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Tattoo Tuesday


The tattooed Thomas

The tattooed Thomas

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, I never know what I might take photos of during the guys’ disc golf action. Believe me, I’m not always just snapping away at wildflowers and putting. For example, last week there also was the Mister’s doubles partner Thomas, who uses his body as his personal canvas. Personally, I don’t understand the need for tattoos, especially for those of us who have freckles. Aren’t those dots enough identification? Or look at his dimple. Couldn’t Thomas be satisfied with that particular uniqueness?

Thomas' leg

Thomas' leg

Apparently not. All of Thomas’ tattoos were so distracting that my Nikon D300 seemed almost drawn to them. He probably thought I was taking photos of him in action, while I was actually snapping pix of his body art. Just checking to make sure the old Nikon 105mm macro lens can close-focus on those tats, Thomas. Really, that’s all it is. See, here’s an action shot:

The tattoos in action

The tattoos in action

See? That proves I wasn’t obsessed with all those tattoos!!

"The Big Bang Theory" cast

"The Big Bang Theory" cast

The horror! The nightmare! Part I

Last night during a terrible downpour, we lost our power for about 30 minutes. Fortunately, we had already watched “The Big Bang Theory.” My thoughts returned to those horrible 26 hours without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike last September. Don’t want to go through that nightmare again! And then I had an even worse thought: What if the power had gone off during “Lost”? I know we can watch the episode on the computer, but I like experiencing the shows when they’re supposed to be on. I live in the moment, not an hour or two or 24 from now. Hope the weather is pristine tomorrow night!

The horror! The nightmare! Part II

Because of last night’s storms and subsequent flooding (but not where we live), our school district unwisely (in my humble opinion) closed all its schools. Which means that the little monsters darling angels are home ALL DAY distracting me. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a stay-at-home mom. It’s the best job in the world. But darn it, my time is my time! I look forward to that little piece of heaven I call being alone while they’re at school. Somebody owes me big time!

#1 son, #2 son, and the BFF

#1 son, #2 son, and the BFF

And then I look out my office window and see the scene above. I grab the D300 (with the Nikon 17-55mm lens attached) and run outside. The guys are filming a video to post on YouTube based on the #1 son’s alter ego, the honorable Dr. Judge M.D. (don’t ask). If the guys weren’t home from school, would I have gotten this sweet photo of the #2 son and his HUGE stuffed animal Jeffrey?

The #2 son and Jeffrey

The #2 son and Jeffrey

The #2 son actually smiling at the momarazzo? Love those unexpected days off from school!

Very Taxing!


When Sheldon, the brainiest of the brainiacs on “The Big Bang Theory,” knocks on their neighbor’s door, this is what he does and says:

Knock knock. “Penny!” Knock knock. “Penny!” Knock knock. “Penny!” 

Here’s what I feel like doing right now as I bang my head against the wall:

Knock, knock. “Susan!” Knock, knock. “Susan!” Knock, knock. “Susan!”

Just look at today’s date: March 23. Tax day is in a mere 24 days! And how close am I to being prepared to take our tax information to Romeo, our accountant? About as close as I am to being Miss America!

Saturday in the mail we received Romeo’s annual typed cattle prod, claiming that it’s time to think about filing an extension. Romeo knows that I hate extensions, so I think he’s just trying to goad me into action. Well, it’s worked! Today’s get ’er done? Get the tax info ready.

Of course, if I was only like JJ, my organizational wiz of a next-door neighbor, I’d already be done with the tax stuff. It would all have been signed, sealed, and delivered weeks ago. If I was only like her, I could easily add up all the receipts, type up a summary, and be good to go. But, sadly, that is not how I roll. Ever.

How am I doing with my tax prep? Well, I’ve gotten the pile of receipts down from their resting place on a shelf. And I have a pencil. I still need to find a calculator and some paper. Then I’ll be ready to work, probably with several breaks in between. In fact, the first breaks are upcoming: I need to take clothes out of the dryer, eat lunch, and run errands. But, as God is my witness, I will prevail! The tax prep will get done! And I’ll drop it off at Romeo’s this week to be filed on time! I hope!!

