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Going Crazy

My younger son sorts some of our Crazy Bones.

While I was having my weepfest in Toys R Us, one favorite I missed seeing were Crazy Bones.

A fraction of the hundreds of Crazy Bones that the boys own

I didn’t have to go to a toy store to find the small, hard-plastic figures, though . . . at the time many of the ones we acquired were neatly sorted in rows on our dining room table. Decluttering my younger son’s bedroom awakened interest in the tiny guys that were found, so both boys reminisced as my #2 son went through them.

Love the bright colors!

Looking at our large collection of Crazy Bones brought me back to the days when my collegian was in third or fourth grade (around 2000). I can still see him, his little brother, and his pal Tanner L. sitting on the floor of our game room surrounded by all these figurines. Oh, how they loved to sort them into their various categories! As I recall, their favorites were Eggy and Menace (pronounced by them as “me-nace,” with a hard e; that always made me laugh).

The large Halloween Crazy Bones were given out in Happy Meals.

When a steroid-sized version was a McDonald’s promotion, we sure ate a lot of Happy Meals so we could get them all. Crazy Bones were a fun collectible for several years.

By the way, know how they got their name?

When you step on them with your bare foot bones, you go crazy!