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An Open Letter to Harlan Coben



Dear Mr. Coben:

Do you never tire of grabbing me by the throat and tossing me into your vortex of compelling mystery thrillers? All your books that I’ve read (and thoroughly enjoyed) so far have forced me to follow the same pattern: Start reading the first paragraph and immediately become intrigued. Forget that you’ve hooked me on your line and are merely waiting for the right time to reel me in as I slowly but surely read on when I go out solo for lunch. Finally, with mere chapters left, cause me to drop everything to read without stopping until I finish.

“No Second Chance”

This just happened to me with “No Second Chance,” which had me in tears near the end. I doubt that any other author sends his/her readers’ emotions on a roller-coaster ride quite like you. You are the master of twists, turns, and even more twists and turns . . . as well as of the satisfying ending. I almost feel exhausted when I finally close the book for good.

Even though I know what to expect, I’m diving in once again with “Tell No One,” which I’ll begin reading today. Start the roller coaster!