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Working Men

My sons walk towards the Highlander with lunches in tow.

My sons walk towards the Highlander with lunches in tow.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho . . .

Sleepy and Grumpy will be on their way to their summer jobs at our box-distribution company in Houston.

Sleepy and Grumpy will be on their way to their summer jobs at our box-distribution company in Houston.

It’s off to work . . .

And they’re off . . . leaving me the house to myself. Ahhh!

And they’re off . . . leaving me the house to myself. Ahhh!

They go!!

Wet Dunks

My younger son is ready to air dunk!

My younger son is ready to air dunk!

The Summer Games have begun in our backyard pool. Usually that means that danger is the number one ingredient, because these made-up sports always involve males. I’ve told my two sons and their friends to be careful, avoid the pool edges, and please don’t get blood in the pool. So far, so good.

This summer my younger son and his pal Jared have been hanging out in the pool. Recently they made up a new game to quell the boredom: Pool dunking.

We have a poor man’s pool basketball goal that floats. So the kid and Jared decided it would be fun to take a running start with a small basketball and try to dunk it in the ever-moving, inflatable hoop before landing in the water.

This gives new meaning to the term “jump shot!”

Gotta love the wink!

Gotta love the wink!

Jared opted to go for style points on this dunk.

Hovering in the air

Hovering in the air

Looks like a certain two-pointer.

Note where the ball is

Note where the ball is

Score . . . and splashdown!

Looks like a perfect take-off.

Looks like a perfect takeoff.

The kid decided to go for power.

Closing in

Closing in

Did he mistime his leap?

Stretching it out

Stretching it out

Not at all! It was a splashy two points.

I guess when you’re too short to dunk on a regulation 10-foot dry basketball hoop, the little version in the pool is a great way to boost your ego. Plus it wasn’t dangerous . . . for a change. My blood pressure appreciated that!

Buddy Trip

My older son is ready to synchronize watches with Chase.

Summer is winding down now. The dog days definitely are barking.

Both boys have had a great time this summer hanging out with my older son’s friends. The college kids enjoy gaming (online and Nintendo) and late-night iHop runs. I’m sure they’ve been solving the world’s problems as they munch their pancakes . . . or at least which characters are best in Mario Party.

Chase is ready to go.

While they still have a week or two before leaving for their respective colleges (and my younger son starts his high school senior year), the guys decided they needed to take to the road. Specifically, a trip to Schlitterbahn, one of the best water parks in the U.S.

So today they’re having fun in New Braunfels and staying overnight in San Antonio. Tomorrow they’ll check out the sights in my #1 son’s college town and then return home.

The youngest traveler rocks the best beard.

Hopefully, these eight lovable knuckleheads (which include my “third son,” Chase, my older son’s now-former college roommate Ben, and Josh) will have a ton of fun without making many bad decisions. I’m thrilled that my two guys get to experience a buddy trip, which is a rite of passage.

But I’m even more pleased that the Mister and I won’t be subjected to the crowds, garish tattoos, and too-small swimsuits (well, I don’t think the Mister minds that last part at all) that are the hallmarks of Schlitterbahn. I plan to enjoy the peace, quiet, Olympics . . . and air conditioning . . . while the boys are away.

Such a Sad Summer

I sure miss my dragonflies! (August 2010)

The Houston area has been suffering through an extended drought all year. Everyone’s grass looks brown in places, not helped at all by our unrelenting heat (today’s expected high? 105 flippin’ degrees!).

Where did our petunias go?

Personally, our front yard landscaping has taken a beating. Our agapanthas didn’t bloom, our Knock Out roses refused to show up, and our petunias literally disappeared after a couple months.

Our society garlic hasn't been sociable to dragonflies this summer.

Which probably is why there have been no dragonflies visiting us this summer, unlike last year when we usually had one friendly flyer almost every day in August (three entertained us on one amazing day!).

