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Battery Recharge

Back to his usual position on the supersofa.

Back to his usual position on the supersofa.

Look who brightened up our weekend!

When we Skyped with our younger son last Thursday night, we talked about him catching a ride with RJ’s dad, who was picking up his roommate the next day to bring home for a visit. The kid decided that he wanted to reconnect and recharge. It was great to get a hug in person!

Netflix streaming has led to addictions.

Netflix streaming has led to addictions.

The first thing he did was plop on the couch and queue up the final season of “Scrubs” on Netflix. The kid loves watching that show, and on more than one occasion, I’ve been caught up in his marathon viewing sessions. This was no exception.



Of course, he is a college student. Mainly, a tired one. After a couple episodes, he succumbed to the allure of soft pillows and snoozed for a few hours.

A crowded card: Hiral, Chris, Adam, Eric, the kid, Steve, the Mister, and Marcus

A crowded card: Hiral (hi!), Chris, Adam, Eric, the kid, Steve, the Mister, and Marcus

With the next day being Saturday, only one activity could fit the bill: Disc golf, of course.

The Mister putts.

The Mister putts.

The Mister and the kid joined bestie Eric and five others for a round of 18 at the nearby River Pointe Church’s course.



Even though he hadn’t played much since we moved him in at SHSU, my son managed to win by a stroke.

Talking strategy

Talking strategy

It was fun watching the collegian interact with his older buddies again. And it always tugs at my heartstrings to watch him and his devoted dad together. Those two are closerthanthis!

After that, he played a round at Tom Bass with his other disc golf bestie, Glen (the highlight was that the Mister and I got to visit with the ever-lovely Kelly and a snoozing baby Jonas; little Glen was napping in his room).

Until we meet again, this smile will have to do.

Until we meet again, this smile will have to last for awhile.

Before we knew it, we were taking RJ and our son back to Huntsville on Sunday afternoon (after watching a thrilling Houston Texans victory). The kid got a chance to relax, knock the rust off his disc golf game, and even do his homework and prepare for the week (yes, I actually witnessed him studying!).

And the Mister and I got to spend time with our beloved baby boy once again. Totally win-win!

The Final Day, Take 2

Lots of stuff is waiting to be packed.

Lots of stuff is waiting to be packed.

What happened to our summer vacation? It seems like the days were filled with steel, naturally and hopelessly drawn to a magnetic date I had circled on the calendar back in early June.

That date? August 24th. Or, more specifically, when we would move my younger son to his Sam Houston State dorm, Sam Houston Village.

Which is tomorrow.

The kid lasers in a putt during last Tuesday's Southwest Handicap Mini.

The kid lasers in a putt during last Tuesday’s Southwest Handicap Mini.

Three years ago, I faced this final day before my older son left for UTSA. And now it’s his little brother’s turn. Once again it’s bittersweet: Sweet, because I’m happy and thankful that my son has a wonderful college opportunity. Bitter, because, like with his big bro, I’ll miss him so much.

The kid channels his inner ghost while waiting for his eye checkup.

The kid channels his inner ghost while waiting for his eye checkup.

And to add to this mixed bag of feelings is the fact that this is my baby who is flying away from the nest. He’s always been so close to the Mister and I. I always can count on him to distract me from my work with terrific talks about anything and everything (well, except for his love life, he told me), spontaneous outings, and “Scrubs” marathons on Netflix.

How I will miss his smile, his twinkly green eyes, and his ready laugh! I’m sure I’ll feel lost and alone at times.

As I wrote three years ago, no one can sum up how a dedicated and devoted mom feels when her kids leave home like that silly, old bear, Winnie the Pooh:

This says it all!

This says it all!

Yes, my beloved baby boy, I will always be with you in your heart, as you always will be in mine. I would write more . . . but I suddenly can’t see the iMac monitor through my tears once again.

Our Kind of Father’s Day

Our younger and older sons surround their dad.

Our younger and older sons surround their dad.

When it comes to Father’s Day celebrations, ours are always low-key. Just like the Mister.

The boys made lovely cards.

The boys made lovely cards.

Our sons first gave their much-loved dad homemade cards.

Hope this gets a lot of use.

Hope this gets a lot of use.

Then the Mister got his big gift, as he was allowed to join the Nike FuelBand cool kids club (e.g., my younger son and I).

And now you don’t!

And now you don’t!

We always see a movie on Father’s Day. This time we opted for “Now You See Me” at our new Santikos Palladium. We liked both the flick and the venue!

That was followed with lunch at Pei Wei, and then everyone doing their own thing at home before we went to dinner at Wings ’n Things (the better to watch the San Antonio Spurs smack the Miami Heat). A fitting ending was our Netflix movie, “Think Like a Man,” which was pretty good.

