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Spoutin’ Off

Playing with the cold water filling the pool is fun.

My younger son made a startling discovery last week: The spout that adds water to our swimming pool is an amusing toy!

Hand up!

I’m glad, because I’m all about cheap fun.

Chest bumping the water

The two of us were enjoying some quality pool time together . . . well, us and the Olympus Stylus Tough waterproof camera. Water + good Nikon = sad photographer.

The kid and the spout were the stars of this unique water show. A jolly time was had by all!

My younger son enjoys the spray, while the Mister reads on the back patio.

Not that everyone actually noticed what was going on!

Splashing Away the End of Summer

My older son flies down the Texas Freefall.

The Mister and I made a supreme sacrifice yesterday: We took our two sons and our “third son,” Chase, to SplashTown, a local water park.

Chase and my #2 son surround my #1 son on the lazy river.

We had promised our sons a water park trip before the end of summer and were almost running out of time—our older boy returns to UTSA this weekend, while high school starts for the younger one Monday. Unfortunately, they figured out our apparently ineffective stall tactics, so off to SplashTown we traveled.

Even though it’s been around since before our sons were born, we’d never been to SplashTown. We ended up being very impressed with the park—although not nearly as big as the better-known Schlitterbahn, it was clean, and there weren’t as many people with too-many tattoos and too-little bathing suits on too-big bodies.

My guys slowly travel along the lazy river.

Although it was nice being surrounded by cool water, there was no masking the fact that it was 104 degrees in Houston. Too few clouds in the sky added to our misery when we were out of the water. Oh, how the Mister and I were longing for air conditioning after an hour or so!

The Mister shows off his floating prowess.

While the three boys went on every ride, which included the Stingray Racer (a six-lane octopus racer), Tornado, and Big Spin, the Mister and I enjoyed the lazy river (which was too slow-moving even for a big chicken like me), the wave pool, and the blue lagoon activity pool . . . which was for little kids. Just my speed! It was fun watching the tykes splashing about while we sat on submerged benches with water spraying over our heads.

Water spews out over the blue lagoon.

I brought my Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 waterproof camera to document our memories. When I look at the photos, I’ll always be reminded of how much fun the boys had. On the way home, they blah-blah-blathered on and on about the rides. It sounded like almost everything they tried, they liked.

Somehow, though, they managed to avoid the blue lagoon and being embarrassed by their parents among the toddlers.

Photographically Bankrupt from Am Worlds

Shoe is a bad disc golf photo! (snapped by the #2 son)

When I made the decision not to attend last week’s Amateur Worlds Disc Golf Championships in Rochester, New York, opting instead to “chill” with my older son (as long as we’re indoors!), I knew what I was giving up.

Not being able to watch my younger son play and experience what was a memorable event for him was painful for me. I love cheering him on!

But even worse? Although I optimistically sent along the Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 point and shoot camera, I figured I wouldn’t get many photos so I could relive the event with both the Mister and our baby boy. Now I don’t expect the Mister to snap pics like I do, just like he doesn’t expect me to be able to build a custom box like he can. We have different strengths . . . and weaknesses.

I was merely hoping for 20 or 25 shots that would tell the tale of the five-day tournament. Those would have to be enough deposits in the Am Worlds photography bank to sustain me.

But to return to house and home with a skimpy 13 photos, nine of which are of boys who are not my beautiful green-eyed son? That’s just plain sad. Here are some of the pics that were taken by the pair (which includes that “wonderful” first photo of our boy’s shoe):

Eric is a blur.

I kinda like this pic of our good friend Eric teeing off. The blurry motion is pretty cool.

Our boy talks as Justin practices his putting.

Finally an action shot! Yay!! But it’s not our son who’s throwing the disc. Boo!

The final four (from left): Winner Kaj, Justin, my boy, and Andrew

When the Mister told me he had taken no photos during the six rounds preceding the finals, I begged him to at least snap one of our son with his three competitors, all of whom were in the finals.

Sidebar: Yep, my little big guy made the finals in the 16 and under division! He finished fourth out of 15 competitors; the three guys who beat him all were higher-rated. I’d be busting my buttons . . . if I wasn’t wearing the t-shirt he brought me back.

As you can see, the Mister obliged . . . not that our son deigned to actually look at the camera (He claims all the parents were taking photos, so he didn’t know where to look. Somehow I’ve failed him.).

My son putts during the finals.

