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Before and After: Corralling Stuffed Animals

It’s cute, but it’s still clutter.

This is the before scene of my new math approach to dealing with clutter. Take one large pile of cute stuffed animals left behind in my #1 son’s bedroom when he left for college.

New corrals for the animals

Add three containers that really are laundry hampers. Also use one big wicker basket and one smaller orange receptacle already in my older son’s room.

Then add about 10 minutes of work, which includes vacuuming where the large pile had been. Add them all up. What’s the solution?

This looks so much neater!

An end to the clutter! You’ve successfully corralled all the animals! Yeehaw!

Oh, and as a bonus, add seven to the answer.

A pair of the Mister’s socks plus six orphans belonging to my #2 son

Because that’s the amount of dirty socks found among the animals. Which then were put in a real laundry hamper!