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Wii U, Bowling, Thomas, and Pokémon

Chase and my older son laugh while playing the Wii U.

Chase and my older son laugh while playing the Wii U.

So what does a kid do when he’s on the cusp of turning 21?

If you’re my kid, you party with your besties. And by “party,” I mean go bowling.

Just like when you were seven years old.

Celebrating with us last Saturday were Josh and my “third son,” Chase, who both drove home from Houston (where they attend the University of Houston and Rice, respectively), and Tanner, who is on a sabbatical from Texas State. Because the guys were going to warm up with some Wii U videogames, my older son informed me that it’s best to only have five people (which included his little but bigger bro) to man the four Wii-motes and one Game Pad.

Who doesn’t know that? (Yes, I am raising my hand!)

The brothers show their different bowling styles.

The brothers show their different bowling styles.

After that we moved on to our local bowling alley for two hours of fun (the Mister and I watched, of course). The guys laughed, groaned, cheered, and kidded each other. Josh decided to experiment and try to throw a perfect curve down the alley for one game. He sadly found out what happens when bowling balls don’t turn.

Such unusual names!

Such unusual names!

As befitting the day before his big birthday, my older son bowled his two best games ever: A 142 and a 165. He throws the ball so hard that I always fear the pins will break in two. Thankfully, the pins stayed intact, and my sweet boy was rewarded, much to the chagrin of little bro (aka Beowulf), who usually is the better bowler. Unfortunately, he struggled but still tried to be a good sport . . . when he wasn’t complaining about it.

Tanner gives my boy a high five after a strike.

Tanner gives my boy a high five after a strike.

Having worked up an appetite, the boys were ready for dinner, which was at one of my son’s favorite local restaurants, Willie’s. Then we went back to our house for more gaming and Ultimate Uno.

Ah, sweet nostalgia!

Ah, sweet nostalgia!

Finally, it was time for dessert, which was a cookie cake. I pulled out some ancient paper plates from the cabinet, featuring two of the birthday boy’s childhood favorites: Pokémon and Thomas the tank engine.

“How long have you had these?” he asked.

Probably 13 or 14 years. I knew they’d come in handy one day!

Blowing out his 21.

Blowing out his 21

Once the guys polished off the cake (precisely cut by Chase), the Mister and I bade the boys good night. Although it was getting late for us (11 p.m.), we knew the gang had more videogames to play, plus a midnight stop at iHop to ring in my older son’s special day.

Tanner, Josh, Chase, and my two boys pose after bowling.

Tanner, Josh, Chase, and my two boys pose after bowling.

The next afternoon I asked my now 21-year-old if he had enjoyed his celebration, and he said he definitely did. Is there anything better than having a good time with friends and family who know you best? He’s been pals with Chase since kindergarten, Tanner since third grade, and Josh since fourth, and they still have fun getting together and acting like they still are in elementary school.

Good thing he’s not heavy!

Good thing he’s not heavy!

There’s nothing like being 21 going on 7, as long as you’re surrounded by friends and your little bubba!

Ultimate Uno Fun

My sons are joined by Ben and Chase in playing Ultimate Uno.

Sometimes the most-treasured, best-remembered moments in life happen when we least expect them.

Ben checks out his cards.

Yesterday evening my older son invited his best friend forever, our “third son” Chase, and his pal since first grade and college roommate, Ben, to join him and his little bubba in a spirited game of Uno on our family room’s berber carpet.

My #1 son enjoys the action.

But this was no ordinary Uno contest. Instead they played Ultimate Uno, which Chase learned from his math buddies on a high school trip and shared with his band pals and other friends. Like my sons and Ben.

Chase is ready to win.

Ultimate Uno, to put it simply, is just plain nutty (but funny to watch). Extra rules have been added to the easy card game to make it more interesting.

Ben tries to get rid of his cards first.

For example, when a player says “ockynocky” (who knows how to really spell it), anyone can throw down the same numbered card. When someone plays a two, everyone has to put two fingers on the side of their forehead. The last one saluting draws two cards.

Is there an Uno in my #2 son’s future?

And please don’t make me tell you what the players do when consecutive twos are played. As Artie said on “Glee,” some things you can never unsee.

Josh fits right in.

Eventually, the guys took a dinner break, returning with their buddy Josh. Then all of them got back to the business of playing Uno. There was laughter, groans, fingers saluting . . . and plenty of ultimate fun and memories!