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Doing the Wave

Not exactly crashing to the shore, but it will do.

Not exactly crashing to the shore, but it will do.

Last Tuesday was a very windy day in the Houston area. As I was walking past a lake in our neighboring master-planned community, watching the water’s constant waves made me think of home: Chicago.

When I was growing up with my three siblings and parents, we lived about as far north in Chicago as you could without being in Evanston. Our apartment building was close to Lake Michigan, so we spent a lot of time either swimming in the water in the summer or walking on the beach in the other seasons.

Sidebar: Yes, Chicago has four seasons. Unlike Houston where it’s either too-darned hot half the time and usually pleasant the other half.

I can go back in my mind’s eye and see the wind whipping up white caps on the lake in the winter. Just like what I photographed (with my Nikon 1 V1) earlier this week.

Well, thankfully, without the snow. And the ice!

Wind-Swept Roses

Darn the wind and the rain!

At about 6:20 this morning, our power cycled off and then quickly came back on. I looked out the window and stared at the trees being whipped by the wind gusts and drenched by the sudden, short-lived downpour.

Today’s winter storm had announced itself to the Houston area in a noisy fashion.

Our rose bushes have lost most of their pink and red color.

After awhile I took the garbage to the curb and walked back to the house. I abruptly stopped, my eyes drawn to our formerly glorious Knock Out rose bushes. The majority of our blooming roses had met their untimely weather-related demise and now were mere petals among the mulch.

It was sad to think that all their beauty would be blown away due to the 24-mph wind we’re now dealing with, amid temperatures that have dropped from 69 degrees at 6 a.m. to a chilly 36 before noon. The expected low is a very unwelcome 22 degrees.

The wind is too fast for my shutter speed!

Another wind-related casualty? My ability to keep the few roses still hanging on in focus as I snapped photos in gusts that took my breath away! Stay warm and safe, my friends!