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One-Word Wednesday

A grumpy squirrel on our roof refused to back down.

A grumpy squirrel on our roof refused to back down.


Another Squirrelly Tale—Pint-Size Division

This was how far he could climb the oak tree.

This was how far he could climb up our oak tree.

It’s been well-documented in this blog how much birds, animals and insects are drawn to our front door (as well as to my home office and our garage and backyard . . . shudder!). Nature seems to be constantly knocking, probably because it often horrifies me.

Opposites do attract, unfortunately for me.

This past Monday it happened again. The day before, the Mister and I had seen the tiniest of squirrels down the street. It wasn’t a baby, but it wasn’t close to full grown. And it wasn’t afraid of humans. It tried to follow us, but, fortunately, it finally scampered towards a neighbor’s backyard.

It was a short-lived break.

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

About 24 hours later, the little guy was in our front yard. As I was snapping pics of him from the front door, he headed my way. Of course. Naturally, I shut it, but I changed lenses (from my Nikon 70-200mm to my Nikon 105mm) and kept shooting through the windows.

Oh oh!

Oh oh!

Before long he was climbing up the door jamb! What is it with that area that’s so attractive to nature’s beasts? Fortunately, he quickly gave up and pondered the situation for awhile.

Hello and goodbye!

Hello and goodbye!

I definitely need to get rid of that welcome mat!

iPhone Photo Friday

Looks like an uncomfortable way to eat a nut.

Looks like an uncomfortable way to eat a nut.

I saw this squirrel hanging on this tree by just his back feet during my walk this morning.



Looks like he enjoys stretching out his meal (when he’s not staring down iPhone 5 photographers)!

A Squirrelly Tale

The arrows show where the squirrel jumped up and knocked on the windows.

The other day as I was walking into the family room, I heard knocking on the front door window. I looked over and saw something brown and furry go from the left lowest pane to the right one, jumping up and hitting it.

What in the world?!? At least I knew it wasn’t Hoppy.

Once at the door, I saw a squirrel in the front landscaping. I quickly grabbed my Nikon dSLR and started shooting as the critter climbed our closest oak tree.


Was this the culprit?

Yeah, right.

Stop telling tales!

Classic misdirection

Totally squirrelly!

New Nature Discoveries

A squirrel stays out of the way of flying discs.

When I use my Nikon 105mm macro lens to take disc golf photos, I’m always hoping that nature will provide some photo ops, too.

A huge fly stops to pose.

Because disc golf tournaments are in parks, I usually get my wish.

How I wish this dragonfly had stopped to pose!

Nottingham Park, venue of the most-recent tourney, didn’t disappoint. There even were plenty of dragonflies, not that any of them were considerate enough to stop on the ground or in a tree so I could snap a good photo. Wish they were as polite as my front yard d-flies!

From little acorns grow mighty oaks

The trees especially attracted my attention. They were short enough that it was easy to get up close and personal with their contents.

Weird-looking pine cones?

My favorites were these odd-looking pine trees sporting even odder-looking occupants. Were these destined to be pine cones?

A quick Google search revealed that this actually was a bald cypress tree bearing seed balls. It’s deciduous and will drop its leaves if autumn ever decides to pay a visit to the Houston area (debatable at the moment). The seeds will go forth and hopefully multiple with more cypresses and more interesting-looking seed balls.

Prettier than conventional pine cones!

I love when macro photography leads to new discoveries!