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My niece Lisa holds her two-year-old son Zeke.

With my oldest sister Fran and her two daughters, my beloved number one and two nieces (I have six total), living so far away from me in Seattle, I have to quickly seize the rare moments that I can see them.

My oldest niece Becky and baby Kate share a laugh.

One of those was earlier this month, when all of them traveled to Chicago to visit family and show off the newest addition to our clan, baby Kate. So I punched out of my mom-duty clock and joined them last weekend, which gave me a chance to also see my mother (who Fran and I stayed with), aunt, uncle, cousins, and brother’s family.

Kate seems intrigued with my sister-in-law Fran.

It was a whirlwind yet wonderful 48 hours!

Sidebar: Long-time blog readers probably are wondering how smoothly my travels went. Need you really ask?!? My flight to Chicago was delayed four hours due to nasty weather in the windy city, and I got sick on the bumpy return flight. No fun at all, my friends. Glad I don’t have to take to the unfriendly skies again for awhile.

My baby brother, the hot-shot Chicago lawyer, and my sister-in-law Fran hosted our immediate family at their lovely swankienda. There I got my fill of holding my niece Becky’s three-month-old baby. Does “adorable” adequately describe Kate, who looks just like a doll? She had me at her first toothless smile.

Zeke slows down just long enough for a quick pic.

I must say that both nieces have done an admirable job at producing the cutest kids ever (well, after my two sons, of course). My niece Lisa’s toddler Zeke loves trains, just like mine did, and is a whirlwind of activity. I almost got dizzy trying to keep up with him and his über-cute grin.

Becky and her husband Ken pose with their darling daughter after her naming.

The next day was Kate’s baby shower and Jewish baby naming at Giordano’s, a wonderful pizzeria in the suburbs. The little cutie pie was almost perfect, as everyone oohed and aaahed over her. Must be tough being so adored!

Four generations: My sister Fran, our mom, Becky, and baby Kate

So now my oldest niece, who I so well remember as a baby, has a daughter of her own. She, Ken, and Kate truly are a family, just like her sister Lisa, her husband Chris, and Zeke.

Families—they’re worth braving my travel jinx for!

Is It Spring Already?

A beautiful pink rose is opening up.

When I look at the calendar, I see that it’s January 7. Definitely winter.

A red rose struts its stuff.

But when I check out my front yard, I see spring!

The pink roses complement their red counterparts.

There are so many Knock Out roses blooming that it doesn’t seem like Old Man Winter is about to hit us with some cold weather next week.

But if the forecasted lows of 30 degrees do actually interrupt the Houston area’s much-loved (by me!) mild winter, I just hope that all our rosebuds and roses continue to flourish. They warm us with their beauty and the belief that spring really is around the corner.

A red rosebud soon will be a pretty flower.

Bloom, Bud, bloom!

Another addition to my extended family

Baby Kate joins dad Ken, mom Becky, and big sister Lily. (Photo by Grandpa Howie)

Speaking of new blooms, my oldest niece Becky gave birth to her first child Wednesday! Baby Kate joins dad Ken and Lily, the Beck’s stepdaughter. And she gives my great-nephew Zeke another cousin to play with. My oldest sister Fran is the very-proud grandmother. Welcome to the family, Katie!