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Groundhog Affirmation

My Knockout roses are blooming beautifully.

My Knockout roses are blooming beautifully.

On February 2, Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow.

My neighbors’ azaleas brighten up our cul-de-sac.

My neighbors’ azaleas brighten up our cul-de-sac.

You know what that means: We’re looking forward to an early spring.

Azalea buds

Azalea buds abound.

Looks like the Houston-area roses and azaleas agree!

One-Word Wednesday

Water from the sprinkler beads up on one of our roses.


A Tuneful Rosy Winter So Far

Buds prepare for the next step.

It’s probably pretty mean to put a song in your head today.

This bud looks like it’s about to burst.

But when I looked at the bushes in our front yard yesterday, something became very clear to me.

Soon this rosebud will open.

Things look swell! Things look great!

One lonely rose . . . so far

It’s obvious that everything’s coming up roses!


Hey, Bud!

Beautiful in pink

Is spring around the corner in the Houston area?

This rosebud growing in my front yard seems to think so!

Grateful for Normalcy

The early-morning sun warms the water. (All photos snapped with my iPhone 4S.)

It’s easy to feel gratitude when you’re out walking or running, especially early in the morning.

This double reflection looks like I used a sepia filter (but I didn’t).

Something about being ambulatory among the birds and flowers gives you that “glad I’m alive!” feeling. Only the possible threat of calls to the police stops old off-key me from joining in with the songs I’m listening to on my iPod Shuffle (that and the fact that I would need an oxygen tank as I lumber along).

What a beautiful rose!

While I was jogging through an eight-miler last Saturday, my heart was filled with gladness. My precious younger son made it through all four days of high school! He finished homework every night and didn’t complain at all when I dropped him off every morning and when I picked him up each afternoon.

This morning he returned for his second week, again without a whimper. Could anyone feel more grateful than I do right now?

People aren’t the only ones who love roses.

Maybe so!

Roses = Spring

Where are all our roses?

This was how our front-yard rose bushes looked last week. Empty. Desolate. Devoid of color thanks to the cold winter weather.

A solitary pink rose livens up our front yard.

Then the temperatures started to warm up. And our rose bushes are making a comeback!

I can’t wait to see more of these red roses!

Even though we only have three roses right now, I know that a new season is right around the corner

One rosebud means one more rose.

To me, roses mean spring!

An Apology Rose

A Knock Out rose in our front yard soaks up the winter sun.

I’m posting this photo I snapped yesterday of one of our lovely Knock Out roses even though I fear that my Midwestern friends and family will think I’m being mean. They’re suffering through bitter cold and wind chills, while we have plants that are blooming.

The price the Houston area pays for its horribly hot and humid summers? Mostly mild winters with beauty still surrounding us. As I take photos of these fabulous flowers, I think of my blogging pal Trish, who is shivering in Minnesota, and my good buds in the Chicago area, who become downright grumpy when I post pix of my roses on Facebook.

All I can say is . . . sorry! In a mere six months or so, the tables will be turned!!

Is It Spring Already?

A beautiful pink rose is opening up.

When I look at the calendar, I see that it’s January 7. Definitely winter.

A red rose struts its stuff.

But when I check out my front yard, I see spring!

The pink roses complement their red counterparts.

There are so many Knock Out roses blooming that it doesn’t seem like Old Man Winter is about to hit us with some cold weather next week.

But if the forecasted lows of 30 degrees do actually interrupt the Houston area’s much-loved (by me!) mild winter, I just hope that all our rosebuds and roses continue to flourish. They warm us with their beauty and the belief that spring really is around the corner.

A red rosebud soon will be a pretty flower.

Bloom, Bud, bloom!

Another addition to my extended family

Baby Kate joins dad Ken, mom Becky, and big sister Lily. (Photo by Grandpa Howie)

Speaking of new blooms, my oldest niece Becky gave birth to her first child Wednesday! Baby Kate joins dad Ken and Lily, the Beck’s stepdaughter. And she gives my great-nephew Zeke another cousin to play with. My oldest sister Fran is the very-proud grandmother. Welcome to the family, Katie!

Mother Nature to the Rescue!

One of the few roses that have bloomed in our front yard.

Spring has sprung in the Houston area!  Mother Nature suddenly flipped her switch, and flowers, plants, and trees are starting to bloom. There’s finally a warm, fuzzy feeling outdoors.

White blossoms are growing on David, our Bradford pear tree.

Where David, our backyard Bradford pear tree, was completely bare, shedding all its leaves for the first time in its 13-year existence, tiny white flowers are growing.

White blossoms with buds where more will burst forth

Leaves finally are appearing, which means that David won’t be mostly bald for much longer.

Sidebar: Extra points to those of you who know why we named the Bradford pear “David.” Hint: It’s from a popular TV show.

Reddish blossoms adorn one of our backyard bushes.

Color is returning to our backyard after our long, unseasonably cold winter. Can anything pick up your spirits quite like the new growth of spring? My attitude, which needed serious adjusting after grumping through the winter, finally is starting to become optimistic and almost Disney World-like. The thought of being able to wear sandals again makes me almost giddy!

Sidebar: My #1 son wears sandals all year ’round, only shedding them for sneakers when he works at the public library. He claims that he’s never cold, and he didn’t mind our frosty winter. But he’s definitely in the minority in my house!

A rose bud in our front yard

We had wondered what effect January’s freeze would have on our precious front landscaping. At least our roses are starting to bloom, which gives me hope for the rest of the plants.

Yes, spring has sprung . . . and I am one happy camper!