Fun at the Old Empty Swimming Hole

Water water . . . nowhere to be seen!

Know what’s as much fun as swimming in the pool?

My older son is about to throw a giant beach ball.

Apparently, playing in one that’s almost empty!

There’s just a couple feet of water in the “deep” end.

Last week John the Pool Guy drained our pool, because the chemicals were out of whack plus we wanted him to acid wash the surfaces.

My “third son” Chase bounces the oversized beach ball in the empty pool.

When we put the pool in nine years ago, my sons loved playing in it before it was filled. They got to relive that experience, and they had a blast!

“Catch, Mom!”

Even that couple feet of water left in the deep end provided a couple hours of entertainment for them.

My younger son putts towards a basket in the yard.

Of course, my #2 son had to put his own unique disc-golf spin on empty-pool fun. First, he climbed down into the dry part and practiced putting towards a basket in the yard.

#2 putts in the pool.

Then he put a basket in the pool for a different angle.

“Catch, Mom!”

Finally, he tried to get me involved. Know what I did?

I just kept shooting and let the disc fly past my head!

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