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Doesn’t Sound Appetizing



I’m not sure what disturbed me more about these items on Pho Mai’s menu: The odd fish balls visualization or the “barbecure” pork typo.

At least the price isn’t too expensive!

Typo Tyme

Kroger apparently hires workers . . . and then sells them!

Following in the footsteps of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, I have a confession to make: I hate grammatical and punctuation errors and typos. Especially my own!

Sidebar: I wish I had a buck for every time I see “its” (the possessive) misused as “it’s” (the “it is” contraction) and vice versa on signs, flyers, and even, sadly, in newspapers. Yes, “Houston Chronicle,” I’m talking about you!

Take the above signs that I snapped at my local Kroger grocery store. I’m surprised they’re in focus; I was laughing so hard when I saw someone had written “crewfish” instead of “crawfish.” Made me think that “crewfish” were the rookie employees! Apparently, Kroger sells them and hires more to sell!

Does “inconvience” sound like “inconvenience?”

Here’s a typo that I see too often—people just can’t spell “inconvenience” correctly. Is it an inconvenience to use a dictionary? I use the WordWeb app on my iPhone when I’m spelling challenged!

Ever heard of a dictionary?

Once again, the dictionary or the WordWeb app should be the sign maker’s friend. By the way, the 88-cent special on Coney dogs is today, and my sons will be taking full advantage! They love James Coney Island (it can’t compare to Chicago hot dogs, but I’m kinda prejudiced).

Let’s just put commas everywhere!

Improper comma use runs rampant in the Houston area! When I was snapping this photo, the guy in the van said, “We added the comma (between about and carpet), because we added more services.”

Go ahead and throw in more services . . . but put the comma in the correct spot after the word carpet!

Speaking of the curly punctuation mark that should give one pause, this was a comment posted on a forum about the movie “Source Code”:

“. . . because he was severely mutilated and in a comma.”

Really? There are commas in comas? Sounds like it’s typo tyme!

Proofreader Needed!


—   —   —   —-   —   —   — —   —   —   — —   —   —   — —   —   —   — —   —   —   — — 

This was the headline over the Letters to the Editors section in our local Fort Bend County Neighborhood News section of the “Houston Chronicle” yesterday:

Fort Bend families at risk for homeliness

We’ve been found out! Got to try to pretty up right now!!

Of course, the headline writer meant to put “homelessness.” Definitely gave me and my next-door neighbor, JJ the organizational wiz, our laugh for the day. Knowing JJ, she chuckled at it, posted a comment to my Facebook wall, and immediately put the newspaper in the recycling bin. Me? I’ll probably save it for a decade and then look at it and wonder why I did.

Tocantins - The Brazilian HighlandsTocantins - The Brazilian Highlands

“Survivor” returns

The 18th season of “Survivor” started last night, and I have only one question to ask the contestants: Do you not watch the show?!? Why in the world would anyone wear a dress and heels when they tell the players they’re going to be flying to the location? Be suspicious! Always wear a swimsuit under your clothes!  And whatever you do, once the game has begun, don’t nag anyone to do chores. My sons could tell you that; gosh, I’d have been booted out of our house looong ago if they could vote me off for nagging!

As always, Jeff Probst (above left) made for an engaged, interesting host during the season-opening episode. How he’s managed to keep his act fresh through all these years baffles me. One of the older contestants (older but younger than me!), Sandy (above right) somehow staved off being voting out with a neat, little blindside of Carolina, who was the tribe’s resident nagger when she wasn’t showing off her cleavage (guess who in the house were disappointed that she’s now gone?). Meanwhile, Sandy has clues to a hidden immunity idol; it will be a miracle if she does ever find it, though. She’s got clues, but she sure is clueless!

Someone who definitely is not clueless is Dalton Ross. He writes the analysis for every “Survivor” show on “Entertainment Weekly’s” website. He’s funny and insightful; be sure to check out his article every Friday morning. And Jeff Probst also writes a very funny blog on the “EW” site that’s not to be missed.

Forgetting the get ’er dones

ilifeErrrr . . . getting kind of spacey; I forgot to list the menu yesterday. But whatever I intended to get done might not have gotten done, because we had a computer crisis with the boys’ iMac that I needed to solve. It should have been so basic: I was attempting to install the new iLife ’09 so that #1 son could benefit from the new version of GarageBand. However, something went amiss, and the iMac, which needed to restart for the software to properly install, wouldn’t restart . . . it just froze. I tried turning it off via the power button and unplugging it, but no change. Baffling! Then I remembered that sometimes the Firewire port into which an external hard drive is plugged has caused my iMac to freeze and go wonky. So I unplugged the external hard drive and pulled out the plug from the port (a necessary step), pushed the power button, held my breath, and . . . it worked!

After that I ran Disk Utility and checked for a software update. When I read the Apple discussion boards to see if anyone else had experienced this problem, one person said to make sure that OS X is really up to date; it might seem like it’s version 10.5.6 when it really isn’t. So I ran the software update, installed iLife ’09 again, and ran Disk Utility again. Good as gold!

Apple users: Remember that the discussion boards on Apple.com often can answer your most-perplexing questions. There’s no need to reinvent the tech wheel when so many users have been there, fixed that.

Keeping up with blogs

bloglines-feedsI’m an admitted blog hog . . . I love to read blogs, lots of them. But I don’t want to bookmark them and then look at every blog every day to see which ones have been updated. So I use a free feed reader, Bloglines, which keeps track of the blogs. It’s easy to subscribe to a blog’s RSS feed, like the one I have on the right side of this page. Just click on the Bloglines box, create an account, click the checkbox next to the feed you want, and subscribe. Easy as pie! Do that for every blog you want to follow. Then all you have to do is go to bloglines.com and up pop your blogs!! Become a regular reader . . . subscribe today!

Photo Friday

5119-magnetic-ropeI’ve put up the magnetic photo rope I talked about the other day, and it’s pretty spiffy! It’s so easy to hang photos on it; in fact, the hardest part was getting the magnets apart! As you can see from the photo, it’s pretty long; you can hang eight photos on it. Definitely recommended as a low-maintenance way to show off your photos. Look for it on Photojojo.

Got a good photo tip to pass along: When you’re taking people photos, get closer! Fill the frame with people, not the landscape (well, unless the background is important). If your lens doesn’t get you close enough, zoom with your feet! Your photos will be much more interesting.

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow! When you take photos of your loved ones, be sure to zoom in!!