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Blowing Smoke

A bird’s-eye view

A bird’s-eye view of Puffington

When I decided to buy a Crane Adorable humidifier for my younger son’s bedroom, the choice was easy:

This IS a smoking area!

This IS a smoking area!

It had to be a penguin! The kid loves them. It’s nice knowing that his favorite critter helps him to feel better, especially this week when he’s suffering from a bad cold.

As for me, of course, I enjoy the photo ops all that steam affords.

Nap time among the misting vapors

Nap time among the misting vapors

Almost as much as the machine’s usefulness.

Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself!

Photo notes: My Nikon D700’s onboard flash did a better job capturing the steam than the natural light. I also used my Nikon 50mm lens.

Photographic Addition

I snapped away with my iPhone 5 during my morning walk yesterday.

Cold air plus . . .

The air temperature was a chilly (for Houston) 40 degrees.

A warm lake plus . . .

Wonder what the lake temperature was.

7 a.m. equals . . .

Love our Texas sunrises!

A smoky lake sunrise!

A Smoky Highway

Black smoke adds to a darkening sky.

We noticed dark smoke billowing over I-10 near Columbus as we drove home after visiting our older son in San Antonio last Sunday. Last time that happened, it was caused by wildfires spurred on by our terrible drought.

There’s the problem!

This time a small car was engulfed in flames on the other side of the highway. The traffic was backed up for miles.

You can just make out a firefighter spraying water on the vehicle.

Nothing good ever comes of smoke drifting over I-10.