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One-Word Wednesday


Jake snaps a photo of himself, Josh, Chase, and C.J. at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The boys (plus Ben and Brandon) went on a buddy trip to San Antonio and Schlitterbahn last weekend.

Jake snaps a photo of himself, Josh, Chase, and C.J. before going in to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The boys (plus Ben and Brandon) went on a buddy trip to San Antonio and Schlitterbahn last weekend.


Buddy Trip

My older son is ready to synchronize watches with Chase.

Summer is winding down now. The dog days definitely are barking.

Both boys have had a great time this summer hanging out with my older son’s friends. The college kids enjoy gaming (online and Nintendo) and late-night iHop runs. I’m sure they’ve been solving the world’s problems as they munch their pancakes . . . or at least which characters are best in Mario Party.

Chase is ready to go.

While they still have a week or two before leaving for their respective colleges (and my younger son starts his high school senior year), the guys decided they needed to take to the road. Specifically, a trip to Schlitterbahn, one of the best water parks in the U.S.

So today they’re having fun in New Braunfels and staying overnight in San Antonio. Tomorrow they’ll check out the sights in my #1 son’s college town and then return home.

The youngest traveler rocks the best beard.

Hopefully, these eight lovable knuckleheads (which include my “third son,” Chase, my older son’s now-former college roommate Ben, and Josh) will have a ton of fun without making many bad decisions. I’m thrilled that my two guys get to experience a buddy trip, which is a rite of passage.

But I’m even more pleased that the Mister and I won’t be subjected to the crowds, garish tattoos, and too-small swimsuits (well, I don’t think the Mister minds that last part at all) that are the hallmarks of Schlitterbahn. I plan to enjoy the peace, quiet, Olympics . . . and air conditioning . . . while the boys are away.

Pool Fun

My younger son prepares to lift his older brother.

Now that our pool has water in it again, my sons have enjoyed cooling off in it. And pretending it’s a water park.

We have lift-off!

When we put in the pool nine years ago and the boys were younger and lighter, the Mister used to act like a ride at Schlitterbahn and lift them up in their tubes and toss them from the shallow to the deep end. Our sons loved it!

#2 is about to launch #1 towards the deep end.

And I loved that unlike the real water park, there wasn’t an excessive amount of tattoos and a distinct and undesirable lack of enough bathing suit material on people who really need to cover up as much as possible. The real Schlitterbahn is not a visual feast. Ugh!

Splash down!

These days the strongest member of our family seems to be our almost 16-year-old son (his birthday is Wednesday!). He’s taken over for his father when it comes to being the best Schlitterbahn ride, with his older brother being the beneficiary.

My #1 son enjoyed his brief ride.

After launching his brother into the air a number of times, my younger teen insisted that it was his turn to be Schlitterbahned (yeah, I made that one up; seems to fit, though).

No good can come of this awkward angle!

Unfortunately for him, he’s heavier than his bro, who couldn’t quite lift him straight in the air and toss him.

I didn’t think this would end well!

The result? My #2 son ended up in the water under the tube instead of still in it. Of course, his loving brother was totally chagrined.

The older laughs at the younger’s plight.

As if!