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“Chronicle”: No Thanks

Oh, oh!

Before I review a movie here, I always check Rotten Tomatoes to see what the critics and regular Joes and Janes think about it. I’m always curious to see whether we’re on the same page.

When it comes to “Chronicle,” which the Mister, our younger son, and I saw yesterday, we’re not even in the same book!

According to Rotten Tomatoes, 85 percent of the critics and 78 percent of its audience liked the movie, a supposed sci fi thriller. In our family? None of us thought it was worth the $6 early-morning price.

It’s easy for Andrew, Steve, and Matt to get on the roofs of buildings—they can fly!

Andrew (Dane DeHaan) is an outcast, shy high school student with an alcoholic father who beats him and a terminally ill mother. He uses a video camera to record all that happens to him. His cousin Matt (Alex Russell) tries to help Andrew become more socially adept by taking him (and the camcorder, of course) to a party.

Matt and popular guy Steve discover a hole in the woods near where the party is held and explore it with Andrew (I did have flashbacks to “Lost” when the hatch was discovered). Of course, there’s something alien and creepy there (not that it’s ever explained) that somehow transfers telekinetic powers to the teens.

Will the guys use these extraordinary abilities for fun . . . or helping people (becoming superheroes) . . . or evil? Hmmm . . . .

Quite honestly, “Chronicle” left me flat. It’s too vague for my tastes. I really think it was just an excuse to break things (there’s lots of destruction), and then have a sequel that explains the unexplained (of which there was too much).

“Chronicle” is strictly a rental.