As far as action shots are concerned, all that I have to cherish are several snapped by Eric with his Android phone. I’m thankful that he was there to add to the Mister’s meager collection.

If my younger son decides to compete in next year’s Am Worlds in North Carolina, I’m sure I’ll be there clicking away with my Nikon digital SLR. You can bank on it!

A Better Angle

My older son in mid-air as he flips into our swimming pool.

I thought I had gotten a pretty good photo of my #1 son flipping off the spa into our swimming pool, considering I was using my Nikon 105mm lens instead of something that would’ve given me a wider view.

And then I saw the shot my younger son took with the Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 point and shoot camera.

Gotta love that wide view afforded by the Olympus!

Wow! The kid put my superior equipment to shame, thanks to the better angle from in the pool. This is a great pic!

Younger shows older the photo.

Looks like his brother thinks so, too!

Underwater Photography

My younger son snaps a photo of his brother . . . underwater.

When my #2 son asked to use my Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 in our swimming pool, I did two things: First, I handed over the waterproof point and shoot. Then I grabbed my Nikon digital SLR and followed him outside.

The watery result (taken by the Olympus and #2)

Using the Olympus underwater is a great way for my sons to remember the fun they’ve had in the pool this summer. And, for a change, it wasn’t dangerous!

Gotta check that LCD to make sure he got the shot.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed mimicking my younger son but in a more dry fashion, of course. I especially like the dreamy quality of the photos of him submerged. They could be something an impressionist would’ve painted.

Time to come up for air!

Want to change up how your photos look? Just add water!

Plenty More to See On My Photo Walk

Is it a double bridge or a reflection?

I don’t just have water on the brain—there was much more than just sprinklers to snap during last Sunday’s photo walk with my Olympus Stylus Tough 6000.

Seeing double . . . and quadruple!

Like reflections.

Love these lake reflections!

And more reflections.

An egret rests at the top of a tree.

And wildlife.

Ferns frame the lake.

And flora.

Purple daisies cheer up the landscape.

And more flora (using the Olympus’ macro mode).

A butterfly hangs out.

An occasional butterfly.

A big bee enjoys the purple flowers near the lake.

And, of course, bees.

A bee captures pollen.

The Olympus seemed to be as drawn to the big buzzers as they were to the purple flowers.

A bee carrying pollen hovers over a yellow flower.

The tough point-and-shoot even was up to the task of capturing a bee in the air as it honed in on a flower! That was totally unexpected.

In the future I might do more photo snapping than speed walking in our neighboring community. Fewer calories are expended but getting surprising pix more than makes up for that!

Wet and Wild

Multiple sprinklers make for an interesting photographic setup.

Sunday morning when I took my usual long walk through our neighboring community I decided to change things up. Instead of trying to speed through three or four miles, I opted for a more-casual pace with a photographic spin. But which camera to use?

Knowing my heavy sweat factor (it’s beastly hot here in the Houston area) plus figuring that the sprinklers would be on, I chose my Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 point-and-shoot camera. The photo quality is nowhere near that of my digital SLRs; however, it is waterproof.

The sprinklers water flowers near the lake.

Which came in very handy that morning.

The water seems to hang in the air.

When you’ve got a camera like the Stylus Tough, you can’t help but seek out situations that it’s made for. Like water. In fact, it almost seemed to be drawn to moisture!

A couple sprinklers cross paths.

Which was a good thing, because a lot of sprinklers were on along the path. And, given my natural photographic curiosity, I wondered what it would be like to take pics while walking through those sprayers.

I'm going in!

So that’s what I did! Some of the water flows were like a light shower, while others soaked me to the skin and left me gasping due to their sudden coldness. I’ve got to admit that I loved every minute of it!

Inside the sprinkler was like being in an impressionist painting.

Taking sprinkler photos was wet, wild, and refreshing!

Water Hijinks

My #2 son’s wet self-portrait, taken in our swimming pool

My #2 son and I got into our backyard swimming pool for the first time this spring last weekend. He carried a big frisbee to play with, while I toted my Olympus Stylus Tough 6000, a sturdy camera that’s not afraid of water. Which comes in handy when you’re in a pool.

The serious underwater side of #2

Both of us had a great time using the Olympus. #2 had several self-absorbed moments when he felt compelled to take his self-portrait underwater (and did a great job!). Then the Mister climbed into the pool, and I took over the point and shoot.

#2 jumps high to snare the frisbee.

As the Mister threw the frisbee high into the air for the leaping #2 , I tried to photographically capture the outcome.