TV watch

Speaking of “TBBT,” it’s not on tonight. I don’t want to watch two episodes of “How I Met Your Mother”; I want my usual 7 p.m. show! I’m loving the March Madness, CBS, but I don’t like when you mess with my TV schedule.

The best bracketologist in the house!

college-basketballSpeaking of March Madness, I think I’ve got an insurmountable lead in the family prognostication pool! I was the only one to properly pick the entire Sweet 16! I earned extra points with my two #12-#5 upset specials (Wisconsin over Florida State and Arizona over Utah), as well as my three #10 over #7 picks. I just wish I had selected #13 Cleveland State over #4 Wake Forest (but I figured that would be a reach).

Here’s my Elite 8: Louisville, Kansas, Connecticut, Memphis, Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse, and, finally, heart attack-inducing Pitt (my overall pick). All of the games should be close. CBS loves the nailbiters, as do I, as long as Illinois wins big (not a problem this year, though, is it).

Any other bracketologists out there? If so, how are you doing in your pools?

Middle-School Potty Time


I’m blogging today from an unfamiliar post . . . sitting on a hard-backed chair with a clear view of the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms at #2 son’s middle school with no wifi signal. Today starts the infamous TAKS testing time in Texas for students in grades 3-11 (grade 12 for those who didn’t pass as juniors). Kids have to pass in certain grades to move on to the next grade; #2 has to pass all four of his TAKS tests this spring—reading (today), math, science, and social studies—to graduate. #1 also has to pass all the grade 11 TAKS tests (called Exit tests) in order to graduate in 2010. (Cue the weeping!)

Most parents, students, teachers, and administrators hate the TAKS. It puts pressure on all of them, and at times it forces teachers to teach to the test instead of for knowledge and advancement. There’s been talk about eliminating the TAKS, but right now all it is is talk.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the TAKS. It stressed out both sons in elementary school, making #2 actually cry in third grade when he was afraid he was going to fail. I don’t see why the education Powers That Be can’t just use the standardized Iowa tests that everyone has taken practically since schooling first began and the district assessment curriculum exams to judge whether or not our kids are learning what they need to know. But last I looked, no one was asking my opinion.

Meanwhile, I’m at my potty post this morning, making sure that no more than one child enters the bathroom at a time. I’m all alone here at the end of the eighth-grade wing; usually there are two of us patrolling, but we only got the word yesterday that we were needed today. Looks like a lot of parents already had made plans or listening to kids go to the bathroom didn’t float their boat.

Random observation

These eighth-graders use the hand dryer A LOT! They can be in the bathroom for several minutes drying their hands. Think they’re stalling?



“Big Bang” a big bust

As regular readers know, we love CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory.” However, last night’s show clearly pushed the limits of the 7 p.m. bogus “family hour,” almost making us turn it off. It used to be that there was a clear demarcation in TV shows’ content: Before 9 p.m., pretty much G- and PG-rated; after 9 p.m., just about anything goes. But now shows that are on early are crossing that G/PG line with regularity (we had to turn off “How I Met Your Mother,” which was on after “TBBT”; #2 son had warned us that the show would get too racy for us).

We hope that the producers and writers of “TBBT” will consider its 7 p.m. audience and not be so visual and verbal with its sexual references. Otherwise, it’s time to move the show to 9 p.m.


pseTime to turn off the caps lock! After a somewhat sloppy search during which I envisioned the upraised eyebrows and disapproving look of my neighbor JJ, the organizational wiz, I failed to find that pesky Photoshop Elements install disc. I’m going to give it the good, old Ten-Minute Task try today and then consider my options:

• Go back in time with Time Machine on the boys’ iMac and figure out how to restore PSE (probably not as easy as it might sound).

• Figure it’s time to upgrade from 3.0 and just buy the newest Mac version.

• Install my copy of Photoshop CS3; not a great option, though, because it’s not as easy to use. #1 son is whining that he wants PSE, not CS3.

After 10 minutes today, I should have my answer!