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Spotting Discs and Nature

Imperial Park’s weeds provide an obstacle for Eric.

Our Southwest Handicap Mini disc golf series rotates among several courses from mid-March to late September. After we’ve had lots of rain during the summer, one of those venues—Imperial Park—is so overgrown on three straight holes that spotters are as essential as accurate putting.

So last Tuesday I spent most of the 18-hole round standing in a clear area past the high weeds, potential poison ivy, and especially the hornets’ nest that Marcus’ disc found, watching round plastic sail near me on hole number 7. When one landed in the crud, I would race over and spot where it was for the disc golfer who probably had no idea where in the world it had gone. But, being extremely sensitive to poison ivy, I did not under any circumstances go into the weeds to find the exact location. Not even for my beloved bearded baby boy.

A lost disc is preferable to a miserable month of itching and swelling. Just sayin’.

A shy sunflower peeks out.

In between sighting discs, I had time to also spot some of the beautiful inhabitants of our local park.

Passion flowers are a favorite.

Wildflowers, of course, caught my eye and my Nikon 105mm macro lens.

Love the pretty purple.

Although they weren’t plentiful, the pretty petals lent nice spots of color to the overwhelmingly green landscape.

Purple weedy stuff

Even the weeds were vibrant.

But my favorite find of the evening was a friend who kept me company for the longest time as I scoured the sky for flying discs:


A pennant dragonfly! This little guy kept flying around and landing on a small patch of dirt near where I was standing. It seemed like he was trying to get my attention.

I’d say he definitely wanted to be spotted!

One-Word Wednesday

The red caterpillar hanging around a passion flower will become a Gulf fritillary butterfly.


Disc Golf Family Style

The younger teacher helps his older student during practice.

When it comes to the great outdoors, my older son really isn’t much of a fan. Bees, wasps, sweating profusely during the day? Not really his cup of tea.

My #1 son tries to sail in a putt.

But he did tell his younger brother that he’d like to play in some of the weekly handicap mini disc golf tournaments this summer. His first chance was last week at Imperial Park, which is about 10 minutes from our house.

Pops shows his sons how to can a close putt.

Dr. Steve, who was taking over for the vacationing Eric, our usual handicap mini czar, put all three of my guys on the same card. Time for disc golf family style!

My younger son’s disc heads for the basket.

It was nice for the guys to play together.

The brothers drop in their putts.

Usually, the Mister and our #2 son are on different cards. That way the father doesn’t have to watch the son clobber him by a lot of strokes.

A tough uphill putt for my older son

But this was a great change of pace.

Passion flowers seem like they belong in a Dr. Seuss book.

Of course, I went along to document the event.

Fluffy weeds

And to snap a few pix of nature. We were in a park, after all!

These may be weeds, but they’re really pretty.

When all was said and done, it was a frustrating day for the three of them. The wind helped kick up their scores, and the Mister lost one of his favorite discs in the woods.

But at least they went through that aggravation together. Family style!