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From Brrrrr to Ahhhh!

Although it’s getting a bit warmer in Chicago, it’s still too brisk for me.

Chicago is too brisk for me.

Today I’m flying home after a wonderful visit in Chicago with my beloved relatives and a couple friends. I’ll return from being a temporary Midwesterner once again and resume extending the Texan part of my life (hopefully, for a loooong time).

I’m looking forward to the milder temps.

I’m looking forward to the milder temps.

Just consider me gone (back) to Texas!

Ruff But Ready

My younger son sends the disc flying towards Eric.

My younger son sends the disc flying towards Eric.

With the temperatures being so mild in the Houston area right now (the high will be 80 degrees today!), it’s nice spending time outdoors. For our family, when that scenario presents itself, usually there’s a disc thrown into the mix.

Come to papa!

Come to papa!

Which is why last Saturday the Mister, the kid, and I were at our local disc golf course soaking up some Vitamin D rays. Our friend Eric was working on the setup for a tournament taking place this Saturday, plus he wanted to check if his right elbow would hold up to the rigors of throwing discs long distances.

Looking it in.

Looking it in.

Eric had a marble-sized chunk of junk removed from that joint last month. After physical therapy and the okay from his doctor, he was ready to see how far and how accurately he could toss a disc.

So far so good.

So far so good.

Naturally, my younger son was his partner in crime. They’ve played a lot of rounds together, as well as teaming up to win a world doubles championship a few years ago (if you consider that the “world” is Texas . . . which a lot of Texans do!). First they warmed up by flinging a disc back and forth.

Nice scar!

Nice scar!

Then it was time to hit the course and play some holes.

Will the putt go in the basket?

Will the putt go in the basket?

The kid also needed to see how prepared he was for the upcoming competition. He’s practiced sporadically for several months. So this was a great time to knock off the rust and clang some chains.

As for Eric, did this little exercise show he’s ready for the tournament?

Everyone’s a critic.

Everyone’s a critic!

You’re doggone right he is! Good luck to both guys!!

Hot Running an Almost Half Marathon

A day late and a dollar short

There’s a running rule of thumb about the weather: Conditions the day before and/or the day after a long-distance race will be better than the day of the event.

I would like to turn in for evidence yesterday and today. Right now as I type before 10 a.m., the temperature in the Houston area is a wonderfully refreshing 62 degrees. Oh, what a beautiful morning!

My view of the race start

Yesterday at 6:45 a.m. when I was standing at the start of a half marathon in my little town outside of Houston, it was 72 degrees. As in waaaaaay too hot to be running 13.1 miles, especially for slowbos like me who suffer from asthma. It was awful from start to finish.

Was it a good thing that the course was only 12.63 miles, according to my Garmin GPS watch? Well, not for those who wanted to run an official personal best. I knew instantly that the route was short when we made a u-turn along a 4.1-mile double-loop stretch and hit the seven-mile marker. I checked my watch and saw 6.59 miles on it. What the heck? Unfortunately, whoever set up the u-turn didn’t look at the official course map and put it in the wrong place. Pretty disappointing.

Unusual music is played on the final stretch.

I always think that signing up for a race and plunking down your hard-earned cash (or really the Mister’s hard-earned cash) enters runners into a contract with the event. We’re promised a safe, accurate course; in return, we should be adequately trained for the distance.

I think this particular race broke that promise (it also didn’t help that the first water stop was more than two miles from the start on such a hot day). Hope it doesn’t happen next year, because it benefits some good causes.

Plus it’s close to home (about 10 minutes away) with plenty of free parking. I’m all about convenience when it comes to running . . . no matter what the weather.

Half is NOT full

Want to know how to rile up a runner? Call a half marathon a marathon.

My friend Stacie, who runs but doesn’t enter races, told me a few weeks ago that our mutual buddy Lana was going to be running a marathon soon. I asked her if she meant the half marathon the last Sunday in March. Maybe, she replied.

So I e-mailed Lana to ask what race she had entered. The marathon in our city on March 27, she said. You mean the half marathon? Yes, that’s the one, she replied.

Lana, Lana, Lana! There’s such a huge difference between the half and the full marathon. It’s not just the extra 13.1 miles. You need to experience that last 10K (most marathoners will tell you that the race truly begins at 20 miles) to really understand why it’s such a great yet hard accomplishment. A half marathon is a walk in the park compared to its 26.2-mile older sibling. Especially when that half is almost a half-mile short!

Lana is about to finish! (Photo by her husband Mark)

By the way, Lana finished her first almost half marathon with a smile on her face. Congrats to my wonderful pal who is turning 50 this Wednesday!