#2 flies through the air with the greatest of ease!

Of course, a point and shoot camera can never stop the action like a digital SLR. But I put the Olympus on its sport setting and worked on my timing, which means snapping the pic well before the action’s peak.

All that triple jump practice comes in handy!

#2 had a blast jumping off the spa and trying to corral the frisbee thrown by his dad before dropping into the pool.

Got air?

And I had just about as much fun capturing all his water hijinks!

Blurry Bluebonnets

Is this an abstract painting or a photograph?

If you look at yesterday’s photo of the day, you’ll notice something unusual: It’s kind of blurry.

I’m a big fan of sharp, crisp photos (well, except for that lovely bokeh blurring of backgrounds). Want someone to think you’re a good photographer? Don’t ever show them your blurry pictures!

More blurry bluebonnets

So why am I showcasing these unsharp photos? First, I didn’t take them . . . my #2 son did with my Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 point and shoot camera (did I just throw him under the bus?!?). And, second, they’re helping me explain about yesterday’s photo of the day.

I love bluebonnets, as I explained here and here. They’re Texas’ state flower and a wonderful harbinger of spring. We don’t have many of them in our little town; however, there’s always a patch of them on the side of a very busy road nearby.

I was determined to take photos of these gorgeous purple-blue flowers last weekend. So I drove to a small street behind where they were blooming and parked. Before I could grab my Nikon SLR and get out of the car, though, I saw two unleashed dogs start to run towards me. Frustrated, I drove away.

Yesterday I had my Olympus with me when I picked #2 up after high school track practice, knowing we’d drive by the bluebonnets. He rolled (does anyone actually “roll” windows up or down anymore?) down the window and was ready with the point and shoot as I got to the bluebonnet spot. It wasn’t at the stoplight, but there weren’t any cars behind me, so I stopped and told him to snap away.

Even more blurry bluebonnets

Guess I should’ve told him to keep his hands steady!

Fortunately, bluebonnet season is just starting. Here’s hoping I’m able to get sharp photos where it’s obvious what kind of flower they are!

Water, Water Everywhere

That’s what it’s all about!

The Mister and I (via community property, thank goodness) own a business. Every now and then I have to drive the half hour or so into Houston to make my presence known by cracking the whip and knocking heads together so that the workers know who’s really in charge of the operation.

Well, not really. But I do stop in and visit once in a blue moon. Which happened last Friday. The Mister wanted me to sit in on a meeting about the company’s websites (wholesale and retail locations). I did, and the highlight was that I didn’t look at my iPhone 3GS for 80 torturous minutes. No checking e-mail, texting, or updating my Facebook status. How did I live without a smartphone?!?

A wide-angle view of the Water Wall snapped with the Olympus Stylus Tough 6000.

The best part of driving into Houston? After we went out for lunch, we were near one of the city’s interesting attractions, the Water Wall in the Galleria area. I had brought my Olympus Stylus Tough point and shoot and my Nikon D700 with me in case a photo of the day opportunity arose. I heard that photo op knocking loud and clear!

Zooming out with my feet (Nikon 105mm lens; f/2.8, 1/1000, ISO 200)

The day was chilly, and all that water pounding away was dizzying. I had put my Nikon 105mm lens on the D700, forgetting to add the star utility player 50mm lens or the 35-70mm to my bag. The 105 was too long to get a good wide-angle view of the water wall; fortunately, I had my Olympus point and shoot with me.

Capturing the water through one of the arches (105mm lens; f/18, 1/25, ISO 200)

The 105 came in handy for experimenting with using a fast vs. slow shutter speed to see what effect it would have on how some of the 11,000 gallons of flowing water (per minute)  looked. Above, I closed my aperture (f/18), which slowed the shutter speed to 1/25th of a second.

Speeding up the water (f/5.6, 1/250, ISO 200)

Here I opened up the aperture to f/5.6, which sped up the shutter to 1/250th. I’m not sure which effect I like better, but both look pretty cool.

Slow speed ahead! f/20, 1/25, ISO 200

Here are more photos illustrating the effect of slow vs. fast shutter speed on how the water looks.

Faster! f/2.8, 1/1250, iSO 200

Sloooow! f/25, 1/15, ISO 200

Fast! f/2.8, 1/1250, ISO 200

Given my druthers, I prefer the photos taken with the faster shutter speed.

But either way, I’m sure glad I had my camera with me for when that photo op knocked. It made traveling to the big city for a somewhat boring meeting worthwhile!