Hello, gorgeous! (August 2010)

Oh, how I miss seeing their cute, little faces as they posed on our plants just beyond our front door! I still check for them every day, only to be disappointed. This has been such a sad, hot, dry summer for us. Will it ever end?

Hope does spring eternal, though! Not only is Thursday’s high supposed to be a relatively “balmy” 86 degrees, but . . . wait for it . . . rain actually is forecasted. It could make for a wet Labor Day weekend, but, hey, we need it, and we’ll take it!

Hope it’s good weather for the dragonflies, wherever they are.

So Long, Summer

My older son watches his younger brother bowl.

For the last gasp of sweet summer, my sons decided bowling was in order.

My #1 son shows off his form.

That worked fine for me, because I had a coupon, plus it’s great being where it’s cool when it’s a gazillion and one degrees out. Especially when someone else is paying for the electricity!

Look out, Houston Rockets!

After bowling for an exhausting (for me watching!) two hours, the guys moved on to the tiny arcade to try their hand at a basketball game.

Little bro takes his turn.

All too soon we were out of quarters, and it was time to head back home. There my older son needed to finish getting ready to return to college. In a week or so, bowling and basketball will be but a dim, fond memory, having been replaced by homework and tests.

Ah, summer . . . how we will miss you!

Conversations With My #2 Son

My #2 son naps yesterday morning after playing basketball for a couple hours.

Out of the mouth of babes (well, my baby boy):

“Why does a month go by so much faster during the summer than during the school year?”

#2 snoozes yesterday afternoon after playing disc golf.

Good question, my boy! At least during the summer you can take a couple naps every day!!

No More School, No More Books, All the Teachers Have Happy Looks!


The #1 son's second-semester schoolwork

The #1 son's second-semester schoolwork

That’s all she wrote. Today is the last day of school. The #1 son, exempt from all his finals, went to school for about an hour. The #2 son only has a Spanish I final to take, and then he’s done. It’s the end of an era for #2, as he sheds his top dog middle-school status and becomes low man on the high school totem pole, playing opposite his big brother, who will be a big senior on campus.

I tried not to feel too nostalgic as I dropped the lazy #2 off at our neighborhood middle school (where “neighborhood” means less than a mile from our house) for the last time. I’m finishing up six straight years there, and it’s hard not to feel attached to a place that’s nurtured your kids, trying to get the best out of them and prepare them for high school. It’s the end of an era for me, too.

But I’m not going to miss those middle-school years at all. They involve too many hormonal kids who are too full of themselves for their own good. The #1 son’s three years of high school so far have been more on an even keel, with #1 being able to stay in his little world without a lot of hassles from kids who have nothing better to do than bully those who don’t fit in their same mold. I’m hoping for more of the same for both boys next year.

The #1 son is about to catch a disc thrown by the off-camera Mister.

The #1 son is about to catch a disc thrown by the off-camera Mister.

Now it’s summer! Which means early-morning summer conditioning at the high school for #2, working at dad’s business for #1 (very reluctantly!), and several trips. Oh, and there no doubt will be plenty of splashing in our backyard pool!

The #2 son reaches for the disc as he splashes into the pool.

The #2 son reaches for the disc as he splashes into the pool.

Every year the boys like to invent new games to play in the pool. So far this year, discs have been all the rage. They’ve set up the portable backyard disc golf baskets so they can try to throw the discs into it from the pool. Monday they had a blast trying to catch discs thrown by the Mister as they jumped into the pool. Timing is everything!

The #1 son tries to grab and splash.

The #1 son tries to grab before he splashes. Is he walking on the water?

#2 also is trying to perfect the walking-on-water trick!

#2 also is trying to perfect the walking-on-water trick!

As for me, I’ll be doing my best to enjoy every minute of not having to make lunches every morning, scurry kids out the door on time, and help complete projects at the last minute. “No more school, no more books, all the moms have happy looks!”

Well, at least until mid-August!