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Finale Friday

I’ve been hiding behind a Nikon dSLR for years.

I’ve been hiding behind a Nikon dSLR for years.

Today marks the end of an (admittedly short) era: This is the final post of Random Snippets & Apertures, my fourth child.

After five and a half years, almost 1,400 blog posts (this is number 1,373, to be exact) and one name change (originally I called it “Get ’er Done,” not that I ever did), it’s time to move on to other writing and creative projects. I’ll miss posting in my tiny segment of the blogosphere, but it really is for the best.

Jake in 2009

Jake showed off his beautiful blue eyes in 2009.

I started Random Snippets & Apertures as a way of chronicling my family’s adventures. I wanted it to be a legacy for my sons. My first post was on January 5, 2009. At the beginning, Jake, my older son, turned 17, and was a high school junior.

Jake rocks a giveaway Houston Astros José Altuve jersey last Sunday.

He rocked a giveaway Houston Astros José Altuve jersey last Sunday.

Now he’s graduated from UTSA and is sharing an apartment in Houston with his best friend forever and our “third son,” Chase. He’s gone from student to working man.

C.J. in 2009 unhappy that I’m taking his photo.

C.J. in 2009 was unhappy that I snapped his photo.

Meanwhile, C.J., was a mere 13 and a half and in eighth grade way back when.

C.J. at Jake’s UTSA graduation. Some things never change!

The bearded one was annoyed at Jake’s UTSA graduation. Some things never change!

As I blogged earlier this week, he just celebrated his 19th birthday. He finished up his freshman year at Sam Houston State with all A’s and a B. What a great transition for him!

As you can see, with both boys out of the house for much if not all of the year, my blog’s purpose is over. It’s as much fun to look back as it is to look ahead, especially for this sentimental mom who adores her sons to the moon and back.

So now it’s on to the next chapter . . . whatever that will be. Thanks for coming along for the ride, dear readers! Hope you enjoy your summer!!

P.S. The blog will remain here on WordPress; I just won’t be adding any new content to it (probably!).

One-Word Wednesday

We enjoyed lunch with C.J. at the Farmhouse Café last Saturday on the Sam Houston State campus. He has his last final today.

We enjoyed lunch with C.J. at the Farmhouse Café last Saturday on the Sam Houston State campus. He has his last final today and then returns home. Yay!


Battling Expectations

Our tickets

Our tickets

The last time I wrote about Sam Houston State football, the Mister and I were not watching the SHSU Family Weekend game. The weather had conspired against us, unfortunately, and we opted to spend more time with our younger son instead of sitting on the wet bleachers after a long lightning and storm delay.

Still wanting to see the Kats in action as well as, hopefully, our beloved personal Bearkat, I bought two tickets to the annual Battle of the Piney Woods clash last Saturday at Reliant Stadium (home of the Houston Texans). This time any rain would be a moot point due to the retractable roof.

Tickets only were sold for the lower bowl (26,000 attended).

Reliant is an impressive stadium.

Fortunately, it was a spectacular fall day, and the roof was open. The Mister and I settled into our seats near the end zone and prepared for a shootout. Before this season, we didn’t know much about the intense rivalry between SHSU and nearby Stephen F. Austin State University, home of the Lumberjacks (as in “axe ’em, Jacks!”), now in its 88th year. We may be hicks from the sticks, but our sticks are bigger than Huntsville and Nacogdoches.

Big head or little hat? Or both?

Big head or little hat? Or both?

I had read that when these two teams meet, the scoreboard operator is busy. No kidding! SFA quarterback Brady Attaway (great last name!) is the nation’s second-best passer. In this game, his impressive stats included 505 passing yards and five touchdowns. Add about 240 rushing yards, and you’ve got a boatload of offense.

Brian Bell makes the handoff.

Brian Bell makes the handoff.

However, the Bearkats aren’t too shabby when they have the ball either. Quarterback Brian Bell accounted for 339 passing yards and four touchdowns. The team gained 218 yards, too.

Sammy dances for the crowd.

Sammy dances for the crowd.

In the end, the Jacks’ four turnovers in their first four possessions in the fourth quarter doomed them, despite an impressive, late rally. The Kats won 56-49 and lead the series 51-35-2. Way to eat ’em up, Kats!

Our son should be here somewhere.

The kid should be somewhere among the orange.

And what about our son? For some reason he decided he’d rather sleep late and stay on campus rather than root for his team and see his loving parents. He missed out on a thrilling victory, while the Mister and I didn’t get the chance to spend time with him.

Guess you can’t win them all.

Looking Ahead in the Present

RJ and the kid are ready!

RJ and the kid take a break before the first-day sessions started.

Talk about your whirlwinds!

It seems like the last couple weeks have been so jam-packed that they’re pretty much a blur. I went from picking up my mom from the airport on June 6 to my younger son’s emotional high school graduation on June 8 to the all-night ProGrad afterwards to dropping Mom off at the airport the following Monday.

But there was no rest for the weary, because Sam Houston State’s orientation beckoned for the kid and his roommate, RJ (who he’s known since kindergarten), last Thursday and Friday. This, of course, is my second rodeo, but I was curious to see how SHSU’s version differed from UTSA’s.

The campus looked green and lush.

The campus looked green and lush.

The boys and I headed up to Huntsville to learn what to expect when they move into their dorm and start classes in late August. It was very educational (pun intended)! For most of the sessions, parents and students were separate. I was impressed with the information we heard and the heartfelt emotion displayed by orientation leaders, administrators, teachers, and staff. It sounds like the boys will be in good hands.

Big Sam Houston watches over the boys.

Big Sam Houston watches over the boys.

Orientation is about possibilities. It’s about looking ahead to hopefully a wonderful college experience from today until August 25, when they move into their dorm, Sam Houston Village. For the class of 2017, the road ahead seems long, winding, uncertain, and exciting.

I would say that for these two roommates, they’re ready to take that first step, thanks to orientation.

The End of an Era

Notice much of a difference?

Notice much of a difference between the first day of high school and the last?

Today was the last day of high school for my younger son. He only needed to attend to pick up his cap and gown for Saturday’s ceremony.  It was quick and easy, a total contrast to his four-year, up-and-down high school career.

Considering that our journey (yes, our) contained severe detours and doubts that the kid would even reach this point, walking across the stage at Toyota Center seems nothing short of miraculous. If his high school gave out letters for perseverance and triumph of spirit, he’d have several on his (nonexistent) letterman’s jacket.

But I guess his graduating from high school and looking forward to Sam Houston State is award enough for us. Congratulations, my beloved baby boy!! We are so proud of all that you’ve achieved . . . so far.