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One-Word Wednesday

Even weeds can look pretty.


The Non-Disc Golf Side of Texas States

An ibis ignores a disc golf basket.

Having photography A.D.D. means that when I shoot something like the Texas State Disc Golf Championship, my focus always is wandering. Literally.

These huge weeds were very distracting.

It certainly doesn’t help that disc golf courses are in parks.

Love this gorgeous color!

All that beautiful nature competes with the disc throwers for my photographic attention.

A skipper poses for a few seconds.

It’s not as easy to get up close and personal with nature without my Nikon 105mm macro lens, but my Nikon 70-200mm plus 1.4x teleconverter usually was up to the task.

Standing tall and alone

It was a good thing that there weren’t bluebonnets and Indian blankets among all that flora.

The yellow and purple make a pleasant contrast.

Otherwise, I might have snapped very few disc golf photos!

Susan, Susan, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Weed Garden Grow?

Ah, our simpler gardening times in March of 2009

Was it just a scant year ago that I was blogging on and on and on about our vegetable garden? You would’ve thought no one in the civilized world had ever planted a tomato or cucumber plant before! It was our second year to try to grow veggies in the large box garden that the Mister had built. By the end of the summer we had harvested a quadrillion cucumbers and a bushel or two of tomatoes. The jolly Green Giant wasn’t exactly quaking in his size 63 elf shoes.

Anyone wondering how our veggie garden looks today? Here it is almost the end of April. Have I blogged word one about “the fruits of our labors” and how our cukes eventually will be taking over the world?

Nope, not one consonant or vowel until today. And here’s why:

Back to just plain grass

Our vegetable garden is no more. Now it’s just pallets of grass that we hope are taking root where the box used to be. Why did we remove it?

Does the dictionary need a photo to go with the definition of “overgrown?”

Because, sadly, this is what it looked like. Quite honestly, it frightened me. Saddened me. And made me realize that we just don’t have the work ethic necessary to be successful gardeners.

Weeds and wildflowers populated the former vegetable garden.

Of course, before we trashed the garden, I had to use my Nikon 105 macro lens to take close-ups of the weeds and wildflowers.

Small yellow wildflowers

Too bad some bluebonnet seeds hadn’t blown in to add to our colorful display.

Pretty blue wildflowers intermingle with white, puffy weeds.

It was kind of neat having our own small wildflower reserve!

Even weeds can photograph well.

But all overgrown weed gardens eventually must meet their maker.

Farewell to our weeds

It didn’t take Frank’s Nursery’s crew long to make the side of our house something nice to look at once again.

Instead of cringe at! Grow, grass, grow!

Susan, Susan, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?


Our garden today

Our garden today

I’m happy to report that our garden is growing—and that includes the vegetables and the weeds! Is the weeding never-ending? Can’t I have a garden that just grows what’s supposed to grow? Could it ever be that easy?

Apparently not for us. But at least we’re finally seeing some of the fruits . . . and veggies . . . of our labours (yes, I’m using the British version, because it makes us sound more serious). Let’s take a walk around the garden to see our bounty so far:

Early Girl tomatoes

Early Girl tomatoes

It’s no surprise that the most-prolific tomato plant is the Early Girl one—it has seven plump tomatoes, while the rest only have one apiece. 

The lonely Roma tomato

The lonely Roma tomato

A lonesome Better Boy

A lonesome Better Boy

As you can see, the garden is a great venue for practicing macro (close-up) photography (as usual, I used the Nikon 105mm macro lens on my Nikon D300). Open up that aperture (put it on the smallest number), focus, and snap away! Lots of great bokeh (blurred background) opportunities!

Tiny green peppers

Tiny green peppers

Banana peppers

Banana peppers

What will they finally be?

What will they finally be?

Hmmm . . . what veggie will these lovely flowers finally yield? Actually, you need to look to the left of the flower. What’s growing here? A hint . . . we grew a bazillion of them last year. Yep, it’s the mighty cucumber! I can’t wait to see how many we harvest this year. I just hope we have just as many tomatoes for a change. We need to keep all those weeds and pesky birds out of our garden! If anyone has any suggestions, please leave them in the comments. We can use all the help we can get so we don’t get too contrary!