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Beauty and the Beast Poetry

Purply agapantha buds spill forth.

Purply agapanthus buds spill forth.

So lovely to behold!

A probable water moccasin is scary in a nearby lake.

A probable water moccasin looks scary in a nearby lake.

But this is not, the truth be told!!

Sidebar: Photos snapped with my Nikon S6200 point and shoot.

One-Word Wednesday

Real snake eyes!

Real snake eyes!


He was curled up along the bank of a small lake.

He was curled up along the bank of a church pond. Creepy!

Posing a Portrait Problem

A beautiful setting for a portrait

I make no bones about it: I’m not much of a portrait photographer. When friends ask me to take their family or kids’ photos, I always tell them that there are more-talented photogs with the right equipment who will do a much-better job. Yes, they’re more expensive, but you get what you pay for! My specialty is action photography, but these friends don’t seem willing to run around and get all sweaty in order for me to snap great pics!

Every now and then, though, I will say yes to a special request, because I’m such a softie at heart. My good friend Dana lobbed one of those at me a month ago, and I fell for her pitch. She wanted me to take photos of her #1 son Nick, who is about to graduate from Texas Tech University. I’ve known Nick since elementary school—he’s a great guy! Dana didn’t want anything fancy, just a 6 x 4 snapshot to include with Nick’s graduation announcements.

It didn’t sound like too much pressure, so I figured at the very least I’d get a blog post out of the experience. But, as usual, I learned so much more and ended up being thankful for the opportunity.

Oh, oh!

The picturesque setting shown at the top is right outside our master-planned community. I knew it would make a great background for the photos . . . and then I saw this sign. Yikes! Both Dana and I were wearing sandals, so we nervously climbed towards the rocks and hoped for the best. Was I more worried about the electrical shock or the poisonous snakes? What do you think? I’m the Indiana Jones of photographers!

Nick—pose #1

I’ve checked out enough portrait photos to know that the rule of thumb seems to be to use different angles and poses. And it helps when the subject has a great smile!

Nick—pose #2

I opted for my Nikon D700 and the Nikon 50mm lens. I was torn between it and my Nikon 70-200mm, which I know portrait and wedding photographers use. I, of course, love it for sports shots, but I wanted the wider angle the nifty 50 provides.

Nick—close-up of pose #2

One piece of equipment I really needed in my arsenal was a reflector. It’s so helpful in shooing the shadows away from the eyes.

Nick—pose #3

But there’s no need for reflectors when you’re shooting action, of course. Although it might be fun to have an assistant following me around with one!

Nick—different shirt for pose #4

Even though we shot in the late afternoon, the sun was still a little too strong for these poses in front of the water. Dana said she liked the photos on the rocks better, as did I.

The entire shoot took less than a half-hour, and I think I accomplished my goal: I got a good snapshot for my friend of her son. Not that my ace portrait photographer pal Christine Meeker is worried, of course.

Today I go back to action photography at the #2 son’s high school track meet. I’ll be back on familiar turf . . . without having to worry about any snakes!