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Let the Home Olympic Games Begin!

There’s no logo for the Home Olympic games . . . yet!

The Winter Olympics. Did you just hear that stirring “Bugler’s Dream” theme that’s been played first on ABC and now on NBC since 1968 in your head? Dum-dum-de-dum-dum-dum-dum. When I hear it, I can’t help but think of speed skating, figure skating, ski jumping, and gold medal dreams.

The #2 son “laces” up his “skates” as he watches the Olympics on TV.

The Mister and I have loved watching the Olympics together ever since we started dating during the 1988 Sumer Games. The #1 son was born right before the 1992 Winter Games, and I rocked him to sleep to the “Bugler’s Dream” almost every night. I’ve enjoyed the Olympics dating back to the 1960s when I was a kid.

A cheaper, safer alternative form of speed skating

But since I’ve had kids, watching the Olympics has been much more fun, because whatever sport they see the athletes competing in, they try to mimic it. Especially the speed skating. When they were younger, we used to have big, corrugated blocks that the boys would use as their “skates.” They also would put on socks and skate around the kitchen “oval” (aka, the island).

The carpet skates in action

When I saw that Bed, Bath, and Beyond sold carpet skates, I knew that one of the boys would want them: My #2 son. He loves all things athletic, which is why on any given day you can find footballs, basketballs, frisbees, lacrosse sticks, and disc golf baskets in our family room. He loves them all . . . but he doesn’t want to keep them in his bedroom. It’s like living in a sports store.

The USA’s Shani Davis skates against the Netherlands’ Sven Kramer.

#2 and I were watching the Olympics together over the weekend. Once the speed skating began, out came the carpet skates. #2 was ready to compete . . . on the berber!

#2 is skeptical of Andrea Kremer’s touting of skate blades.

Of course, #2 wasn’t content to just slap on the skates.

Note that this is a Scooby Doo beanie!

Even though we were definitely indoors, he just had to wear a beanie as though we were outside in Canada, too.

Sidebar: The Mister calls these kinds of hats “toboggans.” The first time he asked me where his toboggan was, I looked at him like he had two heads and six eyes. Why in the world would we have a sled when we live in Houston?

Russian Anna Boulygina shoots in the prone position.

The carpet skates also came in handy as we watched the biathlon, which is a mixture of cross-country skiing and marksmanship.

Is #2 taking biathlon seriously enough?

#2 added to his skates by picking up a toy pistol (the closest weapon to a rifle that we have) and donning sunglasses. He used a pair of lacrosse sticks to propel himself across the carpet. He was having more fun than the Olympians! And so much less stress.

Less stress . . . for him.

Switzerland’s Simon Ammann jumps to a gold medal.

Switzerland’s Simon Ammann jumps to a gold medal.

Because when we watched ski jumping . . .

Canada’s Jenn Heil airs out a silver medal.

and freestyle skiing’s moguls race, I had frightening visions of my 14-year-old son climbing on the roof with boards pulled from our fence strapped to his feet.

I’m not quite ready for those kinds of events to be included in our home Olympic Games!