This was the kind of day guaranteed to satisfy everyone . . . especially the Mister. What a wonderful Father’s Day for one of the luckiest dads in the world!

“Glee”ful Decluttering

Some of what I was supposed to be working on.

While the Mister and our younger son were in Rochester, New York, last week for the Amateur World Disc Golf Championships, I had one main goal: Finish decluttering that son’s bedroom.

We finally got rid of the too-tall captain’s twin bed that he and everyone who slept on it hated, opting for a Tempur-Pedic full-size mattress set. My #2 son suffers from insomnia, so we hoped the better bed would help extend his 40 winks (and it has!). But that meant we had to get all the junk out of his room so we could fit in the bigger furniture.

When they left, I only had a few more boxes to look through. I so wanted our little big guy to come home to a more-peaceful sleeping environment.

Where have you been all my life?

Instead, I became a Gleek. Am I late to the party as usual?

The addiction started innocently enough, as it usually does. With Netflix raising its prices, I wanted to see if it would be worthwhile to keep the streaming part of the service (I already knew we liked getting DVDs in the mail). Last Friday afternoon I fired up the Apple TV and looked for something to watch. What should pop up as a possibility? “Glee.”

I had seen one episode on Fox but never got hooked on the series, probably because it airs at the same time as other shows we like to watch. And even though I loved “High School Musical,” I wasn’t sure that I wanted to invest time in a Disney wannabe.

“Glee’s” cast features nice diversity.

I’m sure glad I pushed those apprehensions off to the side. “Glee” rocks! I like how the songs fit so well with each show’s theme. It was easy to get fully invested in the characters. I also enjoyed most of the song covers; the cast is full of great singers. However, there is a little too much of that Auto-Tuning going on. I wonder if that device would make even me sound good! Probably not.

“Glee” made me think back to when I was in high school; timely thoughts considering that my reunion is looming next month. I could relate when Finn said, “We’re all freaks . . . but we’re all freaks together.” As a full-fledged dork way back when, I can truly identify with some of the things the “Glee” kids experience.

My favorite show was the final one when the kids sang “To Sir With Love” to Mr. Shuester, and he reciprocated with one of my all-time favorite songs, “Over the Rainbow.” I had tear stains on my Old Navy shirt!

Netflix is a great way to catch up on a season’s worth of TV shows (in this case, 22 episodes). There are no commercials to disturb the flow. It doesn’t take long to get through a season.

But Netflix does make it easy to just sit on the couch, glued to the big-screen Samsung. I endured a marathon session over two and a half days, finally finishing the first season with enough time to complete the decluttering before my older son and I picked up our weary travelers at the airport yesterday afternoon.

Now to start watching season two!

Late to the Netflix Party

We love seeing this red envelope in the mail!

It’s entirely possible that we’re the last family on earth (or at least in the United States) to join the Netflix phenomenon. Why was I clinging to our now-defunct Hollywood Video and soon-to-be-defunct Blockbuster memberships?

I guess I’m just old-fashioned. After all, I still remember all the mom and pop video stores that dotted Chicago where I bought my first VCR back in 1980. The world was filled with VHS tapes, and all was easy to figure out.

But times have changed. I’ve watched our local Blockbuster make the transition from VHS to DVD. Now with Blu-ray threatening to knock DVDs off the video throne, I knew it was time to get with the program.

So I decided to go with the flow and sign up for Netflix. It has so much great content! But I didn’t want Netflix just for the DVDs. Video now is being streamed to smartphones, iPads, computers, and TVs; it’s just a matter of time before physical media like DVDs and Blu-ray discs are given the boot. Which meant we needed a device that would allow us to stream Netflix on our HDTV.

Apple TV: Small but mighty

Enter Apple TV! For a mere $99, this little hockey-puck substitute is a streaming giant (though it weighs less than a pound). It sets up easily and allows you to select video content from iTunes and Netflix. There are so many “free” movies on Netflix! My #2 son and I immediately watched “The Sandlot,” which is one of his faves. Since we’ve added the Apple TV and Netflix to our household, we’ve been watching season six of “The Office,” which we missed last season, as a family. It’s been fun exploring all the video possibilities that are at our Apple TV fingertips.

Of course, we still like watching DVDs every now and then. We’re on the one DVD out-at-a-time plan, and so far we’ve watched . . . one movie. What was our first Netflix choice? Did we go topical and edgy? Total laughs? Drama and Kleenex? Gosh, did we even opt for a flick we’d never seen?

Surely you jest!

We’re fans of Woody, Buzz, and the “Toy Story” gang!

After we saw “Toy Story 3” last summer in the theater, my younger son said he wanted to watch all the “Toy Story” movies back to back to back. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

The next DVD waiting for us to pop into the player: “Toy Story 2!”