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One-Word Wednesday

My #2 son sends the ball down the alley on Easter. It was unlimited bowling for $10!


What could be more fun than bowling while watched by your adoring parents?

This was one of the 12(!) games my younger son bowled.

Somehow #2’s right arm stayed attached, and he had his fill of bowling . . . for now.

Here’s the Bluebonnet Buzz!

Indian paintbrushes mingle with bluebonnets

One of the great loves of my photographic life is snapping pics of wildflowers. Which is why April is possibly my favorite photo month!

Yes, it’s wildflower season once again here in south Texas. This is our trade-off for our horrendous summers. Heat and humidity in exchange for beautiful bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, and crimson clovers . . . is it worth it? I always think it is every April (but don’t ask me again in August!).

The #2 son flies a putt towards the basket.

After that recent, disappointing attempt to take photos of bluebonnets close to my neighborhood, I convinced the Mister and our #2 son to drive to T.C. Jester Park in Houston last Sunday. When they played disc golf there last year, I enjoyed snapping pix of the abundant wildflowers. I was hoping I would be rewarded with more of the same this time.


And I was! I was presented with vivid vistas of bluebonnets, Texas’ state flower, orange paintbrushes, and those red clovers. It was a breathtaking display. Except for one stinging detail . . . .

A bee loves the crimson clover.

Bees were everywhere!


I beegan to wonder if this was payback for that awful experience with the monster bee at our front door last week!

Looks like bees love wildflowers, too.

Could it bee karma?

Could there bee a pattern with these photos?

Or could it bee kismet?

It's hard to notice the bluebonnets’ beauty when a bee is smack dab in the middle.

What else could it bee?

Once the Mister and #2 finished with their short round of disc golf, I tried to persuade my son to pose for me in a field of bluebonnets. After all, that’s the standard spring photo here in the Houston area. For some beeastly reason, #2 was very reluctant to kneel close to our wonderful purply-blue state flower. And he refused to stay there for very long.

Snap it quickly!

So I got beezy shooting as fast as I could!

Knocking the Photographic Rust Off

The #2 son huddles with the team he coaches.

The #2 son huddles with the team he coaches.

Whew, it feels good to toss that crying towel and turn the lights off on that pity party I threw myself in yesterday’s blog. Let’s get back to something real, something important, something photographic . . . like flag football!

The last time I featured flag football photos was back in the spring. Now it’s the fall season when we’re hoping the temps will drop enough to make it actually feel like football season here in the Houston area. The opening games last Sunday had red-hot action that only added to the 85-degree temps. That meant lots of sweating on the sidelines by a certain photographer, who had lots of photographic rust to knock off her flag football-shooting skills.

Even though I had been shooting high school football with my Nikon D300 and Nikon 70-200mm lens (the combination used here), there’s a big difference between the larger stadium field and huge, padded players vs. the smaller flag football field and younger kids.

Flag football is five on five and often resembles a three-ring circus. You have to focus fast to stop the action, which is hard when you have no idea where the ball is going to be thrown (the running plays are much easier to photograph). I trashed plenty of blurred photos that evening—glad I have lots of games to improve!

Caleb runs for yardage.

Caleb runs for yardage.

The #2 son is coaching the same younger-division team (plus two new players) for the third straight season. This time they’ve moved up to the fifth-/sixth-grade group.

Alex tries to evade a flag-puller.

Alex tries to evade a flag-puller.

The good news about the first game of the season? We found out that the team #2 is coaching is da Bears, the team I grew up with back in Chicago. Easy for me to cheer for the Bears! When the kids were the Titans that first season, I just couldn’t muster one, solitary “Go, Titans!” for them. Ugh!

Cayden stops the ball from reaching Alex.

Cayden stops the ball from reaching Alex.

I’d love to report that our little guys notched a win in their opener. But, sadly, they were outplayed by their opponents, who had some taller, more-capable players. Like Cayden, shown above. Look at how he deftly snatches the pass away from our Alex.

Cayden keeps his eyes on the prize.

Cayden keeps his eyes on the prize.

Here Cayden is tipping the ball to himself for the interception.

Christian makes a catch.

Christian makes a catch.

Even our foes’ little guys shone. Look at Christian about to corral a catch.

Nick throws a bullet pass.

Nick throws a bullet pass.

And then there’s Nick, a multisports star, who, when he wasn’t zipping passes to his receivers, was running all over the field.

Fortunately, just like me, our little guys have more games to improve and knock off the flag football-playing rust. Here’s hoping we’re both successful by the end of the season!

This All Ends Monday

The #2 son sleeps soundly in bed.

The #2 son sleeps soundly in bed.

The other day the #2 son, my all-star sleeper, woke up from a sound snooze in bed . . . only to move over to the couch in the family room.

Sleeping beauty on the couch

Sleeping beauty on the couch

Where he promptly fell asleep again. And didn’t wake up until about 10 a.m.

As I watched him sleep so blissfully, I had one thought in mind:

Enjoy it while you can! This all ends Monday.

That’s the first day of high school for him . . . and the first day as a senior for his big brother. School starts at 7:30 a.m., which means both of them must be up at 6:15 a.m. As in way earlier than they wake up now!

I think there will be some sleepy, grumpy teens in this house Monday morning!