the carpet until we clear out all the clutter, which includes our old (big!) entertainment center that used to live in the family room until it was replaced by a simple TV stand. The Mister, unfortunately, put it in our bedroom, and now all kinds of things have grown attached to it, none of which resembles a TV. So that, its attachments, and all kinds of miscellaneous items that haven’t seen the light of day outside of the boxes they reside in need to find another home or place.

I plan to concentrate on working on the bedroom for the next two days. Let’s see how much I get done!